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Updated December 27, 2010 - 10:44 PM EST
US Drone Strikes Kill 25 in North Waziristan
  Bloodiest Year for Suicide Bombings in Pakistan
  Petraeus Hints at More Cross-Border Raids Into Pakistan
  Taliban Kidnap 23 Pakistanis in Show of Strength
  Aid Centers Close in Pakistani Tribal Area
Afghan Govt Slams NATO Killing Security Guards
  US Allies Turned Foes, Haqqani Network Spreading in Afghanistan
Netanyahu, Lieberman Trade Condemnations
  Labor Minister: Without Talks, Even US May Recognize Palestinian State
  Report Details Israel's Inhumane Conditions for Isolated Prisoners
TSA Coming to a Mall Near You?
  Former CIA Director Calls Homegrown Terror Threat 'A Witch's Brew'
Suicide Bombers Kill 14 in Iraqi Town of Ramadi
White House Terms Permanent Detention 'Regrettable'
US Trapped in Afghan Civil War  by Gwynne Dyer
Evil US Deeds Exposed by WikiLeaks  by Bill Quigley
Obama's Afghanistan Review: A Whitewash of a Disastrous Occupation  by Phyllis Bennis & Kevin Martin
Is Bradley Manning Being Held as Some Sort of 'Enemy Combatant'?  by Andy Worthington
The Darkness to Expel  by Uri Avnery
Canada's 'Enduring' Afghan Role  by John Foster

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Defense Firms Lure Retired Generals
Assange Signs $1.5m Book Deal
Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency
Dutch Clear 5 of 12 Detained Somalis of Terrorism
Napolitano: Clapper's Ignorance of UK Arrests a PR Failure
Coming Home Homeless: New Homeless Among Vets
Israeli Leaders Differ on Apology to Turkey
Israeli Military Kills 2 Gaza Militants
Israel Won't Attend Racism Conference Fete
Mayor Holds Off Eviction of Settlers From East Jerusalem Home
Gaza Doctor Takes Israel to Court
Israel: 'The State of Facebook' Is More Real Than Palestine
Iran Says January Nuclear Talks Historic Opportunity
Economist Jailed for Criticizing Government
Iran Passes Death Sentence on 'Israeli Spy'
Family Fails to Meet Detained Journalists in Iran
Al-Qaeda Threat on Iraq Christians Linked to Egypt
Germany Should Help Iraqi Christians, Says Senior Merkel Ally
Iraq's Wild Ones Are Mainly Looking to Impress
Egypt's FM Arrives in Iraqi Kurdistan to Open Consulate
Two Civilians Killed in Petrol Tank Blast in Nassirya Province
Sunday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded
Middle East
Thousands Greet Mavi Marmara in Istanbul Port
Yemen Presses Ahead With Legislative Poll Despite Loomin g Boycott
Egypt Policymakers Ignore Increasingly Disaffected Youth
Whistleblower Pilot Wants to 'Come Out of Shadows'
Cargo, Passengers That Fly Over US Don't Get Screened to Federal Standards
Petraeus Commends Pakistan's Counterinsurgency
Pakistan's Blasphemy Law Seen as Tool of Oppression
Musharraf: Nawaz Supports Baloch Insurgent Groups
Deadly Afghan Year Takes Toll on 101st Airborne
NATO Service Member Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
US Troops Battle to Hand Off a Valley Resistant to Afghan Governance
Afghanistan to Look Into Missing US Medicine
Four Turkish Engineers Abducted in Afghanistan
Karzai Denounces Pakistan Suicide Attack
North Korea Troops Boast of Retaliatory Attacks on South Korea
Visitors See North Korea Still Stunted by Its Isolation
Taiwan Anti-Sub Aircraft in Service Next Year
8 Militants Killed in Russia's North Caucasus
Protesting Ethnic Strife in Russia
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast's Ouattara Calls for General Strike
Defeated Ivory Coast President: US, France in Conspiracy
Religious Clashes Flare in Central Nigeria
Al Shabaab Calls for Continuation of 'East Africa Jihad'
Fears Growing of Mugabe's Iron Grip Over Zimbabwe
Panamanian President's Asked DEA for Wiretaps of Political Enemies
Panama Row Reveals US Drug Agency's Power

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A Radical Solution for the War in Afghanistan

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Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

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Boss Snake's Mafia State

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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TSA: Theater Security Administration

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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