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Updated April 9, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
NATO: No Military Solution in Libya
  Battle Erupts for Rebel-Held Libya Town
  EU Ready for Misrata Mission With UN Backing
  NATO Denies Apology: Blames Libya's Rebels for Getting Bombed
  Besieged Libyan Rebel City Looks for NATO Rescue
  Dem Lawmaker Says Libya Costs Much Higher Than WH Reports
Obama Weakens Bush Plan to Cut Europe Troops
  Budget Hawks May Not Turn a Blind Eye to Pentagon
13 Killed as Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza
  Israel Has No Clear or Consistent Policy on Gaza Strip or Hamas
UN Says Gbagbo Striking Back in Abidjan
  UN Finds 115 Bodies in Western Ivory Coast
  UN Says Ivory Coast Negotiation Was a 'Trick'
Iran Exiles in Iraq Claim 31 Killed in Camp Attack
  Forget December: Gates Says Troops Could Stay in Iraq for Years
  Friday: 31 Iranians, 8 Iraqis Killed; 300 Iranians, 21 Iraqis Wounded
Syria's Biggest Day of Unrest Yet Leaves 37 Dead
Egypt Crushes Tahrir Square Protests, Killing 2
Afghanistan Secret Prisons Confirmed by US
The Shady Men Backed by the West to Displace Gadhafi  by Patrick Cockburn
Black Americans: Stop Supporting Obama and His Wars  by William Reed
David Cameron's Gift of War and Racism, To Them and Us  by John Pilger
Lindsey Graham's War on Freedom  by Jack Hunter
The Goldstone Chronicles  by Roger Cohen
War Is Hell, but It's Also War  by Guy Somerset

