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Updated January 21, 2011 - 11:29 PM EST
Obama 'Not Ready' to Support Afghan Boost
  Constitutional Crisis in Afghanistan Over Parliament Postponement
  Italian Soldier Slain by Afghan Soldier, Not 'Insurgents'
Cable Shows Iran's Disinterest in Nuclear Arms
  Glimmer of Hope on Eve of New Iran Nuclear Talks

Obama Prepares to Ramp Up Gitmo Tribunals

  Australia Opens Probe of CIA Rendition
  Court Rules Govt Can Suppress Detainee Statements Describing Torture
UN Resolution on Israel Puts Obama in Bind
  Israeli FM Threatens Palestinians Over 'Insult' of UN Resolution
GOP's $2.5 Trillion Cut Doesn't Touch Military
56 Killed, Mostly Pilgrims, in Iraq Car Bombings
Lebanon Druze Support Likely to Put Hezbollah in Power
Blackwater Founder Trains Somali 'Anti-Pirate' Militia
Tunisia: An Omen for Other US-Backed Regimes in the Muslim World  by Malou Innocent
Obama Officials Caught Deceiving About WikiLeaks  by Glenn Greenwald
Pentagon Propaganda on Gitmo Prisoners Releases  by Andy Worthington
Cyberwar Is Harder Than It Looks  by Ronald Bailey
Military Action Is the Worst Option in Korea  by Doug Bandow
Goodbye to a Guy Named Joe  by Gail Collins

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Oasis of Peace Blossoms in Israel, To An Extent
Probe: Wrong Men Convicted of Daniel Pearl Murder
Three Photographers, Three Papers, Same War Photos
Military 'Mentors' Quit Over Disclosure Rules
Companies Who Support Censoring the Internet
WikiLeaks Accused of Tapping P2P for Secret Docs
GAO: Gay Ban Cost Military $53,000 Per Dismissal
Bye, Bye, Joe
Defense Industry Says Sen. Lieberman Will Be 'Hard to Replace'
Joe Lieberman Insists Iraq Was Developing WMDs
Bipartisan Praise for Joe Lieberman
The War at Home
Bush, Ex-Officials Gather for Gulf War Anniversary
Women Soldiers Not Seen Picking Up Combat Arms Soon
Pentagon Needs a Plan for Life After Gates, Advisory Board Says
Turkey to Host Nuclear Talks for Iran, UN Security Council Members, Germany
US Expects No Big Breakthroughs in Iran Talks
Iran: Military Strike Would Not Stop Uranium Enrichment
Official: Cyber-Attack Did Not Affect Iran Nuclear Program
US Cable Claims Swiss Linked Iran, Gitmo to UBS
Google Tehran: Downloads From Internet Giant Available in Iran for the First Time
Exiles Outraged at Livingstone Role on Iran TV 'Mouthpiece'
Turkish FM Urges Iran to Offer Nuclear Assurances
Iraq Troop Withdrawal on Schedule Despite Attacks: US
Blair Set for Second Grilling on Iraq War
A Look at Recent Major Attacks in Iraq
Iraq Football Victory Sparks Joy on Baghdad Streets
Thursday: 56 Iraqis Killed, 252 Wounded
Palestinians Defy US With Security Council Request
France to Back 'Moderate' Israel Settler Resolution
Flotilla Raid Probe: Military Acted Properly in Killing Aid Workers
PM: Israel Will Work to Disconnect Gaza From Power Grid
Israeli Troops Tear Gas House Near Jenin, Five Children Arrested in Hebron, Four Fishermen in Gaza
Qurei: Israelis See Themselves as the Sole, Eternal Victim
New Israeli Military Chief's Appointment in Peril
Galant Confident; 'I Will Be Chief of Staff'
Ex Blair Aide: UK Believed Netanyahu Was Untrustworthy
Pakistan Asks Israel to Stop New Settlements in Occupied Lands
Hariri to Seek Lebanon Premiership in Wake of Hezbollah Turmoil
Beirut Braced for Street Violence
Belarus Leader to Take Office After Flawed Poll
Lukashenko Accuses Germany, Poland of Planning Coup Against Him
UN-Appointed Human Rights Experts to Probe Death of Russian Lawyer Magnitsky
German Intelligence Hired Klaus Barbie as Agent
Some See a Cash Motive in Duvalier's Return
Aristide Says He Is Ready to Return to Haiti
Karzai Visit to Russia Irks US
Afghan Children Killed, Injured by Mine
Afghan Base a 'Revolving Door' for Lawmakers
Six Killed as Taliban Abduct Hungarian Oil Company Employees
3 Afghans Killed in Kandahar
Taliban, ISI Deny Mullah Omar Heart Attack Report
Afghan Opium Production Could Rise in 2011
Canadian Forces Seek New Staging Base for Afghanistan
NATO Containers Pilfered in Pakistan
Oil Company Convoy Ambushed in Pakistan
7, Including Five Police, Killed in Kohat Attack
Pakistan Moves to Disarm Karachi
US Mulls Visa Ban on Several Pakistanis
US Blacklists Pakistani Taliban Leader
US Warning to China Sends Ripples to the Koreas
Hu's Remarks Censored Back Home
China's Hu Rapped by Congress
Chinese President Hu Jintao Calls for Deeper Engagement With US, Assures Business Leaders
Reactions to Hu's Visit Highlight a Stark Divide Among Chinese Americans
South Korea Accepts North Proposal for Defense Talks
US to Move Some Fighter Jet Training From Okinawa to Guam
Sri Lanka's War-Scarred Minorities Living 'in Fear' - Rights Group
Indonesian Soldiers Face Jail for 'Disobedience' Over Footage of Papua Civilian Torture
Warning Shots Fired as Tunisia's Ruling Party Picketed
Tunisia's Islamists Eye Place in Politics
Tunisians: Wife of President Stole 1.5 Tons of Bank Gold
Tunisian Govt Offers Amnesty to All Parties, Protests Continue
Opposition in Tunisia Finds Chance for Rebirth
Tunisian Army Emerges Strong From Revolt
Tunisia Arrests Ben Ali's Relatives Amid Protests
A Lost Generation of Young People of Tunisia Discuss Grievances That Led to Their Revolution
France Makes Awkward U-Turn on Tunisia Policy
South Sudanese Vote for Secession Nears 99 Percent in Some Regions
Zimbabwe Mulls Treason Charges Over Wikileaks
'War on Terror'
CIA-Trained 'Terrorist' in US Court
UK Drops 28-Day Custody Limit for Terror Suspects
Va. Teen Detained in Kuwait Now on His Way Back to US
Ex-Gitmo Inmates Cite WikiLeaks in French Trial
Canadian Terror Suspect to Fight Extradition to US
DC Wants Access to Thousands More Surveillance Cameras

Justin Raimondo
China – A Paper Tiger

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

Philip Giraldi
Serving Up Palestine One Slice at a Time

Ivan Eland
Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering

Kelley B. Vlahos
Women in Combat: Equal Opportunity Meat Grinder

Nebojsa Malic
Damage Control in the Balkans

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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