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Updated January 20, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST
51 Killed, Mostly Pilgrims, in Iraq Car Bombings
  84 Killed, 100s Hurt as Attacks on Iraq Police Continue
  Iraqi Turkmen Tell US Envoy to Stop Meddling in Domestic Affairs
Afghan Parliament Delayed for Fraud Probes
  Italian Soldier Slain by Afghan Soldier, Not 'Insurgents'
  Afghan General: Long Way to Go on Capable Army
  Bomb Blast Kills 20 Afghan Civilians in Southeast
  Taliban Deny Mullah Omar Had Heart Attack
US Threatens More Iran Sanctions on Eve of Talks
  Clinton: US May Punish China Firms Evading Iran Sanctions
  WikiLeaks: US Advised to Sabotage Iran Sites by German Thinktank
US Warns Palestinians Against UN Settlement Vote
  Greybeards Urge US Not to Veto UN Anti-Settlement Resolution
  WikiLeaks: US Told Diplomats to Gather Intelligence on Israel, PA
  Israel’s Far Right Coalition Retains Narrow Majority
Blow to US as Saudis Abandon Lebanon Talks
National Guard, Reserve Suicides Soar
US Prepares to Restart Tribunals on Guantánamo Cases
Muslim Groups Concerned Over House Probe of Muslims
Efficiency in Death  by James Ledbetter
Glaspie Memo Refutes Claims Leaked Docs Were Classified for 'Security'  by Jason Ditz
Is Your Preacher Next on the Presidential Death List?  by George Phillies
US: Recognize State of Palestine in 2011  by MJ Rosenberg
Peter King's Terrorism Problem  by David Corn
US Ignored Tunisian Corruption  by Juan Cole

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Fraudsters Invoke WikiLeaks in New Scam
Report: FBI Spy Powers Too Broad
Rights Groups Call for Renewed CIA Prison Probe
Swiss Banker Linked to WikiLeaks Is Found Guilty
US Govt. Deems Informed Public 'A Threat'
US Objects to Bolivia Bid to Legalize Coca
Italy to Stay the Course in Afghanistan
12 Taliban Killed While Making Bombs, Afghan Officials Say
Afghan Journalist Attacked With Acid
Bomb Blast Outside Peshawar School Kills One
'Fake' CIA Official Loots Man in Islamabad
Obama, Hu Spar Over Human Rights, Hail Econ Ties
Hu: 'A Lot' Still Needed on Human Rights in China
Subtle Signs of Progress in US-China Relations
Harry Reid Calls Chinese Leader Hu Jintao a 'Dictator'
Obama to Announce Jointly Funded Center for Nuclear Security in China
At White House Dinner, a Carefully Constructed Guest List for Hu
Report: China Largely Restores Aircraft Carrier
Defector: North Korea Working on Uranium Enrichment 'Since 1990s'
Myanmar: Secretary of State Clinton Pledges Support in Call to Opposition Leader Suu Kyi
US Vets Help Vietnam Find Mass Grave
Police: 21 Seized at Moscow Rally for Slain Lawyer
Russian WikiLeaks Comes Under Attack Over Photos Allegedly Showing Putin's Private 'Palace'
Imprisoned Spy Gets 8 More Years for Contacting Russia
Hungarian PM Warns EU to Back Off, Stop Meddling
Hungarian Journalist: 'There's More at Stake Than Just Freedom of the Press'
German Jihadists: al-Qaeda Fighter From Bonn Believed Dead
Sarkozy's Gaffe Gives Alsace Back to the Germans
US Military
Top Marine: We Love These Budget Cuts! No, Seriously!
John McCain: Joe Lieberman for Defense Secretary
Body of US Navy Sailor Recovered in Gulf of Oman
'War on Terror'
Backpack Bomb Found at MLK Event Rattles Spokane
Canadian Accused of Conspiring to Kill US Soldiers in Iraq
Spying on Protest Groups Has Gone Badly Wrong, UK Police Chiefs Say
Judge Frees Ore. Man in Islamic Charity Case
TTP Banned in Britain
Lockdown at Police HQ 'Barred Officers From Helping 7/7 Bus Bomb Victims'
Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Accused of Crimes Against Humanity
Spokesman: Passport Delays Duvalier's Haiti Exit
Mugabe's Health Excites New Speculation
Hamas Denies Presence of al-Qaeda Activists in Gaza
Soldier Who 'Accidentally' Shot Palestinian in His Bed to Be Discharged
Minefields Circle Jesus' Traditional Baptism Site
Israeli Human Rights Groups Sound Alarm Over Parliamentary Panel on Funding
Labor MP to Netanyahu: We Give You Barak as a Gift
Israel: Death of Bil'in Woman Caused by Poor Medical Care
Israeli Committee Allows Resumption of East Jerusalem Project
Will Israel Sell Russia Its Prized Monster Drone?
Family of Slain Palestinian Seeks Murder Charge
British Iraq Inquiry
Cameron Calls for 'Open' Iraq Inquiry
Details From Blair's Iraq Calls Were Deleted
Iraq Inquiry: Foreign Office Official Argued Against Publishing Tony Blair's WMD Dossier
Blair Falsely Blamed Chirac Over Iraq
Last Christians Ponder Leaving a Hometown in Iraq
Saddam Sought Gorbachev's Help Before US Attack in 1991
Swedish Police Release Most Iraqi Deportee Protesters
Wednesday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 141 Wounded
Iran Tests Missile in Display Before Nuclear Talks
Lame Stuxnet Worm 'Full of Errors', Says Security Consultant
Middle East
Arab Leaders Warn of More Revolts Amid Growing Anger
For the Arab World, the Revolution Will Be Televised, on Al Jazeera
Rising Oil Prices Bring Gulf States Unexpected Gains
Egypt's Brotherhood: Dissolve Parliament
Tunisia Calms as Government Rejects Old Guard
Tunisia Opposition Parties Weigh Power Shuffle
Tunisia Protesters Demand That More Government Officials Resign
Arab League Chief Says Tunisia Is Dire Warning
Tunisia Casts Shadow Over Arab Summit Meeting
Tunisia Frees Prisoners, Says Wants Break With Past
Tunisia Probes Foreign Assets of Deposed Leader
Arab League Chief Says Tunisia Is Dire Warning
Initial Results: South Sudan Independence Vote Approved
Sudanese Police Clash With Opposition Protesters
Sudan's Abyei Region on Edge After Fierce Fighting During Vote
Ivory Coast
UN Sends Troops as Ivory Coast Peace Bid Fails
Top DC Law Firm to Represent Ivory Coast Opposition Leader Alassane Ouattara

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The Assassins of Lebanon

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Serving Up Palestine One Slice at a Time

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Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering

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Women in Combat: Equal Opportunity Meat Grinder

Nebojsa Malic
Damage Control in the Balkans

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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