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Updated April 14, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
Pentagon: Budget 'Cuts' Would Reduce Missions
Despite 'Support Role,' US Still Bombing Libya
  Carrier Officers Say Gadhafi's Troops Hard to Spot
  Allies Agree on Plan to Finance Libyan Rebels
  Clinton's 'Failed State' Warning Hangs Over Libyan Conflict
Top US Official: Keeping US Troops 'Best for Iraq'
  Wounded Iranian Exiles Forced Back to Iraqi Camp
US Ignores Pak Warning, Continues Drone Strikes
  Karzai Blames 'Cowardly' Pakistan Agents for Kunar Bombing
US Keeps Quiet Over Arab Allies' Repression
  Seven Killed in Yemen Violence as Opposition Awaits GCC Details
  Syria Uprising Broadens as Women, Students Protest
  Bahrain Opposition: 4th Supporter Dies in Custody
  US Reviewing Mideast Arms Sales
Diplomats Say Palestinians Ready for Statehood
The Final Indignity: Ailing Mubarak Is Detained
New Ivory Coast President Faces Divided Country
UN: 800 Killed in Southern Sudan So Far This Year
The Absurdity of Trusting Foreign-Policy Makers  by James Bovard
Libya's Parallels With Iraq Under Saddam Are Truly Ominous  by Patrick Cockburn
US-Backed Bloodshed Stains Bahrain's Arab Spring  by Amy Goodman
Af-Pak: A Losing Strategy  by John Glaser
Can You Afford Wars of Choice?  by James Leroy Wilson
I Want to Occupy You Forever  by Pepe Escobar

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WikiLeaks Suspect's Jail Conditions Criticized
'BRICS' Nations to Reject Use of Force in Middle East, North Africa
Poland Looks to Its Past in Assessing Arab Present
Obama Officials Defend Process for Transferring Detainees
MPs Warn Against BBC World Service Cuts
UN Report: Over 100 Aid Workers Killed Annually
Libya at War
Clinton Condemns Continued Gadhafi Forces Attacks
3.6 Mln People Could Need Aid in Libya
Libya Rebels Say Repel Govt Forces in Western Mountain Area
Thousands More West Africans Flee Libya Unrest
Video: NATO Brags on Blowing Up a Libyan Tank
Libya Tests Limits of NATO Without US
Libyan Rebels
Libyan Rebels Urge Stronger US Military Role
Libyan Rebel Leader With US Ties Feels Abandoned
UK Stepping Up Aid to Libya Rebels
Libyan Rebels Refuse to Talk to Musa Kusa as He Has 'Blood on His Hands'
Libyan Rebels Successfully Hack Into Mobile Phone Network
Libya and the World
French, British Leaders Meet About West's Role in Libyan Uprising
Britain, France Vow to Topple Libyan Leader
France Pushes NATO Allies to Provide More Libya Jets
Western, Arab Nations Say Gadhafi Must Go
Germany Expels Five Libyan Diplomats
Medvedev Warns of Libyan Collapse, Will Align Stance With China
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast 'Still Dangerous'
Laurent Gbagbo Under House Arrest as Order Slowly Restored
Ivory Coast President: Strongman Will Face Charges
Abandoned and Thirsty, Refugees at Abidjan's Cathedral Face Uncertain Future
New Tahrir Square Protest Called Off
Mubarak in 'Unstable Condition': Report
Mubarak to Be Moved to Cairo Military Hospital
Mubarak and His Sons to Appear in Cairo Court on April 19
Egyptian Activists Cheer as Mubarak, Sons Detained
Mubarak's Detention Spurs Egyptian Stock Market
Egypt Orders Review of Gas Contracts With Israel
Somalia Offensive Gains Ground, but at High Cost
Somali Govt Orders Parliament House Speaker's Arrest
Tunisia Has Legal Cases Against Ben Ali: Minister
Reform Group Calls New Nationwide Demo in Morocco
Burundi Demands Life Sentence Against Journalist
Bomber Kills 10 in Afghan Gathering in East
Afghan Tribal Elder Killed in Suicide Bombing
Accusations of Corruption Rampant in Afghanistan
Presidents of Pakistan, Turkey Discuss Afghan War
US Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan, First Since March
Seven More Fall Prey to Karachi Target Killings
$750 Million Earmarked for Pakistan's Tribal Women
Gilani: Afghan War Can't Be Won Without Pakistan Support
Kashmiri Militants Watch India-Pakistan Talks but Ready to Fight
Lashkar-E-Taiba Expanding, India Still Main Target
India, China Take Steps to Ease Disputes, Enhance Trade
China Security Puts Tibetan Monastery on Lockdown
Chinese Democracy Activist Charged With Subversion
South Korea Simulates North Korea Attack on Nuclear Site
US General: North Korea Won't Give Up Nuke Capability
North Korea Confirms US Citizen Is Arrested
Evidence for Agent Orange on Okinawa
Antiwar Icon Bob Dylan Plays in Placid Vietnam
UN Panel on Sri Lanka Conflict Delivers Report
Philippine Army Arrests Bomb Suspect With JI Links
Azerbaijan's Autocratic President Keeps Pro-Democracy Activists at Bay
Rebel Soldier Killed Amid Clashes Between Military Factions in Yemeni Capital
Bahrain Should Investigate Deaths in Custody: HRW
Gulf Arabs Want Arab Summit Cancelled: Bahraini Minister
Syria Protest Movement Broadens
Syria Freedom Protests Spread to Second City Aleppo
In New Protest, Syrian Women Block Main Highway
Israeli Politics
Lieberman Indictment Could Change Israeli Coalition
It's Politics as Usual for Lieberman, Despite Looming Indictment
Shas Rebel MP Founds New Movement
Clinton: US to Lay Out New Mideast Policy in Weeks
Palestinian Politics
Palestinians Hail International 'Birth Certificate' of Statehood
Hamas Split on Resuming Gaza Fire Against Israel, Top IDF Officer Says
New US Peace Push Must Come Soon: Palestinians
Palestinians to Seek $5 Billion Over Three Years
Barak: 'Israel Is Strong Enough to Conquer Gaza'
The New Christian Settlers
Israel 'Concerned' Over New Turkish Flotilla
Bieber: Netanyahu Meeting Never Scheduled
Still No Arrest in West Bank Theater Murder
Israel Reopens Gaza Crossing Shut During Fighting
US Army May Not Help in Future Iraq Crises: Official
Street Protests Banned in Baghdad
Iraq Restricts Protests to Three Baghdad Stadiums
An Arab Spring Fails to Bloom for Iraq Youths
Hospital Officials: Iraqi Forces Forcibly Removed Iranian Dissidents From Hospital
US Moots 'Negotiated' Plan for Iranian Camp in Iraq
Iraq: Handing PMOI Members to Iran Unlawful, Distraction

