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Updated February 18, 2011 - 11:13 PM EST
Protesters Seize East Libyan Cities
  46 Protesters Killed by Libyan Security Forces
  'Day of Rage' Brings Libya Protest Deaths to 24
  What if Libya Staged a Revolution and Nobody Came?
  Libyan Dictator Warns Against Use of Facebook
Bahrain Death Toll Soars as Protesters Attacked
  US Faces New Test Over Bahrain Violence
  Brutal Bahrain Plays Vital Role to US Govt
  18 Out of 40 Bahrain MPs Resign in Protest Over Killings
Egypt to Let Iranian Warships Through Suez
US Vetoes UN Draft Condemning Settlements
Fresh Protests Hit Iraqi Cities
  Gates Warns Congress on Iraq State Dept Funds
  Baghdad: US Owes $1 Billion, Apology for Damage Done to City
  Iraq Protests Spread to Kurdistan
  Peshmerga Kill at Least Two in Iraqi Kurdistan Protests
  Curveball Doubts Were Shared With CIA, Says Ex-German FM
  Iraq Car Bomb Kills at Least 13, Wounds 33
NATO Soldiers Killed in 'Rogue' Afghan Shooting
  US Mulls Paying for 73,000 More Afghan Troops
  Afghan Imams Wage Political Battle Against US
  Afghan Suicide Attack Kills 11 Civilians in Khost

House OKs, Obama to Sign PATRIOT Act Extension

  Gates: Odds Gitmo Will Close 'Very, Very Low'
  FBI to Announce New Internet-Wiretapping Push
20,000 in Tiny Djibouti Rally Against President
Violence Marks 'Friday of Rage' Across Yemen
A Middle East Without America?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Hillary's Free-Speech Hypocrisy  by Kevin B. Zeese
Avoid US Meddling in Possible Iranian Upheaval  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Cutting $100 Billion?... Easy!  by Tom Engelhardt
TSA Thugs  by Mary Theroux
Iran's Post-Islamist Generation  by Pepe Escobar

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Senate Bill Would Make Leaks a Felony
How a Sophomore Beat Speaker John Boehner
US Intelligence Taxed by Middle East Unrest
Anonymous Security Firm Hack Used Every Trick in Book
Popular Rage Is Met With Violence in Mideast
Feds Shut Down 84,000 Websites, 'By Mistake'
Defense Department Helps Big 5 Military Contractors
Activists Call for New Demonstration in Cairo to Maintain Pressure on Military
Egypt Army Says It Won't Field Presidential Candidate
Egypt's Missing Stir Doubts on Military's Vows for Change
Egyptians Say Military Discourages an Open Economy
Egypt Arrests Three Ex-Ministers, Corruption Alleged
Security Remains Shaky in Egypt After Revolt
Hillary Clinton Allocates Egypt Funds
Amnesty Alleges Egypt Military Abused Protesters
Suez Canal Workers Join Wave of Strikes Across Egypt
ElBaradei Urges Civilian Input in Egypt Transition
Probe Sought in Egypt of Mubarak Family Finances
Egyptians Seek More Open, Inclusive Ruling Council
Egyptian Troops Protect Sinai Gas Line to Israel
Bahrain Security Forces Deliberately Recruiting Foreign Nationals
Bahrain's Army Controls Capital, Bans Protests
Girl, 2, Shot Dead as Bahrain Police Swoop on Peaceful Protest Camp
Bahrain Defends Deadly Assault on Protesters
Blood Runs Through the Streets of Bahrain
Regional Jitters as Bahrain Faces Flashpoint Funerals
US Urges Bahrain to Show Restraint Against Protesters
Britain Under Fire for Selling Arms to Bahrain
Crackdown in Bahrain: ABC News Reporter Attacked
To Bahrain's Sunnis, Monarchy Is Fine
Libyan Unrest Spreads to More Cities, Reports Say
Libya: Google Map Marks Protest, Violence, Deaths
Libyans in US Allege Coercion From Embassy
Series of Blasts Kill 20 in Tanzania
In Uganda, Unrest Gains Little Ground
Tunisia's Ben Ali 'in Coma' at Saudi Hospital
4 Years in Jail for Belarusian Opposition Activist
UN Rights Chief Notes Russia's Setbacks on Rights
The War at Home
Breyer Gives Away Little Stance on Assange
Guantanamo War Court Screens Waterboarded Terrorist's Recruiting Video
Cargo Handler Sentenced to Life for JFK Plot
Military Contractors Get Settled In
War Troops to Undergo 'Don't Ask' Repeal Classes
Iraqi Journalist Murdered Outside Home: Police
Austria Grants Refuge to 30 Iraqi Christians
Joschka Fischer on Germany's 'No' to the Iraq War
Thursday: 21 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed; 100 Iraqis, 10 Iranians Wounded
Abbas Calls Emergency PLO, Fatah Meeting Over UN Resolution
Abbas Casts Doubt on Palestinian Elections
Netanyahu Faces International Isolation as Peace Process Stalls
US Seeks to Avoid UN Vote on Israeli Settlements
Palestinians Seek Global Recognition Through South America
Israel Police Held Palestinian Murder Victim's Body to Avoid Large Funeral
Israeli Army Targets and Arrests Children in Order to Repress Palestinian Dissent in West Bank
Israeli Helicopter Gunship Shoots Dead Three Palestinians in Gaza
Israel Troops Kill Gaza 'Fishermen'
Proposed Law Calls for Free Speech Immunity for Rabbis
Israeli Students Are Learning How to Annex Hebron
Iran's Opposition Calls for More Protests
US Intelligence: Iran Leaders Reopened Nuke Debate
US Accuses Iranian Government of Hypocrisy
Iranian Opposition Leader Missing as Tensions Rise
Iranian Blogs Reflect Young People on a High After Protests This Week
Foreign Soldier, Dozen Taliban Fighters Killed in Afghanistan
US Asks: How Big an Afghan Army Can We Afford?
Afghanistan Blames Lack of Support for Bank Crisis
Court Gives Pakistan 3 Weeks to Decide on Immunity for American
US 'Disappointed' Over Delay Over Citizen Held on Double Killings
Pakistan Raid Netted al-Qaeda How-To-Hijack Notes
North Korea
North Korea Completes Second Missile Site
Images Released of North Korean Missile Launch Tower
US Sees North Korea Provocations but Not Missile Test
Amid Warming Relations With China, Taiwan's President Seeks More US Arms
Washington Post Interview With Taiwanese President
China Blasts New US Policy on Internet Freedom
Report: Canadian Cyberattack Traced to China
Japan Says No Deadline to Resolve US Base Row

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The Battle of Bahrain

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Children of Lies

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Did Someone Lose Egypt?

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Cuts Needed to Avoid Fiscal Armageddon

Kelley B. Vlahos
Old Guard Moving Aside at CPAC

Ran HaCohen
Barak Unmasked

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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