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Updated November 21, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
No Roadmap for Afghan Withdrawal
  New Afghan War Plans Could Cost US Taxpayers an Extra $125 Billion
  US Says Can't Commit to Cease Afghan Combat by 2015
  NATO and US Differ Over Afghan Combat Exit in 2014
  NATO Admits Killing Three Afghan Civilians
Israeli PM Wants Pollard Freed as Part of Deal
  Israel Confirms US Put Assurances in Writing
  NATO Planning Integral Role in Enforcing Mideast Peace Deal
TSA: Flyers Who Refuse Will Be Detained, Fined
  TSA Screeners Leave Cancer Survivor to Board Plane Covered in Urine
  TSA Terrifies, Too
Gates Warns of Fallout if Russia Arms Treaty Fails
Senator Wyden Effectively Kills Internet Censorship Bill
Sordid Lawsuit Scandal Threatens to Rip AIPAC Apart
America at War: The Missing Election Issue  by Doug Bandow
Why Do Nuclear Negotiations with Iran Always Fail?  by Muhammad Sahimi
Afghanistan: One Picture Can Spoil a Thousand Words  by Jerry D. Rose
Fear and Loathing Over Kabul  by Malou Innocent
The Cowardice of America at War  by Richard Reeves
Obama's 'Bribe' Is Last Hope for Peace  by Jonathan Cook

