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Updated January 9, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Budget Battles: Did Gates 'Cut' Defense Cash?
  Sen. Graham Says F-35's Safe From Defense Cuts
US Wounded Rate in Afghanistan Soars
  'Afghan War Getting Uglier in 2011'
Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Each American
  WikiLeaks Demands Google and Facebook Unseal US Subpoenas
  Private Memo Exposes US Fears Over WikiLeaks
Sadr: Resist 'Occupier,' Support New Iraqi Govt
  Iraq Cleric's Clout Does Not Bode Well for US Presence
Envoy: US Has Right to Interfere in Pakistan's Affairs
US Will Counter Chinese Arms Buildup
IDF: Software Malfunction Caused Friendly Fire Death
Afghanistan: War of Choice, Not Necessity  by Sheldon Richman
Israel's Attempt to Blame Victim Fails  by MJ Rosenberg
Did the US Government Misuse Science to Justify Torture?  by David Biello
Tea Party Challenge  by Sean Scallon
Gates Swimming Against the Tide  by Christopher Preble
The Man Who Spilled the Secrets  by Sarah Ellison

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Army's 101st Has Deadliest Year Since Vietnam
Report: Germany Knew Eichmann's Location Since '52
CIA Delayed Breakup of Khan Network for Decades, Journalists Assert
Vang Pao Influenced US Policy Long After Vietnam War Ended
Clegg Vows to Restore Civil Liberties in Britain
More Nations Will Recognize Palestinian State, PA Says
Is Blackwater Heading for the Holy Land?
Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian at West Bank Checkpoint
Israel Envoy to Discuss Reviving Peace Talks in US
Palestinians: Silwan Riots Broke Out After Police Lost Crate of Ammunition
Bil'in: a Village in Mourning
Palestinian Mother Tells of a Family Tragedy During Protest Against Separation Barrier
Three Foreign Workers Wounded in Mortar Attack Near Gaza Border
Knesset Speaker to Oppose Bill Giving Communities Right to Reject Whom They Please
PM Was Warned About Security Guards in E. Jerusalem Settler Compounds
Israeli Intellectuals Blast Witch-Hunt of Human Rights Groups
Details Differ in Iranian Reports on American Woman's Arrest
Iran Ups Stock of Slightly Higher Enriched Uranium
Iran Says Can Make Own Nuclear Fuel Plates, Rods
Iran Hardliners Pledge to Oust 'Leaders of Sedition'
Iran Nuclear Talks Set for Jan 21-22: Turkey
Apology Could Help Case of Detained German Journalists, Says Iran
Exiled Iran Opposition Claims Attack on Iraq Camp
Iraq FM to Be Summoned Over Saudi Arabia's Execution of 40 Iraqis: Nujaifi
2 Kids Killed in Iraq Blast
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
UN Peacekeepers and Lebanese Army Hold Joint Exercise
Late General's Son Has No Faith in Tribunal
Clinton Meets Lebanon PM, Backs Tribunal Probing His Father's Assassination
Hariri in New York for Talks With Saudi King
Four Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Southern Attack
Military Commander Escapes al-Qaeda Roadside Bomb in Yemen's Loder
Yemeni Opposition Calls for Public Uprising Against Poll
Turkey's Kurds Campaign for More Language Rights
Turkey, Greece Move to Solve Aegean Dispute
'Turkish Hezbollah' Men Freed Under New Law
Saudi Arabia
Suicide Bombers Motivated by the Devil: Saudi Cleric
Iran Cleric 'Lashed in Saudi Arabia'
Middle East
Abab League Chief Rejects Intervention Over Christian Attacks
Clinton Seeks Gulf Aid for Iran Sanctions, Iraq
19 Men on Riot Charges in Jordan After Protest Over Three Men Killed
Tens of Thousands March in Spain's Basque Region
Petrol Bomb Attacks in Northern Ireland
Kosachyov: Russia Ready to Ratify US Arms Treaty
'War on Terror'
US Seeks Life in Prison for Ex-Guantanamo Detainee
Suspicious Packages Revive Postal Worker Fears
US Military
Gates Slightly Rolls Back 'Top Secret America'
