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Updated March 13, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
State Dept Official Out After Manning Comments
White House Hails Arab League No-Fly Request
  Gates: US Could Enforce a Libya No-Fly Zone if Obama Orders It
  African Union Rejects Use of Force on Libya
Libyan Troops Capture Eastern Town of Brega
  Gadhafi's Men Poised to Strike at Benghazi
  Libya Troops Launch Assault on Rebel Holdout Misrata
  Libyan Rebels Lose Oil Port, but Vow to Regroup
  Al-Jazeera Says Cameraman Killed in Eastern Libya
  Sanctions Kill Off Libya's Vital Shipping Trade
Karzai, After Civilian Deaths, Questions US Ops
  NATO Allies Vow Not to Rush for Afghan Exit
  German Army Denies Killing Woman in Afghanistan
Outlook for Democracy Dims for Much of Mideast
  Tens of Thousands Rally in Beirut, Demanding Hezbollah Disarm
  Police, Protesters Clash in Bahrain While 100s Rally in Saudi Arabia
  Yemen Police Open Fire on Protesters
  Algeria Protest Blocked by Police
  Police in Azerbaijan Arrest Anti-Government Protesters
  Police Uses Tear Gas to Disperse Rally in Kuwait
  PM: Protesters Are Out of Step With Iraq's Will
Egypt Arrests Mubarak Allies Over Camel Charge
  Muslim Brotherhood Supports Egypt Constitutional Amendments
  Egypt Frees Two Sadat Murder Convicts: State TV
'No-Fly Zone' Is a Euphemism for War. We'd Be Mad to Try It  by Simon Jenkins
Seeing Through the 'Humanitarians'  by Marko Markanovic
Japan's Culture of Peace: Reflections on Constitutional Antimilitarism  by Benjamin A. Peters
This Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning  by Daniel Ellsberg
Freedom, Gitmo, and You  by Judge Andrew Napolitano
Kicking the Intervention Habit  by Richard Falk

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WikiLeaks Cable Alleges Fraud in Saudi Arms Deal
Tunisia: In Birthplace of Arab Uprising, Discontent Lingers
Tunisia Refuses to Legalize 5 Political Parties
Defense Group: Libyan No-Fly Zone Could Cost $300 Million a Week
Personal Finance for Dictators – Where to Stash the Cash
Weight of War: Soldiers' Heavy Gear Packs on Pain
US Muslims Find Defending Themselves Exhausting
Al-Aqsa Brigades Claims Responsibility for West Bank Killing
Attack Aftermath: Israeli Settlers Block Roads, Hurl Stones
'Settlers Attacked Palestinian Houses'
Israeli Troops Surround Nablus Following Attack on Settlers
Israeli Army Arrests 18 Palestinians Following Deadly Stabbing
Israel Imposes Blockade on Jerusalem, Clashes Ongoing in Silwan
Netanyahu Faults Palestinian Incitement for West Bank Attack
UK Groups Official Announce Aid Ships to Sail to Gaza in May
Soldiers Attack West Bank Anti-Wall Protests, Two Arrested
Ambush Kills 7 Iraqi Soldiers Leaving Work
Iraqi Kurdistan President Charges Opposition With Exploiting Demonstrations
Iraqi Lawmakers Eye Pay Cut to Appease Protesters
One Civilian Killed, Six Wounded in Baghdad Bombing
Iraqiya MP Urges Fact-Finding Commission on Illegal Detention by Security in Abu Ghraib
Iraqi MPs Collecting Signatures to Question Talabani Over 'Jerusalem of Kurdistan' Remark
Saturday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Head of Iraq's Swat Force Arrested for Graft
Iran 'Using Child Soldiers' to Suppress Tehran Protests
Iran Arrests 'a Number' of Bahais