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UN Worries Its Troops Caused Cholera in Haiti
Namibia Security Officer Arrested in Mock Bomb Case
Sweden Issues Int'l Warrant for WikiLeaks Founder
Thousands in London Protest Against Afghan War
US Army Court Stays Murder Prosecution of Soldier
Netherlands Planned US-Supported Invasion of Suriname in 1986
US Had Plans to 'Take Over' Azores in 1975
NATO Summit
NATO: We Won't Abandon Afghanistan
No British Combat Troops in Afghanistan After 2015: Cameron
Unpopular Afghan War Presents Challenge to NATO
Obama Admits 'Blunt' Conversations With Karzai
Australia 'Didn't Refuse' US Troop Requests, Says Defense Chief
Afghan Police Corruption 'Hits NATO Pullout'
Military Presence Not Enough to Reach Afghan Peace: Turkish President
Police Detain 40 Anti-NATO Protesters in Lisbon
'A Lot of Hard Fighting Still Ahead' in Afghanistan: US
A Defiant Woman Won't Be Silenced by the Warlords or Fundamentalists
Bicycle Bombers Kill 4 and Wound 31 in East Afghanistan
New US Plan in Afghanistan: 'Awe and Shock'
The Afghan Tea Party
Construction Contracts a Weak Link in Afghan Nation Building
On TV, an Afghan Unit Challenges Tradition and Tackles the Taliban
'Nowhere to Hide': US Army Testing New 'Smart' Weapons in Afghanistan
Gates: Focus on Afghan Troop Training After 2014, as in Iraq Today
NATO 'Headed for Defeat' After Withdrawal Plan: Taliban
Blast Wounds 2 NATO Soldiers in Northern Afghan Province
Security Forces Detain Kandahar Taliban Leader
10 NATO Oil Tankers Destroyed in an Attack in Peshawar
Pakistan Official Backs Christian's Blasphemy Death Appeal
Colin Powell Urges More Military Aid for Pakistan
Will Osama Be Handed to US if Caught in Pakistan? Musharraf Unsure
Six More F-16 Reach Pakistan
Sikhs Want Indo-Pak Border Restrictions Removed
2002 Pakistan Bombing Still Haunts France
Sarkozy Dismisses Links to Pakistan Submarine Deal as 'Polemic'
US Linking Kashmiris to al-Qaeda?
India: Two Policemen Killed During Bihar Voting
North Korea Working With Uranium at Vast New Plant
Travel: Life and Seoul
Japan Says Two Chinese Ships Seen Near Disputed Islands
Japan Governor Race May Strain US Alliance
China's Muscular Embrace of Cambodia
Chinese Repression Creates the World's First Twitter Martyr
China's Threats Put Peace Prize Award at Risk
Suu Kyi Pledges No Pullback
Anyone Can Be Arrested at Any Time, Says Suu Kyi
Will Suu Kyi Be Allowed to Shine, or Fade Away?
Myanmar Patients Face Eviction After Suu Kyi Visit
Australian Spy Bases Shut Down to 'Save Money'
The War at Home
Anti-Islam Florida Pastor Treated to Top-Shelf Security
Dummy Bomb Maker in a Secretive Business
US Military
US, Canadian Navy Ships Collide at Sea
Pinon Canyon Ranchers Fighting Proposed Army Site
Oops: Air Force Sends Tanker Bid Details to Rivals
Houston Exporter Who Sold Outdated Food for US Troops to Pay $15m
'Conclusive Evidence' That F-22 Pilot Did Not Survive Crash in Alaska
Americans Still Dying
Fort Wayne (IN) Army Ranger Killed on Third Tour
Family of Army Medic (GA) Speak About Their Loss
Huntington Park (CA) Airborne Soldier Dies of Wounds From Attack
Newlywed Chittenango (NY) Soldier's Family Filled With Sorrow
Rochester (IL) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Cass County (MO) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Fallen Illinois Marine Remembered as Father and Husband
Helicopter Crew Chief (CA) Dies From Non-Combat Injuries in Afghanistan
Wheelersburg (OH) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Cause in Afghanistan
Tallahassee (FL) Marine, FSU Grad, Remembered
Fallen Greenwood (LA) Marine Returns Home
Mother of Fallen Tennessee Soldier Cherishes Memories
Mills River (NC) Soldier Remembered by Teachers, Coach
Family, Friends Celebrate and Honor Life of South Carolina Airman
Clemmons (NC) Family Speak of Son Killed in Afghanistan
Rochester (NY) Marine Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Sierra Vista (AZ) Marine Killed in Action
TSA vs. America
Call for US-Wide Thanksgiving Pat-Down Protest Grows
One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans
Airports Consider Lawmaker's Call to Replace TSA Screeners With Private Contractors
Scientist: Airport Body Scanners Are 'Just as Likely to Kill You as Terrorist Bombs'
TSA Scanners Can Reveal Boob Jobs, Prosthetic Testicles
Obama: TSA Pat-Downs Frustrating but Necessary
Obama Says Understands Ire Over Airport Screenings But...
Abandon Shame, All Ye Who Enter Airports
Enhanced Pat Down Leaves Grand Rapids Airline Passenger in Tears
Where to Report and Discuss TSA Abuses
National Security Adviser: Israel Can't Rule Out Interim Agreement With Palestinians
Israeli War Jets Resume Airstrikes on Gaza
Netanyahu Aide Questions if Israel Has Partner for Accord
Poll: Most Palestinians View Talks as Precursor to State
Are Religious Troops Changing Israel's Military?
Israeli Jews at Odds With Liberal US Brethren
Former US Envoy to Israel: Washington Will Regret Its Settlement Freeze Bribe
Israel, Hamas Trade Accusations Over Violence Escalation in Gaza Strip
Nobel Laureates Urge Israel to Let Vanunu Receive International Rights Award
Palestinian President, Arab League Chief Discuss Resumption of Talks With Israel
Senior Defense Official: Final Push Needed for Iraq Success
Sadrists Wait for Their Government Rewards
Talabani to Officially Assign Maliki to Form Iraq Govt This Week
Swedish Suicide Bomber in Iraq
Iraqis Credit Government Deal for Peaceful Holiday
Iraqiya Meets to Decide on Portfolios
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded
UK to Restrict Iran Exports
Iran's Largest-Ever War Games End
Iran Dismisses UN Rights Criticism
Stuxnet May Be Part of Iran Atom Woes: Ex-IAEA Aide
Iran Frees 2 Lawyers Representing Activists
US General Pledges Commitment to Army in Talks With Lebanon President
Hezbollah Says Its Arms Needed to Resist Israel
BBC Pulls Series as Hezbollah Protests
Gemayel: Iran Is Determined to Ease Political Tension in Lebanon
Tensions Heat Up Ahead of Egypt Election
Egypt Police Clash With Opposition, Injure 10
Foreign Poll Monitors 'Assault on Sovereignty' Says Egypt Minister
Egypt Refutes US Religious Freedom Complaints
With New Freedoms, Kurds Push Further Away From Turkey
Obama Tells GOP Not to Hold Up Russia Arms Treaty
Russia-NATO Strategic Partnership May Be Easier Said Than Done
Russia 'To Work With NATO on Missile Defense Shield'
Obama Welcomes Russia's Help on Missile Defense
No Sign of Imminent Militant Attack on German Reichstag
Germany Seeks Terror Plot Suspects
Merkel Urges Calm After German Terror Warning
Sudan Rivals Trade Accusations Ahead of Referendum
South Sudanese Face Chaotic Homecoming Ahead of Vote
Obama Lifts Sudan Sanctions to Allow Computers for Vote
Sudan Denies Reports on Hindering Registration for Referendum
Coup Attempt Ends in Madagascar
Madagascan Soldier Says Dissident Officers Surrendered
Madagascar Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
UN Radio: 21 Civilians Killed by Rebels in Congo
The Tribulations of the Tuareg
Nigerian Army Arrests 63 Over Kidnappings
Guided by Memories, Mayor of War-Torn Mogadishu Sets Out to Rebuild the City
Ivory Coast to Put Troops in Rebel Zones for Poll
Colombia's Santos Says FARC's Ramirez May Be Dead
FARC Attacks Kill 2 Policemen
Bomb Kills 2, Injures 12 in Colombia
Brazil President-Elect's Guerrilla Past Described
Costa Rica Files Case Against Nicaragua in International Court

Chavez Demands Action Against Owner of TV Channel


Justin Raimondo
Why the TSA Gets to Grope Us

Nebojsa Malic
Chasing Fukuyama

Philip Giraldi
Liar, Liar

Ivan Eland
Government Sexual Molestation in Airports Is 'Over the Top'

Kelley B. Vlahos
How Veterans Day Became a Farce

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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