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Updated January 29, 2011 - 11:24 PM EST
Egypt Protests Escalate, 100 Dead, 1000s Hurt
  Mubarak Picks Likely Successor as First Vice-President
  Protests Swell as Obama, Mubarak Trade Lip-Service, Platitudes
  Report: Egyptian President's Son Gamal Mubarak Arrives in London
  Mubarak Sacks Cabinet, Promises New Govt
  Egypt: The Revolution Live
  Egypt's Military Pivotal in Next Step
  Mubarak Has Never Hesitated to Use Force Against Challenges to Rule
  A People Defies Its Dictator, and a Nation's Future Is in the Balance
  WikiLeaks Cables Detail Egyptian Repression, Torture
  Uncertain Fate for Egypt's US-Supplied Weapons Systems
Pro-Democracy Revolutions a Big Problem for US
  US Foreign Aid to Egypt and Israel
  Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt
  Western Hypocrisy Towards the Arab World Stands Exposed
  Egypt Flips Internet Kill Switch. Will the US?
Suicide Bombing in Kabul Supermarket Kills Nine
Thousands Protest Against Jordanian Govt
Anti-Saleh Rallies Continue in Yemen
Police Launch New Crackdown on Tunisia Protesters
What Is Happening in Egypt Is Not Our Business  by Peter Oborne
Phantom Forces: Backing Afghan Troops Actually Undermines Them  by Malou Innocent
Democracy Is Not Something We Can Be Given. It Is Something We Must Win  by Brendan O'Neill
The UN Was Envisaged as a War-Fighting Machine  by Simon Tisdall
Twilight of the Autocrats  Hindustan Times
Where Has the Antiwar Movement Gone?  by Ted Balaker

