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Updated April 13, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
US Continues to Conduct Air Strikes in Libya

France, Britain Push for NATO Escalation in Libya


NATO Split on Calls for Escalation

Pakistan Moves to Curb US Drone Strikes, Spying

New Deadly US Missile Attacks Anger Pakistan Govt


US-Pak Relations Facing Biggest Crisis Since 9/11

NATO-Taliban Clash Kills Three Afghan Children

Taliban Occupy Abandoned US Outpost in Afghanistan

Mubarak Rushed to Hospital After Heart Attack

Egyptian Protesters Increasingly Disillusioned With Army

Bahrain Govt Warns Shi'ites Over 'Incitement'
War Clouds Back Over Gaza
Syrian Soldiers Shot for Refusing to Fire on Protesters

250 Killed in Syria Rallies, Human Rights Lawyer Says

Language and American Perceptions of the World  by Thomas Harrington
Nuclear Weapons and the Libyan Intervention  by Selig S. Harrison
How the Supreme Court Gave Up on Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Obama Still Hammering Away  by Andrew J. Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Was Obama Stampeded Into War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Murdering Some to Save Others  by Nicholas Kramer

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Donald Trump: Iraq Oil Will Make US a Fortune

US Admiral: China’s Carrier Poses Mostly Symbolic Threat

US 'Permanently' Denies Visa to German Journalist Probing Argentine Rights Violations
CIA's Brain Drain: Since 9/11, Some Top Officials Have Moved to Private Sector
WikiLeaks Supporter Jacob Appelbaum Gets Close Scrutiny From Customs, Again
Rebel Military Commander Wants to Be America's Man on the Ground in Libya

Non-Starter: Why Libya's Rebels Distrust the African Union

Amnesty International Accuses Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan of Killing Peaceful Protesters

Iraqis Fear Return of the Mahdi Army

Tuesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 27 Wounded


Iran to Continue Nuclear Program Under IAEA Eyes

Aoun Says Iran Not Meddling in Lebanese Affairs


Popular Egypt TV Religious Figure Raises His Political Sights

Egypt's Hard-Line Islamists Speak Up, Creating Unease


Witnesses Say Syrian Gunmen Attack 2 Villages

Syrian Town Cut Off as Army Continues Assault

Middle East
Yemenis Decry Immunity for President

Turkey Detains Alleged Head of al-Qaeda Branch

Hospital Is Drawn Into Bahrain Strife


Suspects Detained in Minsk Metro Bombing

Belarusian KGB Weighs Possible Motives for Fatal Metro Bombing

In Other News

US Urges North Korea to Free Detained American

Making Wine Helps to Heal Scars of War in Bosnia


Tajik Soldier Killed on Afghan Border

Miliband Warns Over Afghanistan, 'Forgotten War'


CIA, Pakistan Look to Repair Widening Rift

Pakistan to Set Free 89 Indian Prisoners


Chinese Editors, and a Web Site, Detail Censors' Hidden Hand

Ivory Coast

Gbagbo Camp Accuses France of Coup

France Pledges 400 Million Euros in Aid to Ivory Coast

War-Torn Ivory Coast Faces Hard Road Back to Peace

Ivory Coast Generals Pledge Loyalty to Ouattara


Swazi Police Use Tear Gas on Protest

Sudan: Jem Rebels Report Fresh Clashes With Army


US Postpones Quartet Meet on Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks

UN Says Palestinians Able to Govern Own State

Israeli Official: 'US Will Have Hard Time Standing Alone in UN' Against Palestine

Netanyahu Reportedly Considering West Bank Withdrawals

Israel Beefs Up Missile Defense in Wake of Gaza Attacks

Jerusalem Bookseller a 'Foreigner' in Homeland


Uruguay Removing Amnesty for Dictatorship Crimes

Colombia Says Rebel Camps Gone From Venezuela


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US Out of Iraq. Really.

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Searching for Meaning in the Afghan Riots

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Humanitarian Interventionism by the Numbers

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Libya Hypocrisy

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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