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Updated April 20, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
UK 'Advisers' Head to East Libya to Help Rebels

Libya Rebels Say 10,000 Killed in Fighting


NATO Says It Cannot Stop Shelling of Libyan City of Misrata

NATO Air Strike Kills Three Afghan Civilians
  US Envoy Predicts Escalating Attacks in Afghanistan
Judge: Mubarak Complicit in Protester Killings
Bahrain Raids Shi'ite Hospitals, Arrests Doctors
US Denies It Is Trying to Undermine Syria's Assad
  Syria Announces End to 48 Years of 'Emergency' Rule
From Waco to Libya: 18 Years of Humanitarian Mass Murder  by Anthony Gregory
A Better Salesman for War Than Dubya  by Matthew Rothschild
The Unvarnished Truth About Un-American TSA  by Gene Healy
Sleepwalking Into the Imperial Dark  by Tom Engelhardt
Of Men and Last Straws  by H.D.S. Greenway
Samantha and Her Subjects  by Jacob Heilbrunn

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Iraqi Oil Supply Was Considered to Be 'Vital' to British Interests

Latest Developments in Arab Political Unrest

Past Holds Clue to Goldstone's Shift on the Gaza War

UK Defense Ministry: Sort Out Drone Ethics or 'Risk Our Humanity'

CIA Recipe for Invisible Ink Among Newly Released WWI-Era Documents


Misrata Says It Has Asked for Foreign Ground Troops

Biden: NATO Does Not Need US for Libya

Libya: 1,000 Refugees From Misrata Arrive Safely in Benghazi

Aid Workers Struggle to Stem Misrata's Misery

Pro-Gadhafi Forces Changing Tactics

Libyan Rebel Leader Pledges to Safeguard Italian Interests

Italy Rescues 760 Libya Refugees

Libyan Opposition Leaders Debate Role of Religion in Government

French Foreign Minister 'Hostile' to Idea of Commandos in Libya


Syria Lifts State of Emergency Law Amid Warning to End Protests

First Repression Then Concession, but Still Syria's Revolt Intensifies

US: Syria Should Not Be Admitted to Human Rights Council


Four Killed, Hundreds Injured in Yemen Protests

Gunfire Erupts as Yemen Protesters Test Limits


Violence Forces Bahrainis Off the Streets

Bahrain Arrests More Doctors, Opposition Says


Palestinians to Seek UN Membership if No Peace

Abbas: Britain and France Would Recognize Palestinian State

Israeli Intellectuals Press for Palestinian State

Two Main Suspects in Slaying of Gaza Activist Killed in Hamas Raid

Netanyahu: Attacking Iran Could 'Boost Peace Process'

Middle East

Tehran Rejects GCC Statement on Iran as 'Baseless'

Jordan Arrests Brother of CIA Suicide Bomber

Algeria's Minority Group Demands Autonomy, Sparking Stability Concerns

Dispute Over a Speed Bump in Southern Egypt Turns Into Deadly Sectarian Rampage

Somali 'Foreign Minister' Criticizes Global Response to Piracy Problem

Charred Corpses Line Road After Nigeria Vote Riots


China's Espionage in Chile Raised US Worry

China Rounds Up Worshipers From Underground Church


Battered Soldiers, Broken Plan: Afghanistan in Video and Photos

John Boehner Visits Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan

US is Losing a Savvy Leader in Afghan War Efforts

Pakistan Army Strives to Secure Central Afghan Role

Pentagon Rushes Underwear Armor to Afghanistan

Ft Campbell Commander: Afghan Suicide Bombing Killed 5 US Troops

Afghan Forces Train to Spot Rogue Soldiers, Police


Mullen: US, Pakistan Cannot Allow Ties to Unravel

Pakistan Test Fires Short-Range Nuclear-Capable Missile


Iraqi Kurdish Authorities Ban Protests in Province

Student Protesters Held Hostage in Iraqi Kurdistan

Opposition Party Holds US Responsible for Violence in Iraqi Kurdistan

98 Injured in Protests in Iraq's Kurdistan Region

Top Iraq Kurd Leader Offers to Resign Amid Demos

Three Women Shot Dead by Gunmen in Northern Iraq

Tuesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded

The War at Home

Bill Requires TSA Seek Parental OK Before Patting Down a Child

Prosecutors Seek to Stop Rally Outside Michigan Mosque by Florida Pastor

Lawyers Allege Prosecution Pressure at Omar Khadr's Trial

Manning Moves

WikiLeaks Suspect Manning to Leave Quantico for Leavenworth, Kansas

Lawyer Wonders Why Manning Was Moved to Fort Leavenworth

Supporters: Military Aims to Further Isolate Bradley Manning With Transfer to Kansas
In Other News

Cuba Lays Foundation for a New Leader

Russian Arms Dealer Claims US Threatened Torture

US Sanctions North Korean Bank for Iran Arms Deals

Suicide Bomb in Indonesia Shows Target Shift

Fall in Croatian Support for EU Is Only Temporary, Minister Says

Leader of Dagestan's Rebels Killed in Shootout


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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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