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Updated April 10, 2011 - 11:20 PM EDT
African Union: Gadhafi Agrees to Peace Plan
  Libya Front Line Moves Closer to Rebel Capital
  Battle Erupts for Rebel-Held Libya Town
  Libya Rebels Vent Frustration on NATO and a Silent Leadership
  British Soldiers Charged With Leaks in Botched Libya Operation
Syria Vows Stiff Response to Civil Unrest
  4 More Protesters Killed in Syria
  Syrian Forces Fire at Mourners After Mass Funeral in Daraa
Gaza Truce Holds After Days of Deadly Clashes
  IDF Pounds Gaza Targets for Third Day, 18 Dead
  Hamas Faces Rift Over Gaza Fire
Iraqi Cleric Warns of Violence if US Troops Stay
  Iraq Blocks US Aid to Camp of Iranian Exiles After Clash
  Iran Hails Iraq Action on Former Rebels at Camp Ashraf
  Saturday: 17 Iraqis, 2 Iranians Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded
Mubarak Speaks, Hits Out at Corruption Charges
  Egypt Junta Crushes Tahrir Square Protests, Killing Two
Gbagbo Stages Bloody Fightback in Ivory Coast
  UN, French Fire on Ivory Coast Gbagbo's Residence
  French Helicopters Attacked in Ivory Coast
US-Pakistan Intel Operations Frozen
800 Injured/Gassed in Yemen Protests: Medics
Thousands Gather in NY's Union Square to Protest Wars
The Shady Men Backed by the West to Displace Gadhafi  by Patrick Cockburn
Black Americans: Stop Supporting Obama and His Wars  by William Reed
David Cameron's Gift of War and Racism, To Them and Us  by John Pilger
Lindsey Graham's War on Freedom  by Jack Hunter
The Goldstone Chronicles  by Roger Cohen
War Is Hell, but It's Also War  by Guy Somerset

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Cold War Neutrals Now Taking Sides, Timidly
Julian Assange Claims WikiLeaks Is More Accountable Than Govts
WikiLeaks: The Israel File
Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire
Oman to Charge Protest Leader, 25 Others
Petraeus Fends Off Talk of CIA Job
Iran, North Korea Eyed Swiss Technology
Quantico Blocks Visits by UN, Amnesty, and Rep. Kucinich to Bradley Manning
War in Libya
Shelling in East Libya Forces Rebel Retreat
Ex-Afghan Fighter Denies al-Qaeda Tie With Libya Rebels
Eight Rebels Killed in Fighting on Misrata Road
Ajdabiya Blast Not Caused by NATO Air Strike: Official
Libya Rebels Forgiving of NATO Error
UN Panel: Hundreds of Mercenaries Operating in Libya
Libyan Town Denies Terror Links, Sets Sights on Ousting Gadhafi
Video: Gadhafi Makes Public Appearance at Tripoli School
Libya and the World
African Union Committee Tries to Help Bring Peace to Libya
Amid Fears of Terrorism, FBI Questioning Libyan Visitors
Lockerbie Group Wants Kusa Meeting
Ivory Coast
Ouattara Forces Killed Ivory Coast Civilians During Offensive, Group Says
Ouattara Says Forces Not Guilty of Ivory Coast Atrocities
UN Chief: Africa's Course Could Be Set in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast's Ouattara Urges End to EU Sanctions on Cocoa Ports
Ivory Coast Fighting Thwarts Evacuation of Diplomats
Israeli Diplomat in Ivory Coast Injured During Evacuation
British Embassy Evacuated After Attack
France to Ferry Lebanese Nationals Out of Ivory Coast
Anger Flares at Egypt Army for Lethal Protest Raid
Video: Egyptian Protesters Call for Mubarak to Face Trial
Egyptian Top Brass Refute Reports on Use of Live Ammunition Against Protesters
Protesters Set Vehicles on Fire in Cairo
Pressure Builds to Charge Mubarak for Violence, Corruption
Egypt Prosecutor Alleges Schemes by Mubarak
Egyptians Take Advice From Victims of East Germany's Stasi on State Security Files
Egypt Lifts Ban on Gold Exports, Cites Stability
HRW: With State of Emergency Over, Amend Laws to Restore Rights
Govt Jails Three Alleged French Spies
10 Die in Polling Station in Nigeria
Nigeria Counts Votes From Delayed Poll
US Envoy Warns Northern and Southern Sudan Moving Armed Units Into Disputed Border Region
Police Disperse Zimbabwe Peace Vigil With Tear Gas
Son of Kenya's Fabled Founder Appears at Hague
Ten Hurt in Suicide Attack on Afghan Army Bus
Suicide Attack Hits Military Base in Kabul, 3 Soldiers Wounded
Petraeus Says al-Qaeda Not on Rise in Afghanistan
UN Killings Raise Afghan Transition Fears
Several Hundred Afghans Protest Koran Burning
Taliban Seen Stirring Mob Violence in Koran Burning Case
British Soldier Dies Year on From Afghan Blast
Destroying Booby-Trapped Afghan Towns to Save Them
Mercs to Watch Commandos' Backs in Afghanistan
Three Terrorists Apprehended in Lahore
Pakistani Boy Apologizes for Suicide Mission
Strike Over Killing of Muslim Cleric Shuts Kashmir
9 Injured in Sectarian Clashes in Jammu and Kashmir
No Reduction in Paramilitary Troops in Jammu and Kashmir
Heavy-Handed Kashmir Police Take Lessons in How Not to Kill
North Korea
North Korea Threatens Action for US-South Korea Drills
North Korea Threatens South Over Mountain Tours
North Korea Strips Hyundai of Cross-Border Tours
US Senators Urge North Korea-Myanmar Probe
Pyongyang Propaganda With a Light Touch in Indonesia
China Says US Human Rights Outcry Is Interference
Beijing Police Halt House Church Service
Sister Says No Word From Chinese Police on Artist
Blast Hits Hostel in Southern Philippine Province
Foundation Mends Vietnamese Hearts Stricken by Agent Orange
Cuba and Venezuela Anger at US Posada Carriles Verdict
US Banana Firm Hired Colombian Paramilitaries

