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Updated April 17, 2011 - 11:21 PM EDT
Rebels Flee Key Libyan Town
  Foreign Weapons Aid Arriving, Libya Rebels Say
  More Shelling in Last Rebel-Held City in Western Libya
  Behind a United Front, NATO Meeting Deepens Cracks in the Alliance
  Libyan Rebels Make Renewed Push for Oil Port Brega
  NATO Must Send in Troops to Save Misrata, Say Rebels
  US and Allies Seek Possible Refuge for Gadhafi
  NATO Running Short on Precision Bombs
8 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
FBI Official: Al-Qaeda 'Thrives' After Dictators Fall
  Al-Qaeda in Yemen Adapts to Evade US
Bahrain Braced for New Wave of Repression
  Bahrain: Is a US Ally Using Torture to Put Down Dissent?
  US Defends Bahrain Policy
Algerian Reforms Fail to Meet Expectations
  Militants Kill 13 Soldiers During President's Speech Promising Reforms
Obama Drafts Bill to Expand DHS Cyber Control
  Can't Remember Your Passwords? Let White House Manage It for You
US, Pakistan Struggle With 'Unhappy' Alliance
Egypt Orders Dissolution of Mubarak's Former Ruling Party
Syria's Assad Vows to Lift Emergency Law by Next Week
Was Intervention in Libya Justified? Was It Legal?  by Stephen Walt
What a Strange Way to Protect Civilians: Depleted Uranium and Libya  by David Wilson
In Libya, as in Iraq, 'End of Combat' Means 'More Combat'  by Michael Tennant
Israel Should Recognize Palestinian Statehood  by Zvi Bar'el
Goldstone's Guide to Gaza  by Charles Glass
Britain Needs to End Its Love Affair With the World Stage  by Jackie Ashley

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Bachmann Assails Obama Over Libya
Obama Rips Budget Bill's Guantanamo Restrictions
Terry Jones, Pastor Who Burned a Koran, Says He Was Duped
Muslim Students Arraigned for Disrupting Israeli Ambassador at US School
US Army: 60 Soldiers Have Killed Themselves This Year
New Arrest Over Anonymous' Pro-Wikileaks Attacks
Syria to Battle Corruption, Attract Investments: President
Druze in Golan Rally Against Assad
Thousands Protest Before Syrian President's Speech
Clinton to Syria: End Violence Now
Thousands Rally at Funeral in Syria
Syrian Dies of Wounds After Mosque Attack
Inspired by Neighbors and Technology, Syrians Join in Revolution
Syria Tortures Protesters, Beats Journalists: HRW
Fear Runs Deep for Syrian Americans
Europe Urges Restraint Amid Syrian Unrest
When AK-47s Meet Mobile Phones in Syria
March 14 Denies Accusations of Involvement in Syria's Unrest
Bahrain Arrests Prominent Lawyer and Doctors: Opposition
A Chilling Account of the Brutal Clampdown Sweeping Bahrain
Bahrain's 'Tranquil, Liberal' Image Falls Away
Bahraini Activist's Daughter on Hunger Strike for His Release
Crown Prince's Son Graduates From Sandhurst
Iran Urges UN to Help Stop 'Killing' of Bahrainis
Saleh Stands Defiant as Desertions Mount
'US Still Not Confident in Changing Saleh'
Yemeni President Says Majority Support Him, Calls Opposition for Dialogue
Thousands Protest Against President Criticism of Women's Presence at Demonstrations
Gulf Initiative on Yemen in Limbo
Yemen Opposition Representatives to Meet With Gulf Mediators
29 Prisoners Break Central Jail in North Yemen: Ministry
Could the MeK Be Evicted From Camp Ashraf by Iraqi Military?