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The Nation's Alterman Backs Act of War Against Iran
Record Food Prices Inflame Poor
Syria Internet Disrupted as Egypt Blackout Catches On
Twin Truck Bombings Kill Four, Injure 19 in Pakistan
Four, Including Minor Boy, Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan Senators for Action Against US Diplomat
Pakistan to Pursue Murder Charges Against US Consular Employee
Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Deputy Governor
Germany Sets Beginning of Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan
US Official: 2 Americans Killed in Kabul Bombing
The Tearful Origins of China's Stealth
Chinese Columnist Who Defied Censors Fired
China and Vietnam to Talk on Sea Dispute
Son Says North Korean Leader Opposed Succession
Myanmar: Party Ruled 'Unlawful'
US Family Being Deported to Their Deaths in Kazakhstan
Police Rule Out Suspect in Moscow Airport Bombing
Medvedev Signs New START Ratification
Opposition Battles Repression in Russia
Russia Considers Color-Coded Terror Threat Alerts
Spain Changes Rules for US Military Flights
Albania: Tens of Thousands Protest
EU Readies Sanctions on Belarus
Iraq's Largest Hydropower Dam Grinds to Halt
Blair Feared Cabinet Leaks Over Iraq, Chilcot Told
Iraqi Women Wed to Insurgents Find Little Hope
Iraq Refugee Returns Fell in 2010
Friday: 4 Iraqis Wounded
Iran's Bushehr Reactor Ready by April
Iranian Press TV Accounts Blocked in UK
Davos Panel Sees Huge Iranian Response to Attack
New Pipeline to Transfer Iran's Gas to Iraq, Syria
Paraguay Recognizes 'Free' Palestinian State
Palestinian Youth Injured in Clash With Israeli Settlers
Leaks Deepen Palestinian Split
Palestinians Protest Over Al-Jazeera Leaks
Tony Blair: Palestine Papers Harmful to Mideast Peace Process
Protesters Tell Yemeni President to Quit
Yemen Complains About Al-Jazeera
Yemeni Rights Activist Threatened After Organizing Protests
Middle East
Syria Wants Unity Government in Lebanon
Kuwait to Deport Foreigners Who Organize Rallies
Cuban Dissident Detained, Freed, for 2nd Time
Prominent Cuban Dissident Hospitalized After Arrest
Haiti Vote Planned for March, Ballot Set Next Week
In Other News
Gitmo Inmates Protest Imprisonment
Wikileaks Rival Launches New Secret-Spilling Site
The War at Home
Pentagon: 'Don't Ask' May End Soon
Put Down That Twinkie, Soldier! Mrs. Obama Says Fatties Endanger National Security
Bush Mocks 'Irrelevant' Former Press Secretary
Weekend Reviews
Worst and Brightest
A Tell-All on Lockheed Martin
Separation Brings Sorrow in Army Wives' Stories
Kai Wiedenhöfer's the Book of Destruction: Gaza – One Year After the 2009 War
Egyptians Rage Against Mubarak
Egypt Protests Rage: ElBaradei House Arrest
Mubarak's Party HQ on Fire, Protesters Storm Foreign Ministry
Revolution in Egypt? Stay Tuned
Suez Rioters Seize Police Station Amid Fear, Jubilation
Egyptian Tanks Roll Into Suez
Egypt Opposition Party Calls for 'Transitional Government'
Egyptian Youth and New Dawn Hopes
Alexandrian Protesters Rout Police, for Now
Locating the Protests in Cairo
Egyptians' Protest in Cairo Focuses on Fight for Bridge
Egypt's ElBaradei Has Unfamiliar Role in Protests
Did Someone Recycle the Shah of Iran's Last Speech for Mubarak?
Jeremy Scahill: Egyptians Want Mubarak Gone
Americans and Egypt
Egyptian Police Using US-Made Tear Gas Against Demonstrators
Report: US Gave Material Support to Pro-Democracy Groups in Egypt
Mubarak Skeptical of US Reform Push
Pro-Israel Groups Cool to Egyptian Protests
Egyptian Military Chiefs Cut Pentagon Visit Short
US Warns Americans to Defer Travel to Egypt
CNBC Anchor Implies US Must Support Dictators to Keep Cheap Oil Flowing
Switching Off the Internet in Egypt
Egyptian Government Attacks Egypt’s Internet
How Egypt Switched Off the Internet
How Did Egypt Block the Internet? by Flipping a Few Switches
Phone, Internet Companies Urged to Defy Egypt's Orders
Vodafone: Egypt Orders Cell Phone Service Stopped
Telecommunications Blackout Crushes Citizen Journalism
Egyptians Use Low-Tech Gadgets to Get Around Communications Block
US Embassy Cables: Egypt's Bloggers Take on Key Role as Political Activists
Suppressing the News
Al Jazeera Demands Freedom to Report
Al Jazeera Covers Egypt Protests Despite Government Hurdles
Police Threaten, Swipe Camera From CNN Crew in Cairo
BBC Reporter Assad Sawey Beaten in Egypt
4 French Journalists Released After Cairo Arrests
World Reaction
Egypt Supporters Rally Worldwide
Tel Aviv Protesters Demand Regime Change Outside Egyptian Embassy
Deutsche Bank Holds Call on Egypt Chaos
At Davos, Calls for Egypt to Guarantee Freedoms
Egyptian Embassy in Venezuela Briefly Taken Over, Chavez Says
Egyptair Suspends Flights Out of Cairo
Clashes in Tunisia as New Cabinet Sworn In
Police Destroy Protest Camp at Tunisian PM's Office
In Tunisia, Luxurious Lifestyles of a Corrupt Government
Tunisia Envoy to Japan Quits in Support of Antigovernment Rallies
Canada to Try to Extradite Tunisian Leader's Kin
US Eases Tunisia Travel Alert
UN: Sixty Raped in Attacks on Congo Villages
Somalia: as Drought Unfolds, Rebels Block Food Aid
Algeria Mulls Cabinet Changes After Riots
Zimbabwe: Violence Flares in Harare
Rwanda: Grenade Attack in Capital
Nigeria: Candidate Assassinated
Sudan: South Acquires Helicopters
African Union Envoy Warns of Ivory Coast War, Calls for Talks
Kenya Reforms Judiciary, AU Backs ICC Trials Delay
NATO Says Danish Warship Rescues 2 From Pirates
Gabon Opposition Leader Andre Mba Obame Seeks UN Refuge

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The Revolutionary Wave

Nebojsa Malic
Withdrawing Consent

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The Road to National Suicide

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A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon Poses Little Threat to US Security

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The Battle for Conservative Hearts and Minds

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Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peña
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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