AWOL Soldier Ordered to Finish Tour in Afghanistan
Can Congress Really Stop Gates' Gear Cuts?
Army's Blogging Big Brain Will Be New Chief of Staff
Killer Drones, Jamming Jets Win Big in New Pentagon Budget
Lawmakers Try to Save Marine Tank
Installation in Norfolk Gets Ax by Pentagon
Weekend Reviews
Playing by the Rules
The Last American Caesars
Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune
Phil Ochs Lives!
A Moving Tribute to a Complicated Singer
Professor, Veteran Examines Forces Exerted on American Policy
Who Assassinated Iraqi Academics?
Magic and Mayhem: The Delusions of American Foreign Policy From Korea to Afghanistan
Germany to Set End: 2011 Start Date for Afghan Pullout
Senator Graham Sparks War of Words With Taliban
NATO Service Member Killed in Afghanistan
Three Civilians Killed in Afghan Violence
4 Foreign Soldiers Wounded in Clash With Taliban
The Afghan Military's Death-Defying Exception
15 Militants Surrender in Northern Afghanistan
NATO to Send Radar Planes to Afghanistan
Afghans Protest Iran Fuel Truck Ban
Afghan Peace Delegation Talks Peace in Pakistan
Pakistan's Coalition Averts Crisis With a U-Turn
Zardari to Name Key Aide as Successor to Slain Punjab Governor
A Pakistani's Assassin's Long Reach
Fresh Karachi Violence Leaves 1 Dead, 27 Injured
6 Injured in Market Blast in NW Pakistan
3 Persons Shot Dead in Quetta
Balochistan Shuts Down to Protest Student Leaders' Killing
Mumbai Bomber Trial Delayed by US Court
India Weighs Proposals on Creation of a New State
Ten Dead in Tribal Clashes in NE India: Officials
6 Killed, 20 Injured in Political Violence in West Bengal
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 'Blocked Murder Inquiry'
Sri Lanka to Hold Local Polls in March
Sri Lanka, India to Relaunch Ferry Service After Three Decades
North Korea Offers Dates for Talks With South
South Korea to Review North Korea's Latest Call for Unconditional Talks
On North Korean Heir's Birthday, a Rude Cyber-Greeting
US Defense Chief: China Moving Fast on New Weapons
China Is Loving America's Stealth Jet Freakout
Mongolia Declares Diplomatic War on Britain Over Arrested Spy
Kyrgyz Crack Down on Islamists
New Country Likely to Emerge From Sudan's Referendum
At Least 9 Die in South Sudan Attacks Ahead of Vote
In Sudan, a Colonial Curse Comes Up for a Vote
Fears Grow for Minorities in North Sudan if South Votes to Secede
Sudan: History of a Broken Land
Bashir Says South Sudan Not Ready for Split
European-Style Pact if Sudan Splits: Bashir
North Sudan Faces Its Likely Truncated Future
Will Sudan Vote Herald Balkanization of Africa?
East Africa Poised to Tap a Reborn South Sudan
Three Dead, 400 Hurt in Algerian Riots
Algeria Debates Food Price Cuts to Quell Riots
11 Dead in Latest Violence in Central Nigeria
Protest in Central Nigerian City After Muslims Killed
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast President Kept Prisoner in Hotel
US Ratchets Up Pressure as Ivory Coast Leader Clings to Power
Ex-Nigerian President Obasanjo in Ivory Coast
One Man Killed in Tunisia Clash: Hospital Source
Tunisia's Bitter Cyberwar
French Rescue Fails, Two Hostages Killed in Niger
Somali Islamists Ban Men, Women From Shaking Hands
'Eccentric Gaddafi' Leak Sees US Envoy Sent Home
In Shift, US Says It Might Reject Haiti Election Results
Hugo Chavez Dismisses Criticism From OAS Chief
Americans Still Dying
Slain Columbus (OH) Marine Never Saw His Newborn Son
Wichita (KS) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was Recently Married
Myanmar-Born US Marine (MD) Remembered as 'Quiet and Nice'
Grandmother Remembers Fallen Missouri Soldier

Two National Guardsmen From Puerto Rico Killed in Iraq


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