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Updated December 16, 2010 - 11:26 PM EST
Assange Released After 2nd Bail Hearing
  US Eyes 'Conspiracy' Charges Against Assange
  British Govt, Not Sweden, Blocked Assange Bail
  US Struggles to Keep Govt Employees in the Dark Over WikiLeaks
  The Inhumane Conditions of Bradley Manning's Detention
NATO Air Strike Kills 4 Afghan Soldiers
  Obama Lauds ‘On Track’ Afghan War
  Red Cross: Afghan Conditions Worst in 30 Years
  CIA Report Undermines Obama's Optimism on Afghan War
  NATO Admits to Killing Civilian in Marjah Air Strike
  In Afghanistan, Taliban Rise Where Kabul Falters
  Poll: Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours
Suicide Bombers Kill 41 at Mosque in SE Iran
  Is a US-Iran Nuclear Deal in the Works?
UN Finally Lifts (Most) Iraq Sanctions
  Iraq FM: al-Qaeda Planning Attacks in US, Europe
  Is Iraq After Saddam Becoming a More Islamic State?
Senate Votes to Open New START Debate
  US Officials Say Urban Nuke Attack a 'Suvivable Event'
  US Issues New New Advice for Nuclear Strike: Don't Flee, Get Inside
Ellsberg, Other War Opponents Arrested at White House
US Envoy: Reunification of Korea 'Unfinished Business'
The Wrong Reaction to WikiLeaks  by Jason Ditz
Netanyahu Is Telling Obama What Golda Told Nixon  by Aluf Benn
Guantánamo: A Dismal Week for America  by Andy Worthington
Ostrich America?  by Chase Madar
The TSA 'Gropefest'  by Cindy Sheehan
Is Treason a Civic Duty?  by Thomas Darnstädt

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US Illegal Experiments Went Far Beyond Guatemala
Italy Appeals Court Ups US Sentences in CIA Trial
Pakistani Envoy Unknowingly Hosted Neocon Fundraiser
Paper Declares TSA Scanners Don't Work
Blu Says MOCA's Removal of His Mural Is Censorship
Clinton Pledges Bigger Role for Besieged State Dept
Kosovo PM Dismisses Report Branding Him 'Mafia' Boss
Stuxnet 'Virus' Could Be Altered to Attack US Facilities, Report Warns
Mitchell Proposes 'Parallel' but Separate US Talks With Israel, Palestinians
Shas Threatens to Quit Israeli Coalition
Deputy FM: Israel Won't Apologize for Gaza Flotilla Raid
Israelis Building Housing at East Jerusalem School
Arabs Want 'Serious Offer' on Israel Peace, UN Resolution
Bethlehem Mayor Complains About Israeli Limits
10 Shi'ite Pilgrims Die in Attacks in Western Baghdad
Sunni-Backed Allawi to Join Iraqi Government
Kurdish Oil Demands to Maliki Revealed
Iraq Gets UN Green Light for Civil Nuclear Program
US Armored Cadillacs Are Iraq Bomb Bait
Shi'ites Pour Into Iraq Shrine City for Ashura
Wednesday: 6 Iraqis Wounded
Iran Blames US for Suicide Attack in Southeast
Computer Expert: 'Stuxnet Virus Set Back Iran's Nuclear Program by 2 Years'
Iran Reformer Sentenced to Jail, Exile and Fine
Senegal Recalls Iran Ambassador Over Nigerian Arms Cache
Iran Said to Have Cut Hezbollah Aid by 40%
Major Blast Off Lebanese Coast: 'Israeli Overflights in Area'
Lebanese Army Says Israeli Spy Cameras Found
Up to 9,000 More UK Troops Could Be Axed With the Rest Facing Longer Tours of Duty
RAF Could Be Reduced to Just Six Fighter Squadrons by 2020
Russia Blasts Britain for 'Paranoid Spymania'
A Jittery Night in Moscow After Demonstration Rumor
1,000 Detained in Russia 'to Prevent Ethnic Clashes'
Germany to Scrap Conscription in Mid-2011
Suicide Bomber in Sweden Not on Security List
Violence, Protest Plans Stir Ivorian Conflict
International Court Names Six Kenyans as Suspects in 2007 Post-Election Violence
US Says Chavez Subverting Will of Venezuelans
Swedish Prosecution Vindictive, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer
Air Force Defends WikiLeaks News Cutoff
Berkeley Defers Vote on Honoring WikiLeaks Soldier Bradley Manning
Time Ignores Voters Choice of Asssange for Man of the Year
'WikiLeaks: The Video Game' Stars Assange and Obama
Anonymous Brings Operation Paperstorm to London
Ralph Nader a Witness for Judiciary Committee's WikiLeaks Hearing
Australian Media Group Fairfax Finally Releases WikiLeaks Cables
Taliban Extend Their Reach to North
Taliban Struggle in Afghan Heartland, Kandahar
Attacks in Afghanistan Kill 3 Kids, NATO Soldier
Afghan Armed Groups Interfere in Red Cross Work
How Afghans View Iran
US Treading in Bloody Footsteps
Report: Drone Kills British al-Qaeda Pair in Pakistan Mountains
Islamabad Police Registers Report Against Alleged CIA Official
Three Shot Dead in Quetta
US Seeks More Pakistan Help in Afghan War
Musharraf Warns Army 'May Intervene Over Pakistan's Decline'
Report: Pakistan Deadliest Country for Journalists
Communist Rebels in Philippines Kill 10 Soldiers
Police Stop Religious Gatherings in Indian Kashmir
South Korea Stages Mass Evacuation Drill Amid Tension
UN Calls for Rapid Agreement on Nepal's Peace Process
WikiLeaks: Singapore Lee Says Myanmar 'Stupid'
US Military
Report: US Mulls N. African Base
House Passes Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Senate Proposes $10b Defense Budget Cut
Armed Services Leaders Agree to Compromise 2011 Defense Bill
More Sex Assaults Reported at Military Academies
Congressional Bill Just for Them, Widow and Son Can Apply to Live With Fallen Marine's Family in US
Christmas Ornament Causes Pentagon Scare
'War on Terror'
US: UK Suspect Part of International Terror Plot
US Senate to Consider Blocking Guantanamo Closure
Another Grim Poll: Most Americans Oppose Trial for Terror Suspects

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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