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Updated April 15, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
War Spending Turns Budget 'Cuts' Into Increase
  US Military Spending Has Almost Doubled Since 2001
Libya's Rebels Still in Disarray, US Warns
  Libya University Students Injured by NATO Air Strike
  NATO: War Until Gadhafi Leaves, but He's 'Not a Target'
  US, NATO Balk at Calls for Libya Escalation
  NATO Says Looking Into Reports of Civilian Casualties in Tripoli Strike
  Anti-Gadhafi Alliance Faces Difficult Choices on Libya
Yemen Opposition Gives Saleh 2 Weeks to Leave
  More Yemeni Officers, Soldiers Defect
Clinton Warns Against 'Hasty' Afghan Withdrawal
  Spring Fighting Season to Test Gains in Afghan War
Thousands Take to Streets in Syria Protests
  Syria's Assad Releases Protesters as Massive Protests Loom
  US Officials: Iran Aiding Syria in Crackdown on Anti-Assad Protests
Bahrain Backs Off on Opposition Party Ban
  As Bahrain Stifles Protesters, US's Muted Objections Draw Criticism
Pakistan: US Drones Are 'Core Irritant' in Terror Fight
Sudan Forces Kill 20 Villagers
America and Pakistan: Frenemies for Life  by Malou Innocent
Let's Not Forget the Torture Partnership With Syria  by Jacob Hornberger
Israel's Leaders Sacrifice the People for Their Own Ego  by Merav Michaeli
Libya War Is No Pentagon Lifeline  by John Feffer
Libya: A Pig in a Poke?  by Kevin Carson
False Pretense for War in Libya?  by Alan J. Kuperman

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Both Parties Helped Run Up US $14 Trillion Debt
Viral Video of TSA Frisking 6-Year-Old Raises Ire
McCain: Libya Resolution Language 'Nailed Down'
Congress Trims State's Internet Freedom Funds
Belarus Officials' Details on Bombing Raise Questions
1.36 Million Stop and Searches: Just Two UK Anti-Terror Arrests
UN: 34 Killed in Iraqi Raid on Iranian Exile Camp
Remains of 800 Bodies Unearthed in Iraq Mass Grave
Allawi Pushes Maliki for Clear Stand Over US Forces Status in Iraq
Nineveh Tribes Reject Extension of US Forces Presence in Iraq
Marathon Strikes Oil in Iraq
IED Blast Targets US Convoy North of Hilla
Thursday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Netanyahu Slams Calls to Recognize Palestine
Body of Italian Activist Found in Gaza Strip House: Hamas
Turkey to Israel: We Won't Stop Upcoming Gaza Flotilla
Netanyahu to Spell Out 'Peace Policy' to US Congress
Olmert: There Can Be No Forgiveness for Goldstone
Gaza War Report Co-Authors Reject Goldstone's Retraction
Authors Reject Calls to Retract Goldstone Report on Gaza
Bruising Political Spat Cools Bieber's Fever for Israel
Palestinian Prime Minister Hails Donor Endorsement
Syrian Government Offers Mixed Message to Protesters
Hundreds of Tortured Detainees Released, Says Syria Rights Group
13 Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Airspace
Lebanon Denies Found Weapons Entering Syria
Middle East
US-Financed Groups Had Supporting Role in Arab Uprisings
EU Ban 32 Iranian Officials for Human Rights Abuses
'The Arab Awakening Began Not in Tunisia This Year, but in Lebanon in 2005'
Clinton Predicts Violent Spring in Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban to Open Office in Turkey
Suicide Bombers Kill 3 Afghan Police
Afghan Mullahs Push Peaceful Protest in Wake of Quran-Burning Violence
NATO Entering 'New Phase' in Afghanistan, Rasmussen Says
Two Soldiers, 22 Militants Killed in Pakistan Clashes
Lahore Police Arrest Two French Terror Suspects
North Korea
North Korean Defectors Send Propaganda Leaflets Denouncing Succession
North Korea Set to Indict US Christian Accused of Proselytizing
North Koreans Honor Founder's Birth With Flags, Flowers
Spanish Police Seize Massive Explosive Cache
2 Bosnian Immigrants in US Accused of War Crimes
Libya at War
NATO Showing Strain Over Approach to Libya
Gadhafi Defiant Despite NATO Airstrikes in Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Receiving Anti-Tank Weapons From Qatar
Rebels: Misrata Rocket Attack Death Toll Rises to 23
Libya Rebels Say NATO Must Stop Misrata 'Massacre'
Gadhafi Tours Streets of Tripoli
Misrata Residents Protest in Street
In Tripoli, Clandestine Resistance Takes Peaceful and Violent Forms
War Compounds the Plight of Libya's Mentally Ill
Benghazi Hospitals Struggle to Treat War-Wounded
Libyan Port City Is Filled With Migrants Desperate to Exit
Amateur Videos From Libya Show Frustration
Libya and the World
Obama, Emir of Qatar Discuss Libya
Missing Western Journalists Spotted in Tripoli
Moussa Koussa May Not Return to Britain
Libyan Defector Moussa Koussa Keeps Low Profile at Doha Conference
Bin Laden Deputy Against NATO Campaign in Libya
Eni Says Plans to Ship Oil From West Libya
Ivory Coast
Red Cross: Bodies Litter Streets of Abidjan
Ouattara Takes Charge After Ivory Coast Victory
More of Gbagbo's Arsenal Found
Japanese Ambassador Says Rocket Hit His Residence in Cote D'ivoire
Egypt Army Reconsiders Cases of Jailed Protesters
Mubarak's Arrest a Watershed Moment for Egypt
Ugandan Opposition Leader Wounded During Protest
Somalia, Wobbly on Ground, Seeks Control of Its Airspace
Prominent Member of Tunisian Old Guard Arrested
The War at Home
Mary Tillman Slams McChrystal's New Role
Jewish Voices for Peace, Harsh Critic of Israel, Seeks a Seat at the Communal Table
Teenagers Now Look Favorably on Torture Because the Media Taught Them It Was Morally Acceptable
Rep. Chaffetz Seeks to Limit Pat-Downs of Children After New TSA Controversy
Chinese Man Arrested in Fake US Army Unit Scam
As More Problems Appear at Arlington, Congress Asks for Accountability
68 Years Later, WWII Airman Martin Murray's Body Found on South Pacific Island
Official: Feds Probe Detroit Mosque Fire
Millions in Iraqi Money, Drugs Found in Massachusetts

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Gadhafi's Fate, and Our Own

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You Cannot Be Serious

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Goldstone Recants, Gaza Dies

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US Out of Iraq. Really.

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Searching for Meaning in the Afghan Riots

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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