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Updated December 8, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST

Julian Assange: US Public Enemy #1

  US Officials Look to Extradite Assange From Sweden
  UK Judge Gives Assange's Lawyers a Window to Test Sex Assault Case
  PayPal: Feds Told Us WikiLeaks Is Violating Law
  Attack on MasterCard Called 'Payback’ for Dropping WikiLeaks
  Despite Assange Detention, WikiLeaks Operations Continue
  Sen. Lieberman Wants NYT Probed Over WikiLeaks
  Manning Suicide Rumor: Targeting Supporters' Morale?
  Amid Censorship Efforts, US Plans to Host World Press Freedom Day

Behind the Assange Honey-Pot Trap

  US: WikiLeaks Has Hurt US Foreign Relations
NATO Airstrike Kills Two Afghan Soldiers

Cameron Eyes 2011 UK Afghan Withdrawal


Pentagon Says Winning Battle for Afghan Town Marjah


Afghans Fume as Petraeus Ramps Up Air War

Allawi Threatens to Quit Iraqi Govt

US Warns of Aid Cuts if Sadr Bloc Takes Certain Iraqi Ministries

US Abandons Efforts for Israeli Settlement Freeze
  Israeli FM Slams Netanyahu for Turkey Reconciliation Efforts
Iran Talks Stall, More Planned Next Month
Judge Nixes Challenge to Assassination of US Cleric
The American War Dead Disappear Into the Darkness  by Tom Engelhardt
Participate in a Real 'December Review' of the War in Afghanistan  by Brian Terrell
WikiLeaks Shows America's Imperious Attitude to Pakistan  by Simon Tisdall
The Carmel Wildfire Is Burning All Illusions in Israel  by Max Blumenthal
Tea Party Could Wreck Foreign Policy? Great  by Gene Healy
The Scarlet Pimpernel of Cyberspace  by Eric Margolis

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Nigeria Charges Former US VP Cheney Over Bribery

Will Assange, Now Arrested, Take the 'Nuclear' Option?
US to Federal Workers: If You Read WikiLeaks, You're Breaking the Law
Taxpayers to Cover War Contractor Losses in Lawsuits by Soldiers

Afghanistan: Land of the Unvanquished

Cables: Russia, Not Iran, Seen as NATO Threat

US-Russia Nuclear Treaty Could Hinge on Tax Cuts

Julian Assange Faces Judge as WikiLeaks Supporters Flock to Court
Why Britain Is Likely to Send WikiLeaks' Assange to Sweden on Rape Charges
WikiLeaks Founder's Arrest in Britain Complicates Efforts to Extradite Him

Gates Applauds Arrest of Assange

Visa Suspends All Payments to WikiLeaks

Facebook: We Won't Block WikiLeaks, for Now

NH Firm Defends Decision to Cut Off WikiLeaks Due to DDoS Attacks

Confusion Over WikiLeaks' Pledge to Help Manning Case

State Dept Denies Warning Students About WikiLeaks

Swedish Prosecutor's Website Under Cyber Attack


No Safe Haven for Displaced Iraqis

Iraq's Education Ministry Bans Theater, Music Classes

Iraqi Music Style Emerges as Casualty of Modernity and War

In Iraq, Basra Booms After Decades of Warfare

New WikiLeaks Disclosures Tell of Iran's Hand in Iraqi Politics

Tuesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

US Military

Iraq, Kuwait Dust May Carry Dangerous Elements

Soldiers in Iraq Will Get New Body Armor

Military One Step Closer to Battlefield Holograms


Iran Calls on World Powers to Lift Sanctions

Iran Agrees to 2011 Talks in Turkey

WikiLeaks Revelations 'Psychological War' Against Iran, Commander Says
Iran: Experts Suggest Sanctions Are Tied to Staggering Pollution Levels

Cameron Sees 'Real Progress' in Afghan War in 2010

Gates Gets Sobering War Update on Afghan Visit

Cameron and Karzai Shrug Off Talk of Rift

Afghanistan War: Why IEDs Are Taking a Mounting Toll

Arrest Made in Afghan Disfigurement Case


Attack on Senior Pakistani Official Wounds 9

Turkey Offers Military Hardware to Pakistan


Ex-Wife of Convicted Spy Pollard Moves to Israel

Israel East Jerusalem Policy Threatens Peace: EU

Israel-US Talks on Renewed Settlement Freeze Reach Dead End

Israeli Moderates Outraged as Rabbis Target Non-Jews


Report: North Korea Deploys Torpedo-Carrying Midget Subs

NM Gov. Bill Richardson May Head to North Korea for Talks

China Hits Back at Criticism Over North Korea


China Says It Hopes Leaks Do Not Hurt US Ties

China Denounces Nobel Prize Supporters as 'Clowns'

China, 18 Others to Skip Nobel Peace Prize Party

China to Award Prize to Rival Nobel

The War at Home

Russia Objects to NATO Plan to Defend Baltics

Georgia Arrests 6, Calling Them Agents for Russia

In Other News

Haiti Cholera: UN Troops to Blame, Report Says

Aging Kazakh Leader Calls for Youth Elixir

Detained Canadian Claims FBI Wanted Him to Spy on al-Shabaab

WikiLeaks: UK 'Feared Al-Megrahi Jail Death'

Baywatch Actress 'Singled Out for TSA Body Scan'


Justin Raimondo
Julian Assange in the Honey Trap

Ivan Eland
Stop the Persecution of Julian Assange

Kelley B. Vlahos
COIN and the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Nebojsa Malic
Eastern Frontiers

Philip Giraldi
Thirty-Nine Congressmen Can't Be Wrong

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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