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Updated December 13, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Lawyer: US Trying to 'Get Their Mitts On' Assange
  Judiciary Panel to Take Up Espionage Act, Options Against WikiLeaks
  Lawyer: WikiLeaks 'Rape' Victims Had Hidden Agendas
  WikiLeaks Can Survive Swedish, US Assange Probes, Lawyers Say
Despite 'Results,' Afghan Vote Remains Disputed
  Seven US Soldiers Killed in Kandahar Suicide Attack
  Taliban Small-Arms Attacks Nearly Double
  $52 Billion of American Aid and Still Afghans Are Dying of Starvation
Italian PM Warns Israel May Nuke Iran
  Iranian President Increasingly Grabbing Power From Parliament
  Hezbollah Strays From Iranian Line on WikiLeaks, Praises Disclosures
Netanyahu Rejects DM on Sharing Jerusalem
  Former EU Leaders Call for Sanctions on Israel
  Israeli Public Invited to Inform on Those Renting to Arabs
17 Killed as Iraq Council Compound Bombed
  Pentagon Forced to Extend Iraq Contracts That Are Under Appeal
Former US Spy Chief: S. Korea May Attack North
The Charade of Israeli-Palestinian Talks  by Noam Chomsky
Knowing a Terrorist When You See One  by Scott Horton
WikiLeaks May Make the Powerful Howl, but We Are Learning the Truth  by Henry Porter
Celebrity Generals  by Tom Engelhardt
A General Overhaul  by Uri Avnery
The Problem Is America's Imperial Foreign Policy, Not WikiLeaks  by Doug Bandow

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US Recruited Nazis More Than Thought, Declassified Papers Show
America's Unsavory Friends in Central Asia
Obama Faces Fight Over Missile Defense as He Presses START Ratification
Transfer Ban for Detainees Tucked Into Spending Bill
Holbrooke Remains in Critical Condition
US Diplomats Broke Laws by Sending Stolen Uranium on Commercial Flight
Dutch Release Pro-WikiLeaks Hacker
Hackers Threaten to Attack British Government Websites
Experts: WikiLeaks Cyber Backlash All Bark, No Bite
Sen. Gillibrand: Obama Needs Global Crackdown on WikiLeaks Supporters
Washington Post: 'Don't Charge WikiLeaks'
European Amazon Websites Down After Attack by WikiLeaks Supporters
Reporters Without Borders: WikiLeaks Hounded?
Amazon Cloud Saved WikiLeaks... Until They Were Cut Off
Nothing New in Latest Documents, Says Vatican
Internet Society Says Attacks Against WikiLeaks Are Illegal
Rumsfeld: Government Documents in New Memoir, but Not Like WikiLeaks
Australian Intelligence Chiefs Fear Nuclear War Between Israel and Tehran
Australia: Iran Not Rogue State, Nuke Program 'Deterrent': Cables
Cables Show US Concern at Swiss Iran Plan
Iran Hardliners Demand Expulsion of UK Ambassador
Opposition Leader: Cables Show Iran 'Vulnerable'
Jordan's King Abdullah Wants Improved Ties With Iran
With New Violence, More Christians Are Fleeing Iraq
Iraqi Mayor Under Investigation Over US Soldier Killing
Arab, Kurdish Women Kidnapped in Mixed Iraq City
Sunday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 90 Wounded
IDF Probe: Soldier Wounded on Gaza Border Was Hit by Friendly Fire
Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinians on Gaza Border
Israel Frees Radical Muslim Leader
Egypt Protesters Say New Parliament Is 'Void'
Mubarak Bemoans Opposition Boycott of Vote
Nigerian Military Seizes Rebel Camps in Oil Region
Cables: US 'Tried to Stop Missile Delivery to Venezuela'
WikiLeaks: Brazil Vulnerable to Terrorism
Report: Swedish Military Staffer Knew About Attacks
Swedes Shocked by 1st Terror Attack in 3 Decades
Sweden Probes 'Terrorist' Attack Claimed by al-Qaeda-Linked Website
Swedish Leader Urges Tolerance After Failed Terror Attack
Stockholm Bomber's UK Links Revealed as Inquiry Continues
Axelrod Optimistic About Fate of Russian Treaty
Hundreds Protest Against Russian Government
As US Assesses Afghan War, Karzai a Question Mark
Despite Western Praise of Election, Afghans Say Tarnished Results Outweigh Perceived Gains
Nawa Turns Into Proving Ground for US Strategy in Afghan War
Hundreds of Afghans Hold Anti-US Rally
Afghanistan Plans National Electronic ID Cards
NATO: Troops Kill Taliban Operative in Afghanistan
Fake WikiLeaks: Pakistan Editor Sacked
Pakistan Institute of National Affairs: 'Assange Should Be Awarded Nobel Prize'
Japan Plans Military Shift to Focus More on China
WikiLeaks Cables Show US Public-Private Conflict Over Uzbekistan
WikiLeaks Cables Name UK Banker as Middleman in Kazakh Corruption Ring
WikiLeaks Cables Paint Bleak Picture of Tajikistan, Central Asia's Poorest State
Indian Army to Be Questioned Over Killing of Kashmiri
17 Sailors Missing as South Korean Trawler Sinks
Diplomatic Fallout From WikiLeaks Revelations Hits SE Asia
'War on Terror'
Kuwait: Continuation of Gitmo Disgrace to US Justice
Holder: Terrorism Stings Aren't Entrapment
US Cables Call Spain Magnet for Terror Recruiters
Boy of 12 Hauled Out of Class by UK Anti-Terror Police Over Facebook Protest
The War at Home
More States Enter Debate on Sharia Law
How Muslim Burials Set Off a Small-Town Furor in NY – and How Good Came of It

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