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Updated March 30, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT

CIA in Libya Aiding Rebels

  Obama OKs Covert Support for Libya Rebels
  Libya's Foreign Minister Defects in London
  Under Fire, Libya Rebels Beat Rapid Retreat East
  Obama Mulls Arming Libyan Rebels
  NATO Chief: Clearly No Military Solution to Libya War

New Libya Contact Group to Provide 'Political Direction'


US Launches 22 New Tomahawk Strikes on Libya


US Plan to End Libya War: Hope the Generals Quit

Afghan Governor Purged as Taliban Seize District
56 Killed in Grisly Iraq Hostage Siege
  Tuesday: 63 Iraqis Killed, 108 Wounded
Syria's Assad Blames 'Foreign Conspirators'

Syria Government Resigns as Protests Grow

Bomber Hits Checkpoint in Pakistan, Kills 13

Pakistan Changes Story: Soldier Deaths 'Friendly Fire'

Yemen Crisis Intensifies With Factory Explosion

Obama and American Exceptionalism  by Glenn Greenwald
UN 'Authorization' Is the Emperor's New Fig Leaf  by Gene Healy
'You See an Old Woman...'  by Freddie deBoer
War by Triangulation  by W. James Antle III
Intolerance 'R' Us  by Karen Greenberg and Tom Engelhardt
War Without Representation  by C.J. Maloney

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Libya Speech Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

UK's Clegg Says Sees No Need for Syria Intervention

Did the Anthrax Attacks Kick-Start Iraq War?

'Bangor 5' Antiwar Protesters Sentenced to Prison

UN Chief: End Occupation, Divide Jerusalem

Psst: Did You Hear Who May Replace Bob Gates?

Appeals Court Overturns Release of Gitmo Detainee


Crisis Group Warns Kirkuk Might Cause Break-Up of Iraq

Iraq Says Last Obstacle to Shell Gas Deal Removed

Turkey's Erdogan in First Visit to Iraq Kurd Region

Journalist for Reuters Killed in Iraq Attack

Tuesday: 63 Iraqis Killed, 108 Wounded


UK Pays Afghan Civilians Over Deaths, Injuries

Taliban Force Overwhelms Afghan Police in Battle

Comedy of Errors in Kabul as Karzai Aide Is Arrested, Then Released ‎

South Asia

Pakistan, India Agree to Set Up 'Terror Hotline'

Nepal Army Softens Stance on Allowing Former Rebels to Join


Israel, Long Critical of Assad, May Prefer He Stay After All

Assad Hopes Syrian Cabinet's Resignation Will Defuse Protests

Israel Could Annex West Bank Settlements if UN Recognizes Palestine

Some 1,500 Israeli Arabs Take Part in Land Day Protest in Lod

A Palestinian Disappears in Ukraine

Middle East

Kuwait: Court Sentences 3 to Death for Being Part of Iranian Spy Ring

Bahrain Accepts Resignation of Opposition MPs

Omani Army Storms Pro-Reform Sit-In

Jordan PM Accuses Muslim Brotherhood Over Riots

In Other News

Ivory Coast Rebels Take 2 More Towns

Myanmar Regime Set to Transfer Power

War on Libya
NATO Chief Opens Door to Libya Ground Troops

Libyan Rebels Retreating After Gadhafi Onslaught

In Volatile Libyan War Zones, Families Try to Go Home

Al-Qaeda Among Libya Rebels, NATO Chief Fears
Libyan Rebels: 'We're Not al-Qaeda'

Egypt Said to Arm Libya Rebels

Libya and the US

Cost of Libya Mission at $550 Million, Pentagon Says

Admiral: US Studying Libyan Rebels -- After Going to War on Their Behalf

2,200 Camp Lejeune Marines Prepare to Deploy Off Libyan Coast

Analysis: Obama Doesn't Mention Libyan Rebels

Official: US to Send Envoy to Benghazi

Libya and the World

Allied Leaders Agree That Gadhafi Must Be Removed

Russia: Coalition Troops in Libya Must Stay Within UN Mandate

UN Chief Sends Envoy to Libya for Peace Talks

Sudan: Gadhafi Was Top Supporter of Darfur Rebels

US War at Home

Defense Funding for Cybersecurity Is Hard to Pin Down

Sparring, but Few Fireworks at Muslim Civil Rights Hearing

US Muslims Face Rising Discrimination: Official


Despite Continued Talks, Opium Trade Still Tests Russia-US Relations

Medvedev Warns Islamic Separatists

Chechen Warlord Charged With Organizing Attack on Moscow Airport


Justin Raimondo
You Lie, Mr. President

Ivan Eland
High Costs May Not Be the Worst Aspects of the Attack on Libya

Kelley B. Vlahos
Jihad Hunters vs. the Neocons

Nebojsa Malic
Another Evil Little War

Philip Giraldi
Neocon Foreign Policy

Charles V. Peņa
Nukes for South Korea?

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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