Iraqiya Accuses Authority of Curbing Protests
Al-Iraqiya Leader to Withdraw His Coalition From Govt if Barazani's Initiative Won't Be Implemented
Iraq's Kurdish President Refuses Turkman Candidate as Vice President
Maliki Tells US's Boehner Iraqi Troops Are Ready
In Iraq, Bottoms Up for Democracy
Iraq's Human Rights Committee Discusses 'Secret Informer' Dossier
Iraq May Ditch $57 Million of Food Ration Cooking Oil
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Clinton Says Iran Trying to Hijack Mideast Revolts
Mideast Unrest Could Boost Iran, but It Faces Upheaval at Home
Iran Announces New Islamic Internet
Eyeing Nuclear Sites, Iran Tests New Anti-Aircraft Missile
Brand Ahmadinejad Rights Abuser: US Senators
Iran Blames US, Israel for Stuxnet Computer Worm
Chinese Firms Dominate Iran Oil Exhibition
Hamas, Abbas Trade Blame on Reconciliation
Palestinians Want Quartet Deal
Abbas: Iran Blocking Reconciliation
Hamas Holds Four Suspects Over Italian's Murder
IDF Believes Gaza Calm Could Last Despite Rocket Fire
IAF Attacks 2 Targets in Gaza; Residents Fear Escalation
Haniyeh Urges Palestinians to Back Schalit Swap Deal
Murder in Gaza Defies Hamas Rule
Global Jihadi Groups Challenge Hamas
Life of West Bank Village Brought Into Agony After Itamar Attack
Congresswoman: 'Palestinian State Declaration Would Hurt US Funding of PA'
Southern Residents Ignore Rocket Threat, Flock to Beach on Summerlike Weekend
Lebanon's Hariri Proposed Brotherhood Replace Assad: Leaks
Lebanon Sees Offshore Gas as Answer to Its Power Woes. Israel Sees It Different
Lebanon: Palestinian Refugees Indicate Need for New Burial Site
Turkey's Erdogan Pledges New Constitution After Elections
Turkey in Talks on Taliban Office in Istanbul
Turkey and Iran Open New Border Crossing
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Shi'ites Urge Release of Prisoners: Witnesses
Saudi Cleric Attacks Iranian Hypocrisy and Deception
Middle East
Jordan Arrests Islamists After Bloody Clashes
Obama Slights Key Arab Ally
UAE Activist Arrested
IMF: Changes May Spur Middle East Growth if Populism Set Aside
US Military
Overmanned Navy Will Ax Some 3,000 Mid-Career Sailors
Lawmakers Blast Navy Over Lejeune Water Contamination
BAE Builds a Secret Microwave Gun for the High Seas
8 Marines Relieved of Duty at Pendleton Over Deadly Training Accident
Americans Still Dying
Arlington (TX) Marine Killed by Predator Drone
Michigan Navy Corpsman Killed in Friendly Fire Predator Drone Attack
Soldier (NY) Shot by Afghan Border Policeman Leaves Behind Wife, Two Young Children
Texas Community Mourns Loss of Soldier Killed by Afghan Police Officer
Florida Soldier to Be Buried in New Jersey Hometown
Friends Cope With Death of Brandon (MS) Marine
Goodyear (AZ) Mother Mourns Son Killed in Iraq
Council Bluffs (IA) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Libya at War
Libya General Denies Cluster Bombing
Libya Rebels, NATO Don't Have Joint Operations, Official Says
Chad Denies Officers Fighting With Gadhafi Troops
Three Killed as Gadhafi Forces Fire Mortars at Residential Areas in Misrata
How Benghazi Got Back Phone Service
Libya's Migrants Stranded as Escape Ships Shelled
A Desperate Escape by Sea for Misrata's Terrified Refugees
Anti-Gadhafi Song Offers Rebels Rare Comic Relief
Libyan Rebel Guitarist Loses His Band to the Revolution but Keeps on Singing
Doctors Without Borders: Dozens of War Wounded Evacuated From Misrata
Libya and the World
Clinton: Allies Looking for Ways to Fund Libya Rebels
France Says It's Not Out to Topple Leaders
