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Updated December 19, 2010 - 10:44 PM EST
Record Drone Assault: 58 Strikes in 102 Days
  Obama: Never Mind Afghanistan, It's All About the Drones
  Disclosure Likely to Feed Mistrust Between US, Pakistan Intel Agents
Assange: We Did Not Conspire With Our Source
  Journalists at Pentagon Daily Barred From WikiLeaks
  Victims, Jilted Lovers or Undercover Agents
  Assange Anger at 'Smear Campaign' After Leaked Police Files Published
US Afghan War Review Is Propaganda: Taliban
  Afghanistan Attacks Target Army Bases, Killing 13
  NATO Confirms Air Strike Killed Afghan Soldiers
  New Violence Grips Afghanistan as German Leader Visits
  Yearly Price Tab for Afghan Army: $6 Billion, Indefinitely
US Commander Says Iran Still Driving for a Bomb
  US Tried to Play N-Deal Card to Pressure India Against Iran
US Will Take Part in South Korea Live-Fire Drill
  UN Security Council to Meet Sunday on North Korea
Obama Promises START Treaty Won't Limit Missile Defense
  GOP Bid to Amend US-Russia Nuclear Treaty Fails
Pentagon: Lifting Gay Ban to Take Time, Despite Vote
History Is Repeating Itself in Afghanistan  by Patrick Cockburn
Beware the Campaign for War Against Iran  by Sheldon Richman
Why This Gigantic 'Intelligence' Apparatus?  by Robert Higgs
Journalists Are All Julian Assange  by Robert Parry
Economic Espionage Haunts AIPAC  by Grant Smith
Hell Hath No Fury Like an Empire Mocked  by Pepe Escobar

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Bush Sr., James Baker Helped Get Nigeria to Drop Charges Against Cheney
Obama Offers Assurances to GOP on Nuke Treaty
China-India Row Over Kashmir Escalates, Raising Fears of Military Tensions
Kosovo Organ Donor Ring: the Israeli Connection
Judges Reinstate Travel Ban for Kosovo Ex-Leader
When the News Breaks the Journalist: PTSD
The Mystery of Missile Defense
Taliban Respond Extensively to Obama Administration's War Strategy Review
NATO Kills 20 Insurgents in Eastern Afghanistan
Foreign Troop Toll in Afghanistan in 2010 Nears 700
Suicide Bombing Targets Afghan District Chief, Killing Bystanders
NATO Service Member Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Pakistan: 'Ratlines' Threaten US Afghan War Plans
Bangladeshi Engineer Killed in Afghan Kidnap: Police
Bomb Kills 2 Afghans in Attack in Kandahar
Gunmen Attack South Korean-Operated Construction Site in Afghanistan, Killing 1 Bangladeshi
India Not to Leave Afghanistan: WikiLeaks
Child Labor Helps War-Torn Afghan Families Survive
Army Set to Award Mega-Contract to Train Afghan Cops
Pakistan Spy Agency Denies It Exposed CIA Chief
US Wants Operation in North Waziristan, but Will Wait
Pakistan Praised India Response on Mumbai Attacks: Cables
NATO Oil Tanker Set on Fire in Bolan, 2 Injured
Mehsud Tribes Protest Against Government's Broken Promises
Bodies of Three Missing People Found in Balochistan
US Deals With Entire Pakistani Government: Hillary Clinton
China Announces $410m Assistance for Pakistan Flood Victims
US Embassy Argued Against Visa to Kashmiri Leader: Cables
Red Cross Briefed US on Indian Torture in Occupied Kashmir: Cables
US Was Worried About Possible Third Front Govt Formation in India: WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks: Northeast Terror Not on India's Priority List
Rahul's WikiLeaks Faux Pas Costs Congress
India Using Terror as 'Propaganda Tool', Says Pakistan
India: Maoist Killed in Jharkhand
India: Man Detained at Airport for Alleged Link to Varanasi Blast
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Allows UN to 'Share' War Crime Evidence
'India Wanted LTTE, Lanka to Allow Intervention': WikiLeaks
US Lawmakers Urge Sri Lanka Rights Probe
Fog May Delay South Korean Drill
Bill Richardson Says Koreas Situation a 'Tinderbox'
US: South Korea Drill No Threat to North
Russia Calls on South Korea to Halt Military Drill
China Fishing Boat Capsizes in Scuffle With South Korean Coast Guard; 1 Dead
Is China (Finally) Building an Aircraft Carrier?
HRW Tells China to Explain Fate of Uighurs From Cambodia
Japan PM Faces Protests in Okinawa Base Row
Japan City Sets Memorial Day for Isles in China Dispute
Crucial US Base at Risk as Anti-American Party Joins Kyrgyz Government
WikiLeaks: Australian Govt Bans Indonesian Official Implicated in Killings
Top Court Orders End to Nepal PM Poll Fiasco
Philippines Frees 33 Suspected Communist Rebels
The War at Home
Govt Waives Licensing Requirement for Lawyers Representing Terror Suspects
Will Blackwater Go Vegan After Sale to Hippie Firm?
Teen in Oregon Car Bomb Plot Held in Protective Custody
Lockheed Reaches $10.3m Settlement With Feds
Jury Convicts Miami Man in $300m Ammo Fraud Case
US Lawmakers May Vote on Armenian Genocide Measure
WikiLeaks Cables Indicate Cuba Sought 'Secret Channel' to US
Cuba Blasts US, Dismisses WikiLeaks Cables
Raul Castro Says Cubans Must Back Economic Reforms
Raul Castro Touts Economic Changes
Cuban-Americans Haul Goods Home on Holiday Visits
Panama Canal Expansion Project Called 'Disaster' in US Diplomatic Cable
Haiti Election Results Could Be Delayed for Weeks
Invasion of the Mexican Drones!
Air India Inquiry: Canada Treated Victims as Adversaries, CSIS, RCMP Failed
US, Venezuela at Odds on Ambassador, Chavez Powers
US: Ex-Argentine Police Officer Accused of Torture Gets Deported
Americans Still Dying
Tennessee Soldier Killed in Iraq on First Tour of Duty
Lifelong Friend Will Escort Guardsman's Body Back Back to Fall River (MA)
Ewa Beach (HI) Soldier With Washington Ties Killed in Afghanistan Blast
New Hampshire Marine Remembered for His Determination
Salem (MA) Army Medic Killed by Afghan Suicide Bomber
Peebles (OH) Marine 'Was Well Liked by Everybody'
Lake Worth (FL) Marine Killed While Serving in Afghanistan
Slain Yulee (FL) Soldier Had Planned to Go to Culinary School
San Diego (CA) Soldier Remembered by Family, Friends
Soldier From Sunrise (FL) Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier From Redwood City (CA) Killed by IED in Afghanistan
10 Days in Sweden: The Full Allegations Against Julian Assange
Julian Assange Says His Life Is 'Under Threat'
Assange Furor Deepens as New Details Emerge of Sex Crime Allegations
Joe Biden V. Joe Biden on WikiLeaks
Top US Official in Geneva Rejects Spying Claim in Connection With WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks 'To Stay Strong' Despite Blow
Will Julian Assange Regret WikiLeaks? Past Whistleblowers Say No
WikiLeaks Urges Bank of America Customers to Close Accounts
Tweeting Stopped by Judge in Assange Case
Montreal Protesters Rally in Support of WikiLeaks

