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Updated December 6, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST

Holder: Action Taken Against ‘Arrogant’ WikiLeaks

  Assange to Appear in British Court Tuesday
  Swiss Cut Off Bank Account for WikiLeaks' Assange
  Clinton: Saudis World's Largest Terror Funders
  US Eyes Embassy Shake-Ups in Wake of WikiLeaks Shaming
  US Officials Rail Against WikiLeaks' Assange
  Respected Media Outlets Collaborate With WikiLeaks
  Lebanese Newspaper Publishes US Cables Not Found on WikiLeaks
Suicide Bombers Kill 50 People in Pakistan
  Thousands Hold Anti-US Protest in Pakistani Capital
US Sees Saudis, Not Iran as Biggest Threat to Iraq
  Surge in Foreign Fighters, Terror Funding Seen in Iraq
  US 'Concerned' as Iraq Arrests al-Qaeda Suspects Without US Permission
  Iraqiya Bloc Gains Control of Justice and Accountability Commission
EU President Told US Afghan War Unwinnable
  Afghanistan Government Arrests 4 on Election Panel
Panic, Outrage as Iran Says Able to Mine Uranium
  Dirty Tricks and Sticky Bombs in Iran
  Cable Portrays IAEA Chief as 'in US Court' on Iran Nuclear Program
Yemen Seeks Greater Aid to Expand Antiterror Fight
The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange  by David Samuels
Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values  by Paul Craig Roberts
How the US Enables Reckless Allies and Uncritically Endorses the Views of Client States  by Daniel Larison
Taking Down America  by Alfred W. McCoy and Tom Engelhardt
Why Prosecuting WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Won't Be Easy  by Baruch Weiss
Like It or Not, WikiLeaks Is a Media Entity  by Mathew Ingram

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Updates: Swedish Case Against Assange
WikiLeaks Mirror Sites Appear by the Hundreds
Ron Paul's Support of WikiLeaks
Russian 'Spy' Found in Parliament Faces Deportation
WikiLeaks: Qatar Used al-Jazeera as Bargaining Chip
Gulf Leaders to Meet as Iran Nuclear Fears Loom
Sailor at Ft. Bragg Sold Secret Documents to Undercover FBI Agent
Government Workers Ordered Not to Read WikiLeaks
Columbia Students Told Job Prospects Harmed if They Access WikiLeaks Cables
Raytheon Forbids Employees to Access WikiLeaks Website
Cables Suggest Mideast Resists US on Cutting Terrorists' Cash
List of Worldwide Facilities 'Vital to US Security' Leaked
WikiLeaks Highlights Diplomatic Writing Tradition
Human Rights Lawyer: Official Threats to WikiLeaks 'Damage Australia'
WikiLeaks, Facebook and the Perils of Oversharing
Kerry: WikiLeaks Could Lead to Recall of Ambassadors
Internet Backlash Follows US Pressure Against WikiLeaks
Julian Assange
Sen. Kyl Slams Obama for Not 'Going After' Assange
Assange Will Fight Return to Sweden, Says Lawyer
Assange's Lawyers Say They Are Being Watched
Assange Hunt a Political Stunt: Lawyer
Assange Asks if US President Barack Obama Approved Spying
UK MP Mike Hancock Denies Assistant Is Russian Spy
Welsh Trotskyist in Row Over Claims He Is Key Adviser to Hugo Chavez
New Mexico Guardsmen to Deploy to Kosovo
Chechen's 'NATO Plot'
Russian Satellites Crash After Failed Launch
Election Winner Forms Rival Cabinet in Ivory Coast
Southern Sudanese in Washington Area, Across World Prepare to Vote on Separation
US Military
Navy Veterans Former Lawyer: 'I Was Duped'
New Guidelines Help Increase Organ Donation Among Troops Declared Brain Dead
More Pakistan Families Returning to Waziristan: UN
Terrorists Blow Up Girls' School in Mohmand
Orakzai Elders Agree to Open All Closed Roads After Five Years
Attacks Kill 3 Coalition Troops in Afghanistan
Bomb Blast Hits Eastern Afghan Army Base, Kills 4
North Korea Lambasts South's New Defense Chief After Threats
South Korea Starts Naval Firing Drills
North Korea Condemns US, Japan, South Korea Creating Military Alliance
US Cable: China Leaders Ordered Hacking on Google
Chemical Blast Blamed for Killing 7 at Internet Cafe in China
As US Leaves, Iraqis Suffer Economic Toll
Gunmen Kill Elderly Christian Couple Inside Baghdad Home
Meddling Neighbors Torment Iraq
Sunday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Abbas: US Proposal for Peace Talks Expected Soon
Israeli, Turkish Diplomats Meet in Effort to Repair Relations
Erdogan Insists on Israeli Apology Before 'Page Is Turned'
With Opposition Sidelined, Mubarak Expected to Sail Through Egypt Vote
Voter Turnout Low as Polls Open for Egyptian Runoff
Middle East
Lebanon Told Allies of Hezbollah's Secret Network, WikiLeaks Shows
Gulf Cup Soccer Tournament Eases Tensions in Yemen, for Now
UAE Looks to Upgrade Missile Defense Systems
Poll Shows Majority Want Islam in Politics; Feelings Mixed on Hamas, Hezbollah

Justin Raimondo
Defend WikiLeaks – Boycott Amazon

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Thirty-Nine Congressmen Can't Be Wrong

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US Policy Toward the Koreas Is Unrealistic

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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Giving Thanks to Outgoing Sen. Feingold

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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