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Updated December 22, 2010 - 11:10 PM EST
South Korea Drills to 'Punish the Enemy'
AG Holder Dusts Off Bush-Era Scaremongering
  Obama Order to Formalize Permanent Detention Without Trial
UN Report Shows Rising Afghan Civilian Toll
  NATO Kills Five Civilians in Attack on Afghan Home

Petraeus Promises Villagers US Will Rebuild What It Knocked Down

In 71-26 Vote, Senate Ratifies New START Treaty
Pakistan: Alliance Over if US Invades on Land
US Announces Yet More Iran Sanctions
Coalition Falters as Maliki Announces New Cabinet
Homeland Security Is Getting Stuck on Stupid  by Gene Healy
Public Opposition Can End US Wars  by Jason Ditz
Scapegoating Pakistan for US Failure Next Door  by H.D.S. Greenway
Obama Out of Okinawa  by Allen Mendenhall
America's Longest War Gets Worse  by Eric Margolis
Expanding the Surveillance State  by Scott Horton

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CIA Launches Task Force to Assess Impact of US Cables' Exposure by WikiLeaks

After 4 Decades, Harvard Opens Door to ROTC

GOP Objections Threaten Whistle-Blower Rights Bill

Israeli Ministers Float Limited West Bank Pullout; Military Would Stay

Trinidad and Tobago: Whistle-Blower Alerts Govt to Israeli Agents Destroying Files

Muslim Woman Reports Attack Outside Ohio Mosque

Homeland Security Presents 'Evidence' for Domain Seizures; Proves It Knows Little About the Internet - or the Law

Lawyer Describes Solitary Confinement of Suspected WikiLeaks Source

Senior Guardian Hacks Turn on Assange

Assange: Why I Won't Go to Sweden

No Naps, and No Clothes in Bed: Manning's Cell Life

Czech Pirate Party Launches Its Own WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Translated Into Arabic by Jordan Sites

WikiLeaks Cables: Iraq Security Firms Operate 'Mafia' to Inflate Prices

Maliki's Governing Style Raises Questions About Future of Iraq's Fragile Democracy

Stark Challenges Ahead for Iraq's New Government

Kurdistan's 'Change' Bloc Withdraws From New Cabinet

Iraq's Christians Plan a Simple Christmas in the Shadow of Violence

Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded

'The War on Terror'

Holder: Awlaki, American with Big Mouth, on Par with bin Laden

'Multidimensional and Profound' US Intel Chief Not Aware of Large London Terror Arrests, but Diane Sawyer Was

Scanners Successfully Locate Things for TSA to Steal, Not Much Else

US Ordered to Compensate Targeted Oregon Muslim Group

Rome Mayor: Device on Subway Couldn't Explode

Preliminary Terror Charge in Denmark Hotel Blast

US Military

Rape Rampant in US Military

Nearly 1 in 4 Fails Military Exam

Government Loses Laptops That May Hold Secret Info About Passports


Leak: FBI Keeping Tabs on Indigenous Chileans

US Helped Subvert Colombia's Congress on Military 'Escalation' Deal, Cable Shows

Argentine Ex-Dictator Says 'Terrorists' Run Country


Kabul Says Dozens of Private Security Firms Disbanded

Afghan Sex Practices Concern US, British Forces

Former Afghan Commander McChrystal Writing Memoir

NATO Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan

NATO Fails to Deliver Half of Trainers Promised for Afghanistan


Pakistan Rules Out Foreign Troops Operation on Its Soil

Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

Desperate India Opens Borders to Delicious Pakistani Onions

Iran Presses Pakistan on Jundallah


Gaza Strip Situation 'Fragile and Volatile'

Tit-For-Tat Missile Strikes Still Norm in Gaza Area

Turkey Blames Israel for Talks Deadlock

Seattle Buses to Carry 'Israeli War Crimes' Ads

Syria Eyed Israel for 2008 Killing: US Cable

Brazil: There Won't Be Mideast Peace as Long as US Is 'Guardian'

UK Denies Access to Cables That May Aid Hunt for Missing Israeli Soldiers


White House Rejects New Talks With North Korea

North Korea Threatens to Attack South Over Christmas Lights

WikiLeaks Cables: Bangladeshi 'Death Squad' Trained by UK Government

China Bans English Words in Media

Thailand to End State of Emergency in Bangkok


Anna Chapman: From Spy to Leader of Putin's Young Guard

Kosovo PM Calls for Inquiry Over Organ Trafficking Claims

Leaked Cable: Belarus Regime Is 'Criminal, Violent and Authoritarian'


Guinea Inaugurates President After 1st Free Vote

Can Football Boost Peace in Somalia?

Fighting Between South Sudan Army, Rebel Force Kills at Least 20


Justin Raimondo
WikiLeaks on Cuba:
US Undermines Dissidents

Ivan Eland
A Radical Solution for the War in Afghanistan

Kelley B. Vlahos
Richard Holbrooke and the Clinton Curse

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

Nebojsa Malic
Boss Snake's Mafia State

Philip Giraldi
Beltway Bunkum

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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