Mansion Arrest Fails to Silence Assange

Ahmadinejad Calls Nuclear Talks With West 'Positive'
Iran Trims Petrol Ration, First Step in Subsidy Cut
Iran Nuclear Chief Takes Over as Foreign Minister
Iran's New Foreign Minister Reaches Out to Europe
Iran Seeks Pakistan's Assistance in Probing Chahbahar Bombing
WikiLeaks: Iran's 'Indian Supplier' on US Radar
US Commander Mullen Reassures Gulf States on Iran
Parliament Vote Puts Iraq Closer to a New Government
Maliki to Name Iraq Government Monday
Iraq's Main Sunni Bloc to Participate in Government
Iraqi Lawmakers Lift Ban on Sunni Politicians
Sentence for Iraqi Saddam-Era Deputy PM Aziz to Be Commuted: Source
Grim Xmas for Iraqi Christians as Many Flee North
Amid the Chaos, Iraqis Turn to TV, Web to Be Heard
Asylum Decision on Iraqi Hit-And-Run Driver Embarrasses British PM
Iraq Entices Investors to Bid for Power Profits
Kurds Protest Anti-Demo Legislation
Independent Media a Rarity in Iraq
Victor, Meet Spoils: Weaponeers Peddle Wares to Iraqi Cops
Baghdad Keen to Settle Issues With Kuwait
Smugglers Blatantly Tout in Iraq
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Wounded
Palestinian PM: Plan to Declare Statehood by 2011 Remains on Track
PLO Will Not Withdraw Recognition of Israel: Official
Israeli Airstrike Kills 5 Gaza Militants
West Bank Farmer: Settlers Burned My Sheep Alive
Arab States Preparing UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements
South African Politicians 'Beaten Up by IDF' Near Bethlehem
UN Chief Names Settlement Freeze a Top UN Goal for 2011
'UK Refuses to Release Report on Israeli Soldiers MIA Over Syria Ties'
Gaza Suffers From Severe Shortage of Cooking Gas: Official
Iraq Says Lebanon Indictment to Be Delayed Over Iran
UNIFIL: No Gear Seized in Lebanon Standoff
Hezbollah's Nasrallah Rejects Attempts to Stir Sectarian Strife
Lebanon Submits Official Complaint to UN Over Israeli 'Spy Devices'
Middle East
Yemen Sends More Troops to Quell Protests
Violence Mars Shi'ite Commemoration in Saudi Arabia
Military Could Block Egyptian President's Son From Top Job: WikiLeaks
Russian Military to Participate in NATO Drills Next Year
7 Forest Rangers, Hunters Killed in Russia's South
Moscow Police Arrest 500 as Ethnic Tensions Linger
Belarus Opposition Complains of Dirty Tricks
Belarus Opposition Calls for Rally on Poll Eve
Belarus Police Warn Opposition on Eve of Vote
Ivory Coast
Exile or Sanctions, Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Told
Gbagbo Tells UN and French Forces to Leave Ivory Coast
Masked Men Open Fire on UN Base in Ivory Coast
Tide of Refugees on Nile as Sudan Faces Break-Up
Sudan Dismisses Allegation Bashir Has Billions Abroad
China Not Opposed to Sudan Leaders Arrest: WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks Cables: UN Offered Robert Mugabe a Lucrative Retirement Overseas
Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Party Ready to Regain Dominance
Somali Government Controls Half of Capital: Minister

Radical Muslim Sect Again Stalks Northern Nigeria

US Military
Southern Command Opens New HQ in Greater Miami
Officer at Center of Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal Vows to Clear Her Name
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The First War on Terror
Swedish Documentary Peeks Behind the Curtain of WikiLeaks

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Beltway Bunkum

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Carrots Likely Better Than Sticks in Iran Dealings

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Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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