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Updated November 26, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
US Afghan Presence as Long as Soviet Slog
  US Marines Shrug Off Afghan Complaints of Civilian Killings
  Afghan President Calls for Calm as Election Protests Grow
  Karzai Aide Blames British for Bringing Taliban Imposter to Talks
N. Korea Firing Warning Shots as Tensions Rise
  South Korea to Change Rules of Engagement Against North
  South Korea to Boost Troops as North Korea Issues Warning
Israeli Troops Demolish Long-Standing Mosque in West Bank
  Ex-Israel PM Doesn't Deny Asking US for Air Strike on Syria
WikiLeaks Docs to Show US Supporting PKK in Turkey
  WikiLeaks Threat Sparks Massive Review of Diplomatic Docs
Napolitano Eyes TSA Scans for Trains, Ships, Mass Transit
Pakistan Army Agrees to NATO Military Presence in Quetta
Journalism Interrupted: The Nation Fail  by Larisa Alexandrovna
The Anti-TSA Backlash: It Ain't Just a Right-Wing Thing  by Kevin Carson
Chalmers Johnson and the Patriotic Struggle Against Empire  by John Nichols
Why Are We Still in Korea?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama's Middle East Turkeys  by MJ Rosenberg
The Real Middle East Lobby  by Samer Araabi

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Obama Declares a War of Dollars to Rout African Rebel Leader
Report: Possible Sudan War Could Cost $110 Billion
WikiLeaks Release to Feature Corruption Among World Leaders, Governments
TSA Is Recruiting Employees Via Pizza Box
UN Nuclear Agency Makes Little Progress in Syria
White House Presses Sen. Kyl on START Treaty
Russia Plans More Foreign Naval Bases
New US Politics Brings Mixed Message for Israel
Israel Police Under Fire for Abusing East Jerusalem Children
Israel Tense as WikiLeaks Sets to Release Classified Bilateral Communiques
Jordanian Embassy Staff Say Attacked by Israeli Police

Olmert: Netanyahu Needs to Accept US Settlement Freeze Offer

Western Wall Feud Heightens Israeli-Palestinian Tensions
Netanyahu: Palestinians Distort History
Sadr Sees Star Rise Again in Iraq
Maliki to Form Iraqi Government Within 30 Days
Louisiana Soldiers in Iraq Take on Role of Protecting United Nations Officials
More Hawaii Soldiers Deploying to Iraq for Operation New Dawn
Two Killed as Fire Guts 20 Tankers on Iraq-Jordan Border
Bomb Kills 3 in Northern Iraq
Thursday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded
New Signs of Iranian Nuclear Flexibility
Iran Displeased With UN Nuclear Agency Report
EU Lawmakers: US Must Help Iranian Group in Iraq
Erdogan: Turkey Will Stand by Lebanon if It Is Attacked by Israel
Lebanese Armenians Riot in Beirut Over Erdogan Visit
Turkey Stresses Commitment to Normalizing Ties With Armenia
Alleged Turkish Coup Plot Officers Suspended
Middle East
British Foreign Policy to Change Reflecting Arab Concerns on Middle East
Dept of Transportation: Al-Qaeda Affiliate Hit Tanker
Egypt: A Blogger's Bittersweet Release
Brazil Marines Join Slum Battles, 30 People Killed
Putin, Merkel Trade Barbs Ahead of Talks in Germany
Russia Warns European Union Over Visa Proposal
Election Flap Heats Up in Afghanistan
How MI6 Was Fooled by Taliban Impostor
Chaos at Afghanistan's Cop Monti
Afghans Arrest 5 on Vote Bribe Charges
Afghan-Bound Armored Vehicles to Be Allowed Through Russia
Canada's Tories, Liberals Join Forces to Cheer New Afghanistan Mission
Former Canadian Commander in Afghanistan Quits Military Prior to Court Martial
Pakistan Waiting for 'Right Time' to Invade North Waziristan
USAID Team Informs Pakistani Officials About Misuse of Funds
French Ex-PM Affirms Karachi Kickbacks
Pakistan, Afghanistan to Begin Joint Drug Ops
No Quick Pardon for Condemned Pakistani Christian
India Wants Action From Pakistan on Mumbai Attacks
South Korea's Defense Chief Resigns in Wake of Clash
Yeongpyong Islanders: 'Once Our Home Town Was Paradise. Now It's Hell'
Palin Draws Fire With North Korea Gaffe
In China, Feeling the Dual Pull of Freedom and Repression
Nigeria Charges Iranian, 3 Others in Arms Seizure
UN Warns Ivorian Candidates Against Victory Claims
Zimbabwe PM Sues Mugabe for Violating Constitution
The War at Home
Woman Claimed TSA Security Staff Singled Her Out for Her Breasts
TSA Officers Could Be Voting to Unionize
Homeland Security Picking Up Tab for 250-300 Surveillance Cameras in Houston
Iraq War Veteran Barred From University After Writing Killing Is Addictive Essay
Alaska Native Status Gave Tiny, Inexperienced Firm a $250 Million Army Contract

Justin Raimondo
Libertarians Against the Regime

Philip Giraldi
Who Voted for More War?

Ivan Eland
New START Is Worthy, but Let's Not Violate the Constitution to Save It

Kelley B. Vlahos
Giving Thanks to Outgoing Sen. Feingold

Nebojsa Malic
Chasing Fukuyama

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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