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Updated April 28, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Libya Forces Overrun Rebels on Tunisia Border
  NATO Strike Kills 12 Libyan Rebels in Misrata
  US: Libya Death Toll Could Be as High as 30,000
  NATO Widens Air War in Libya, Targeting Key Sites in Tripoli
  Gadhafi Trains Volunteer Army to Fight NATO
  NATO Bombs Gadhafi Cribs (but Not to Kill Him, Honest)
Afghan Pilot Kills 9 Americans at Kabul Airport
  Pakistan Denies Reports of Efforts to Split US, Afghanistan
Fatah, Hamas Reach Reconciliation Deal
  Israel Dismayed Over Fatah's Surprise Deal With Hamas
233 Syrians Quit Ruling Party Amid Crackdown
  Syria Sends More Troops to Rebel Town
  UN Security Council Fails to Agree on Condemning Syria
Pentagon's Secret Plan to Slash Its Own Budget
  Likely Defense Chief Panetta Seen Open to Cuts
  Gen. Petraeus Poised to Take Over as CIA Director
  Petraeus Would Helm an Increasingly Militarized CIA
  Ex-Bush Official: Those Who Would Block Debt Hike Are Like al-Qaeda
Bahrain Sentences Shi'ite Protesters to Death
British Troops Could Be Deployed to Tunisia
Doctor Says 12 Protesters Killed in Yemen
Explosion Hits Tourist Cafe in Morocco, 14 Dead
FBI Serves WikiLeaks-Related Grand Jury Subpoena
Western Intervention in Syria Would Make Matters Worse  by Patrick Cockburn
Rescue the Republican Party From the Interventionists  by Doug Bandow
'I'd Rather Fight Them Over There Than Here'  by Michael S. Rozeff
Washington Showdown with AIPAC  by Grant Smith
Giving War a Chance  by Robert Parry
Military Spending Feeds National Debt  by Linda Ruchala

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Gates to Leave Pentagon June 30
Russia Worried by NATO Expansion Near Its Border
Embattled Arab Leaders Decide It's Better to Fight Than Quit
Secret Case Against Detainee Crumbles
ACLU: Cut Back Chicago Police Spying
At the CIA, Petraeus Will Face a Different Culture
From CIA to Defense, Leon Panetta Is a Quintessential Washington Player
Condoleezza Rice on Donald Rumsfeld: Wrong, 'Grumpy'
Libya at War
NATO Aims to Rattle Gadhafi With Increased Airstrikes, Attacks on Compound
NATO Jets Stop Attack on Rebel-Held Port in Libya
UAE Fighter Pilot Alive After Crash in Libya
Libyan Security Forces Protect Gas Stations as Lines Lengthen
Misrata: Front and Center in Libyan Battle
Libya and the World
Putin: Libya Coalition Has No Right to Kill Gadhafi
Lawyers Called to Clarify UK Rules of Conflict in Libya
Niger Calls for Aid for Those Fleeing Libya Conflict
UN Team Quizzes Libyan Officials on Human Rights as Misrata Shelling Persists
African Migrant Workers Hope for Next Boat Out of Libya
Morocco/Western Sahara
Moroccan King Opens Door for Change
Moroccan King Extends Pay Hike to Armed Forces
Morocco Satisfied With Latest UN Resolution on Sahara
Western Sahara: Security Council Extends UN Mission for Another Year
Ivory Coast Militia Leader Killed
Mubarak Too Frail to Be Moved
Merchants Torch Mayor's House and Soldiers Headquarters in a Central Burkina Faso City
Nigeria to Hold Vote in States Hard-Hit by Religious Violence as Officials Count Ballots
UN Bars Peter Erlinder From Rwanda Tribunal Work
Interpol Rebukes Allies After Afghan Prison Break
New Afghan War Leader Helped Nurture Sunni Awakening in Iraq
Afghanistan Cancels Annual Military Parade Due to Security Concerns
Pakistan and India Talk Trade, but Historical Tensions Persist
Pakistan Pushes Afghans for Closer Ties, Officials Say
North Korea
Carter Says North Korea Seeks Better US Ties
Does Jimmy Carter Still Have His Peacemaking Magic When It Comes to North Korea?
Thai-Cambodia Artillery Duels Continue for 7th Day
Cambodian PM Accuses Thais of War-Mongering
Tajik Rebels Threaten Attacks
Grim Outlook for US-China Talks on Human Rights
Newly-Named Tibetan Exile Leader Faces Task of Reshaping Govt
Hope, Mistrust Among Sri Lankans After UN Report
Indigenous Groups Shut Down Parts of Nepal, Demand Autonomy
Indonesian Terrorist Gets 10 Years
'War on Terror'
Yemen Remains al-Qaeda's Ultimate Breeding Ground
UK University Campuses Are 'Hotbeds of Islamic Extremism'
The Guantanamo File on Germany's Murat Kurnaz
France Analyzes New Video of al-Qaeda Hostages
Assad's Forces Pound City at Center of Syrian Revolt
Syria Tightens Its Grip on Protest Centers
Syria Falls Back on Fear to Quell Revolt
'Terrorists' Snipe at Passers-By, Cut Off Roads in Syria's Daraa
Bahrain Denies Mass Sackings Over Protests
Why Bahrain Is Trying Civilians Before a Military Court
Palestinian Reconciliation
US Reacts Coolly to Palestinian Reconciliation
Israel to Abbas: Choose Between Hamas or Israel
Fatah and Hamas: Palestinian Reconciliation Will End Israeli Occupation
Hamas: We Won't Negotiate Peace With Israel
Fatah-Hamas Pact to Include Release of Prisoners
Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak Has Committed an Embarrassing Security Breach, Forgetting His Briefcase
Boom Times in the West Bank
Hamas Orders Humane Prison Care After Jail Death
Egypt-Israel Gas Pipeline Fire Could Rage for Days
Activists Claim Iraqi Agents Torturing, Intimidating Protesters
Coalition Government Near in Iraq
Iraq's Human Rights Ministry Denies Existence of Secret Women Prisons
Nineveh Governor Denies Existence of Armed Groups Behind Sit-In Demos
Iraq's Parliament Speaker Calls on EU Not to Encourage Iraqi Minorities Immigration
Iraq Culture Chief Escapes Assassination Bid
Four Civilians Injured in IED Blast in Central Baghdad
Weapons Depot Found in Kirkuk
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Iran's Ahmadinejad in Growing Rift With Top Cleric
US Urges Turkey on Iran Sanctions
Iran Says Its Computers Targeted by Second Cyber Virus 'Stars'
Middle East
Protests and Strikes Rock Yemen in Day of Violence
UAE Quiet on Streets but Web Reformers Face Heat
Saudi Arabia Detains Bloggers Over Protest
Belarus Closes 2 Independent Newspapers
BP Discovers Unexploded German Bomb Next to Vital North Sea Oil Pipeline
5 Colombian Police Killed, 2 Wounded in Attacks on Posts by Suspected FARC Rebels
Sweden Demands Answers From Venezuela Over Arrest of Alleged FARC Rebel
US Military
Defense Firms Profit but Budget Cuts Weigh on Sales
Old Policy in Place, West Point Rejects Lesbian
US Weighs Option of Extending Guard's Deployment to Border

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