Italy Not to Bomb Libya, Says Berlusconi
Gadhafi's Companies Still Trading in UK Despite Sanctions
Tories Look to UN Amid Calls to Train Libyan Rebels
British MPs: 'Recall Parliament to Debate Libya Regime Change'
Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Hails Release of Iraqi Eporter in Libya
Netanyahu Concerned New Egypt Government Will Be Anti-Israel
Egypt's Stunned Mubarak Brothers Adjust as Inmates
Egyptian Resort Town to Mubarak: Get Out
Tourists Stay Home After Egypt's Revolution in Blow to Nation's Economy
Blasts Fail to Deter Nigeria Voters
Nigeria Awaits Results of Presidential Election Amid Voting Irregularities
Early Results Suggest Close Nigerian Election
Nigerian Vote Peaceful Though Kids Cast Ballots
Nigeria's President Hails Vote as 'New Dawn' for Nation
Explosion Rocks Hotel in Northern Nigeria
Explosion Hits Police Station in Northeast Nigeria
Facts About Oil-Rich Nigeria, as Voters Face Presidential Poll
A Look at the Top 4 Candidates Contesting in Oil-Rich Nigeria's Presidential Election
Hundreds Protest Exclusion of Ben Ali's Party From Tunisian Politics
OSCE: Tunisia Makes Good Start on Democratic Path
Algeria Protests Rock President's Authority
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Faces Clashes Amid Attempts to Disarm Gbagbo Militia
Lay Down Your Arms, Gbagbo Party Leader Urges Militants
Ivory Coast Investigates Ministers in Blood Crimes
UN Says Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Has Been Well Treated
Somalia's Al-Shabab Faces First Serious Threat After Pro-Govt Offensive Makes Gains
Will Militants Fade After Somali Offensive Gains?
Burkina Faso
Curfew in Burkina Faso After President Dissolves Government
Burkina Faso Traders Riot Over Army Looting
Soldiers Loot Burkina Faso Capital for 2nd Night Over Protests of Unpaid Housing Allowances
Pakistan Says It Firmly Backs Taliban Peace Talks
Jamaat Activist Among Eight Dead in Karachi
Musharraf Wants to Patch Up With Nawaz Sharif
Bullet-Riddled Body Found in Quetta
Pakistani Police Recover Two Abductees
Pak, Afghan Set Up Joint Commission to Pursue Peace
In Seoul, Clinton Quiet on North Korea Issue
10 Taliban Join Govt in Afghanistan's Kunduz Province
Woman Candidate Shot Dead in Kashmir Elections
Laos, Vietnam Troops Kill Hmong Christian Women
Civilian Deaths in Sri Lanka May Have Been Vastly Underestimated, UN Panel Says
Dalai Lama Urges Restraint in Tibet Monastery Crisis
Indonesia Police Identify Suspect in Mosque Attack
Tajikistan Says Militant Leader Killed
Malaysia's Ruling Coalition Wins Key Election
Russia Says Its Future Tied to Asia
Thousands Join Competing Moscow Rallies
Russian Tycoon Khodorkovsky Wins Detention Appeal
Ex-Khodorkovsky Court Official Criticizes Judge
Russia Looks Abroad for Web Laws, Including to China
Putin Does the Rendition-and-Secret-Jail Thing, Too
Belarus Denies Govt Involvement in Subway Blast
Violence Spikes in Greek Rebel Town
Croats Protest Against Hague Conviction of Generals
Tens of Thousands Rally Against Pro-Western Serb Govt; Opposition Leader on Hunger Strike
Cuba Stages Military Parade Ahead of Key Congress
Castros Embrace Reform at Cuba's Communist Congress
Raul Castro Proposes Term Limits in Cuba
Cuba Marks 50 Years Since Bay of Pigs Attack
Bay of Pigs: 19 Brigade Fighters Remained in Cuba – Behind Bars or in Graves

Cuban Court Studying Appeal From US Contractor

Haiti Again Postpones Presidential Vote Results
Haitian Man Acquitted on Liberty City 7 Terrorism Charge Denied Re-Entry for Son's Miami Funeral

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