Honduras: Army to Support Police in Fighting Drugs

Weekend Reviews
Did Trotsky Tweet?
War Since 1900
British MoD Tried to Stop Dead Men Risen Book 'to Prevent Ally Withdrawing From Afghanistan'
Deadly Embrace – Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad
Taliban Shuffle Finds Black Humor in Covering Afghanistan and Pakistan
Burma, the Broken Country
Who Killed Joe Alon?
2 Bahrain Opposition Supporters Die Police Custody
Post-Crackdown Bahrain Keeps Up Hard Line

Bahrain Police Detain, Beat Rights Activist

Rights Groups Raise Alarm About 'Rampant' Arbitrary Detentions, Doctors Reported Missing
Syrian Forces Fire on Democracy Protesters
Syrian Activists Call for Daily Protests
As Syrians Mourn Slain Protesters, Another Is Reportedly Killed
Video Footage Purportedly Shows Defiant Protesters, Gunfire and Violence on Friday
Assad Didn't Deny Syria Arms Transfer to Hezbollah
US Government Reviews Military Aid to Lebanon
Activists Plan Fourth Anti-Sectarian March in Beirut for Sunday
Hariri Seeks to Ease Tensions With Bahrain as Expatriates to Be Expelled
Security Forces Fire on Yemen Protesters
One More Protester Killed in Yemen
24 Children Killed in Yemen Unrest: UNICEF
Yemen Seals Al-Jazeera TV Office in Sanaa for Supporting 'Sabotage'
Yemen Toll Up as General Denies Eyeing Saleh Seat
State Cables Show Rising Concern About Al-Qaeda in Yemen
US Officials Have Long Been Warned About Saleh's Weakening Power in Yemen
Yemen, Angered Over Qatari Comment, Recalls Envoy
Israel Claims Killing of Shalit Captor
Hamas Says Didn't Mean to Target Israeli School Bus
UN Chief to Peres: I Will Not Retract the Goldstone Report
Hamas Declares Security Alert in Gaza
Eshkol Official: 'It's Cast Lead All Over Again for Us'
IDF Vows to Keep Up Air Strikes as 120 Rockets Hit South
Rocket War: 36,000 DIY Missiles vs. Israel's 'Iron Dome'
Netanyahu: We Won't Let Hamas Set the Rules
Six Rockets Fired From Gaza Land in Israel; Iron Dome Intercepts One
IDF's Gaza Maps Now Show Sensitive Sites
Lieberman Wants to Topple Hamas
Israel Soccer League Fans Blocked From Games Due to Gaza Tensions
Iraqis Demonstrate Against US Troop Presence
Iraq Defends Violence at Iranian Exile Camp Amid Protests
Iraqiya Bloc Urges UNSC to Intervene to Protect MeK Refugees
Unconfirmed Video: Iraqi Forces Attack Camp Ashraf Killing Residents
Arab League Urges Iraq to Handle Camp Ashraf Residents Humanely
Interior Ministry Sacks 14 Officers, Charged With Forging Their Certificates
Saturday: 17 Iraqis, 2 Iranians Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded
Iran Confirms Opposition Claim on Factory Producing Centrifuge Parts
Iran Says Ready to 'Resolve' Differences With Arabs
Ahmadinejad Fires Controversial Aide
Iran: Nuclear Power Plant to Resume Work Early May
Iranian Political Prisoners Announce Hunger Strike
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Asks US for Prices of Warships With Air, Missile Defenses
Saudi Oil Disruption Is Unlikely: Credit Agricole
Prominent Imam Killed in Russia's Dagestan
Kremlin Dismisses FSB’s Calls for Skype, G-Mail Ban in Russia
Northern Ireland
British Army Defuses 500-Pound Van Bomb in Ulster
Fears Over Queen's Visit to Irish Republican Landmarks
Thousands Rally Against Basque Group ETA in Spain
Polish Delegation Visits Site of Plane Crash
The War at Home
Female Veteran Fights an Invisible Injury
Prosecutors: Recording Device Failed in Bomb Case

Police Search for Suspect in Santa Monica Synagogue Explosion

Americans Still Dying
Death of Rhode Island Guardsman Leaves Phone Call Never Made
St. Croix (USVI) Native Dies During 4th Tour in Iraq
Carlisle (PA) Army Captain's Death in Iraq Under Investigation
Soldier (KY), Native of Mississippi, Leaves Behind Son and Four Stepchildren
Airborne Soldier From Hialeah (FL) Remembered as Example to Family
Friends of Marine (CA) Who Died in Afghanistan to Honor Him With 'Tricking' Session
Seattle (WA) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb Attack in Iraq
UT-Arlington Graduate Killed in Mortar Attack in Afghanistan
Raleigh (NC) Marine Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Dies in Dijbouti
New Orleans (LA) Soldier With Ties to Pensacola Killed in Iraq

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Libyan Intervention Fraught With Risks

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The Censored War and You

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Libya Hypocrisy

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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