AFP Journalist Expelled From Iran

Another Chernobyl Feared in Iran Because of Computer Virus, Says Russia
Boy Killed, 300 Wounded as Yemen Police Storm Protest Camp
Video: Yemeni Police Storm Protest Camp
US Ambassador Says Yemen Crisis in 'Dangerous' Phase
Yemen Protest Violence Seen as Start of More Intense Confrontation
Anti-Sectarian Protesters in Lebanon Launch More Sit-Ins
Lebanon Authorities Intensify Probes Into Missing Syrians
Hariri Urges Lebanese to Rise Above Fear, Rally Against Hezbollah's Arms
Hundreds Injured During Clashes Between Rival Groups in Bahrain
Photos: More Than 300,000 Participated in Anti-Regime Demonstration in Bahrain
Middle East
US Training Quietly Nurtured Young Arab Democrats
Planned Million-Man Rally for Jordan's King Falls Short
Political Shift Divides Kurds in Turkey
Twin Moscow Blasts Target Security Service
US Contractor Sentenced to 15 Years in Cuba Trial
Australia's Spy Agency Asio Gets Cyber Wing
The War at Home
TSA to Retest Airport Body Scanners for Radiation
Generator Failure Grounds F-35 Fighter Fleet
Pentagon Cancer Research Budget Comes Under Scrutiny
Americans Still Dying
Army Bomb Tech From San Jose (CA) Killed in Afghanistan
Antioch (IL) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Injuries
US Airman (SC) Supporting OEF, Killed in Germany
Rancho Santa Margarita (CA) Marine Honored by Friends
Anaheim (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan 'Set the Tone'
Soldiers Remember Fallen Los Angeles (CA) Comrade
Cookville (TX) Soldier Planned to Teach After Tour Ended
Weekend Reviews
The Indispensable Ralph Raico
Derek Leebaert's Magic and Mayhem
What Really Happened in Gaza?
Counting Down to Nuclear War
Libya at War
Gadhafi Pushes Rebels East
Libyan Rebels Plead for No-Fly Zone
Benghazi's Rebels Know It Is Now Them or Gadhafi
Libyan Troops Defect Near Rebel-Held Misrata
Libyan Rebels Building Civil Society From Scratch
Libya's Youth Revolt Veers Toward Chaos
Underground Jail a Daunting Reminder of Gadhafi's Grip
Guardian Journalist in Custody, Libya Officials Confirm
Libya and the World
2 US Warships Cross Egypt's Suez Canal Towards Libya
EU Seeks Libya Interlocutors, Even in Gadhafi Regime
Libya: EU Top Diplomat to Meet With Arab League in Cairo
Libyan Refugees Have Hungry Life at Tunisian Border
British Universities Ditch Libyan Deals
Businessman Escapes Libya Posing as Gadhafi Loyalist
Kuwait Group Aims to Raise Funds for Libyan Opposition
China Says Middle East Should Solve Problems Itself
Egypt to Lift Restrictions on Political Parties
Egypt's Unrest Leaves Children Scarred by Stress
South Sudanese Rebels Attempt Attack on State Capital
Militia Fighters Attack South Sudan Oil Town
South Sudan Accuses North of Plot to Overthrow Govt
Pro-Gbagbo Ivorian Forces Launch Assault in Abidjan
Junta Hails 'Model' Vote as Niger Chooses Leader
Pakistan on the Move
Zeal Gives Religious Right in Pakistan the Upper Hand
Speculations Grow About Operation in N. Waziristan
Pakistan Christian Village Sees Rising Tensions
The CIA's Strange Bedfellows in Pakistan
Pakistan Spy Chief to Stay on as Key CIA Partner
Complete Shut-Down Strike in Balochistan Against Lawlessness
Zardari Asks PML-Q to Join Pakistan Government
Pakistan Navy Seeks Approval to Purchase Chinese Submarines
Davis Immunity: Pakistan Govt Likely to Ask Court for More Time
Raymond Davis Case Sheds Light on Lashkar-E-Taiba
Pakistan Violence
14 More Killed in Karachi Violence
Cross-Border Fire by Pakistani Troops Kills Afghan Civilian
Rocket Attack Kills Family of 6 in SW Pakistan
Four Officials Injured in Pakistan Landmine Blast
Blast in One Police Station, Bomb in Another Defused in Pakistan
Two NATO Oil Tankers Torched in Pakistan
Pakistan Gas Pipeline Blown Up in Pir Koh
CD Shop Blown Up in Peshawar, Pakistan
US Embassy Car Injures Motorcyclist in Islamabad
Winning Hearts While Flattening Vineyards Is Rather Tricky
Air Strike Kills 8 Militants in Northern Afghan Town: Official
NATO Says 2 Service Members Killed in Bombing in Southern Afghanistan
Afghanistan: NATO Kills Insurgent Commander in Nangarhar
Mined Afghan Village Liberated by British Bomb Disposal Experts
Canada Looks to Employ Local Militias as It Wraps Up Mission in Kandahar
North Korea
Chronic Food Deficit in North Korea: UN
As Other Authoritarian Leaders Fall, North Korea Pushes Ahead With Succession Plan
Group Suspends North Korea Leaflet Launch After Murder
Hindu Terrorism Charges Force India to Reflect on Prejudices Against Muslims
China Charges Man With Sedition Over Protest Calls
Thai Opposition Protesters Stage Major Rally

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