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Updated March 23, 2011 - 11:15 PM EDT
NATO Can't Agree on Taking Lead From US

Libyan Foreign Minister Reaches Out to US


Commander: Libya Air Force 'Unable to Fight'

  Libyan Rebels Form 'Interim Government'
  US Commander: No Risk of Mission Creep in Libya

White House Denies Regime Change Is Part of Libya Mission

  US Denies Shooting Civilians; 'Dropped Bombs' to Protect Pilot
Libya Could Wipe Out GOP Spending Cuts

No-Fly Zone Cost Could Hit $1 Billion in Months

  China Criticizes Airstrikes on Gadhafi Forces
Jerusalem Bus Hit by 'Huge' Blast, Dozens Hurt

Tensions Soar in Gaza After Israel Kills 8 in Strikes

Saudis Abandon Yemen's Saleh, Want Transition

Saleh Threatens 'Civil War' if He Is Ousted

Syria Security Forces Kill 15 in Attack on Mosque
Local Official: NATO Airstrike Kills Afghan Child
US Mum as Pakistan Presses Over Civilian Killings
Regime Change in Libya Isn't America's Duty  by George F. Will
By What Authority Has Obama Gone to War With Libya?  by Gene Healy
The Immorality of 'Humanitarian' Military Intervention  by Nicholas Kramer
A Foolish and Unconstitutional War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Kosovo: A Template for Disaster  by David Gibbs
The Manipulative Pro-War Argument in Libya  by Glenn Greenwald

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Obama Administration Struggles to Define American Mission in Libya

As Mideast Roils, Al Jazeera Finds Its 'CNN Moment'

Australian Troops Shot Woman and Children, Say Afghans

US Extends Libya Sanctions to More Oil Companies

Libya Crisis Thrusts US Africa Command Into Leadership Role

Russia, US Warm Up on Missile Defense

Protesters Fear Military and Tribal Support May Hijack Anti-Saleh Movement in Yemen

WikiLeaks Cable Links Defecting Yemeni General to Smuggling Rackets

In Tunisia, First Steps Toward Democracy

US to Give $20 Million to Tunisia for 'Democracy'

Tunisian Dies in Self-Immolation as UN Chief Visits

Mideast Uprisings
Syria Unrest: 'Four Protesters Killed' in Deraa

Mourners Bury Bahraini Woman Killed in Unrest

Moroccan King Navigates Tightrope With Reform Plan

Egypt's Interior Ministry Building Set on Fire During Police Protest

Analysts: Iran 'Can Do Little' After GCC Sends Troops to Bahrain

UAE Urged to Freeze Cash Transfers by Fallen Rulers


Israel Conducts Maneuvers on Occupied Lebanese Land

Captured Gazan 'Suffering in Custody'

Netanyahu Expresses Regret for Gaza Civilians Killed in Attack

Hamas Threatens to Retaliate for IDF Killing of Gaza Civilians

Israel Passes Law Against Mourning Its Existence

Turkey Group Plans New Gaza Flotilla With at Least 15 Ships

Citing Libya, Netanyahu Calls for Iran Attack


Two Foreign Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Troops in Afghanistan Use Shovels, Feet to Stop Bombs

UN Security Council Extends Its Mission's Mandate in Afghanistan

Afghan Forces to Begin Taking Over Security at Seven Sites

Taliban Assassination Campaign Impedes Governance

NATO Urged to Investigate Afghan 'War Criminal' Employed by US

Soldier to Plead Guilty in Afghan Slayings

Poll: Most Britons Unsure of Afghan Mission Aims


At Least 1 Policeman Killed in Iraq Kurd Protests

Tuesday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded


Indian Parliament Paralyzed on WikiLeaks Exposé

Manmohan Misleading Public: Assange


Somali Govt Claims 'Remarkable' Gains in Mogadishu

Official: Kenyan Corruption Could Bring Revolution

Tens of Thousands Flood Darfur Refugee Camp

Sudan: Militia Kill Five in Disputed Oil Region

Ivory Coast: UN Warns of Forgotten Humanitarian Crisis

War on Libya
Allied Strikes Pummel Libya's Air Force but Do Little to Stop Attacks on Civilians

Western Officials Downplay 'Victory' in Libya

Turkey Blocks No-Fly Zone Role for NATO

Coalition Hits Rebel-Held City of Misrata

Libyan Rebel City Misrata Says Dozens Killed

Misrata Shelled as Battle for Libya Rages

Coalition Fires 24 Tomahawk Missiles as Gadhafi Commander 'Killed'

Frustration Mounts on the Streets of Benghazi

In Tripoli, Airstrikes and a Change of Atmosphere

Gadhafi Appears on Libyan TV Denouncing 'Unjust' UN Attack

Gadhafi Steps Out of the Shadows and Urges His People to Fight to the End

Allied Airstrikes Boost Confidence of Libyan Rebels

Why Is It Called 'Operation Odyssey Dawn'?

Partition: Dividing Libya in Two May Be Rebels' Best Hope

Clinton: Gadhafi, Allies May Be Seeking Way Out
Libya Coalition

Nicolas Sarkozy's War

France Wants Body Outside NATO to Head Libya Fight

Qatar Warplanes En Route for Libya No-Fly Zone Duty

Romania Joins NATO Naval Blockade of Libya

Turkey to Represent US Interests in Libya

Britain Wooing Arab States for Libya War

Dutch Contribute F-16s to Libya War

Libya: World Reaction

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Defund Libya Attack

The West's Nightmare: Europe's Leaders Fear Libya Could Become Next Afghanistan
Lawmakers Challenge Obama's Libya Authority

Libya as Rorschach Test for Congress

Germany Pulls Out of NATO Operations in Mediterranean

Libya Concerns Prompt Obama to Trim Stop in El Salvador

The War at Home
Email on Interfaith Marriage Gets American Muslim on No-Fly List
Brain Wars: The Battle to Track and Diagnose Brain Injuries

Cuba: Castro Says He's No Longer Leader of the Communist Party

Chávez Enacts Decree Allowing Pro-Government Militias to Receive Weapons From Military
In Other News

Pakistan's President Vows, Again, to Fight Extremism

Ex-President of Ukraine Is Implicated in 2000 Killing


Justin Raimondo
Liberals March to War

Ivan Eland
Buy Two Wars, Get Another for Half Price

Kelley B. Vlahos
Bin Laden Propagandist Gets First-Rate Appeal

Nebojsa Malic
To the Shores of Tripoli

Charles V. Peņa
Nukes for South Korea?

Philip Giraldi
A Farewell Address

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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