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US Reports Decry Curbs on NGOs, Internet, Minorities
Troops Are Political Dynamite in Budget Battle
In Algeria, a Chill in the Arab Spring
Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers
Israel Accused Turkey of Aiding Iran's Nuclear Program
Rights Abuses Extend Across Middle East, Report Says
Shake-Up Could Affect Tone of US Policy on China
Libya at War
Libyans Welcome Turkish Peace Proposal
Libya Govt Tour of Besieged Town Reveals Struggle
Rebels Repel Assault on Misrata, Five Dead
UNICEF: Snipers Targeting Children in Libya City
Libya Rebels Paint Vehicles to Avoid Friendly Fire
The Voice of Libya's Rebellion Is Up and Spinning
Press Freedom in Eastern Libya Sparks Media Boom
Video: NATO Releases Footage of Libya Airstrike
Rebels Tussle for Frozen Gadhafi Funds
Curt Weldon Still Waiting on Muammar Qadhafi Meeting in Libya
Libya and the World
Oil Near $112 as Attacks Damage Libyan Oil Fields
No Ground Forces Going to Libya, UK Insists
UN Commission to Probe Rights Abuses in Libya
US Extends Sanctions to 5 More Libyan Officials
Hague: Rebel Deaths in Libya Were 'Deeply Regrettable'
Ivory Coast
Calm in Abidjan Belies Reports of Violence Elsewhere in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Strongman Defiant From Within Bunker
Army Officers Join Cairo Protest
Egypt Military Beats Protesters, Fires Shots
Egyptians March on Israeli Embassy
Once a Star of Egypt's Revolt, the Military Is Under Scrutiny
Muslim Brotherhood's Charitable Works May Drive Political Support
Mubarak Is Smuggling Money Out, Accuses Youth Coalition
Protesters Call on Military to Try Hosni Mubarak and His Cronies
Nine Killed in Explosion, Firing in Nigeria on Election Eve
Italy, France Spar Over Who Will Take Migrants
Somalia Fighting Displaces Some 33,000 People Over Past Six Weeks
Three More Kenyan Officials Face International Charges
Mugabe's Backers Push for Vote in Zimbabwe
Afghan Police Chief Killed in Militant Attack
Seven Injured as Afghan Protests Over Koran Burning Continue
Pakistani Teen Attacker Talks of 400 Suicide Bombers Being Trained
Sesame Street: a New Way to Victory in Pakistan?
UN: Philippine Rebels Agree to Ban Child Soldiers
UN Seeks to Free Child Soldiers From Philippine Rebel Ranks
Bomb Kills Moderate Kashmiri Cleric
German Man Charged With Spying on Exiles for China
In Russia, Official Proposes Curtailing Internet Freedom
One Russian, Two Georgians Killed in Shoot-Out in Abkhazia
I'm Still Alive, and I'll Be Back, Says Arch-Terrorist
Hackers Attack Websites of Russian Paper, Blog
Dutch Government Cutting 12,000 Military Jobs
Northern Ireland Police Arrest 3rd Suspected IRA Dissident Over Officer's Killing
One Dead, One Seriously Injured in British Nuclear Submarine Shooting
Bahrain's Secret Mossad Ties Revealed
Bahrain Crackdown Makes Life Easier for Terror Recruiters
Claims Arise That Bahraini Protesters Took Drugs to Simulate Nerve Gas Attack
Editor of Independent Bahrain Newspaper Silenced
Bahrain Divisions Grow, Fanning Fears
Protests Across Yemen as Demands Grow for President's Ouster
New Clashes as Yemeni President Refuses to Leave
Two Killed, 25 Wounded by Gunfire in Yemen's Taiz: Medics
UN: Iraq's Leaders Must Address Protest Demands
PM Maliki Demanded to Cut Short His Cabinet After His 100-Day Period
Gates Urges 'Restraint' as Iraqi Forces Allegedly Attack Iranian Dissident Camp
Pentagon Chief in Iraq's Kurd Region
Child Killed, 2 Civilians Wounded in Clashes in Nasseriya
Friday: 31 Iranians, 8 Iraqis Killed; 300 Iranians, 21 Iraqis Wounded
Settler Leader: Some Settlers Would Evacuate for the Right Price
Hamas: Commander Killed in Gaza
In Israel, the Shadow of a New Gaza War
Lieberman's Pick for PA President: Arafat's Economic Adviser
Netanyahu's 'Friend' Sarkozy Tried to Dodge the PM
Peres to Ban: UN Can't Remain Neutral on Gaza Situation
Israel's Peace Now Updates US on West Bank Construction
Shin Bet Chief, an Unlikely Advocate for Israel's Arabs
Shin Bet Chief: Arab MPs Flirting With Enemy
IHH to Send Mavi Marmara Back to Gaza in June
Middle East
Saudi Rights Activist: Protests in 2 Shi'ite Towns
Syria Protesters Torch Party Outpost, Smash Statue
Heavy Security Prevents Protests in Oman City
Report: 'Hezbollah Expected to Launch 100 Missiles a Day at Tel Aviv'
UAE Detains Democracy Activist, Blogger in Dubai
Explosions Hit 3 Gas Pipelines in Iran, Halt Flow
Ecuador's Correa Lashes Out at US Embassy for Spying
Guatemalan Judge Upholds First Lady's Divorce From President So She Can Run for Office
Blackout Hits Large Swath of Venezuela
The War at Home
US Warns of Govts Trying to Control the Internet
Cuban Ex-CIA Agent Acquitted in Texas Perjury Case
No Discharge for Navy Officer Found Asleep in Bed With Another Male Sailor
NY Senators Clash Over Panel Testimony on Muslims
Weekend Reviews
Did Trotsky Tweet?
War Since 1900
British MoD Tried to Stop Dead Men Risen Book 'to Prevent Ally Withdrawing From Afghanistan'
Deadly Embrace – Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad
Taliban Shuffle Finds Black Humor in Covering Afghanistan and Pakistan
Burma, the Broken Country
Who Killed Joe Alon?

Justin Raimondo
Unholy Alliance

Nebojsa Malic

Philip Giraldi
Humanitarian Interventionism by the Numbers

Ivan Eland
Libyan Intervention Fraught With Risks

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Censored War and You

Charles V. Peņa
Libya Hypocrisy

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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