Asst. Police Commander Escapes Assassination Attempt in Kirkuk

Sadrists Say to Defend Christians Just Like All Iraqis
Oil Police Struggle to Protect Iraq's 'Black Gold'
One Killed, 16 Wounded in Iraq Car Bomb
Wednesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Iran Stops Refuelling 'Western Planes'
McCormick Stopping Spice Sales to Iran
Middle East
Two Omani Activists Abducted, Roughed Up
Saudi Arabia Frees 13 Shi'ites Held for Protesting
3 Suspects Confess in Minsk Subway Attack
Belarus Opposition to Be Quizzed Over Bomb: Lukashenko
Putin Explains Delay in Decision on 2012 Vote
Putin: Govt Would Shut Down if My Decision on 2012 Presidential Candidacy Were Known
Obama to Address British Parliament
Bosnian Serb Leader Calls for Referendum on Scrapping Country's Top War Crimes Court
Swiss Court: Ban on Anti-Israel Signs Violates Free Speech
Dutch Anti-Islam Hate Speech Trial Resumes
Final Haiti Vote Results Delayed by Two Days: Sources
Colombia's Interior Minister OKs Extradition of Reputed Drug Boss Makled Back to Venezuela
British Ex-MP George Galloway to Sue Canada Govt
US Military
Critical Shortage of Neurologists for Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
Brandon Barrett's War
Northrop Unmanned Drone Cost Rises 25% After Order Is Cut, Air Force Says
Gates Will Propose Savings 'Alternatives' to Hardware Cuts
Some Soldiers Prefer Amputations Rather Than Damaged Limbs
Navy Chief Ray Mabus' Next Job: Defense Secretary?

Govt Increases Hiring of Vets, but Unemployment Rate Is Still High


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