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Updated April 29, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
62 Killed in Bloody 'Day of Rage' Clashes in Syria
  Senate Hawks Push Obama to Move Against Syria
  Over 600 Killed in Syria Since Unrest Began, Activists Say
  Syrian Tanks Roll Into Latakkia, Shooting in Deraa
Gadhafi Forces, Tunisia Troops Clash at Border
  Libya Forces Overrun Rebels on Tunisia Border
  Rebels Repel Assaults by Loyalists in Libya
  US Gives Limited Support to Rebel Government in Libya
  Gadhafi Regime Hands Weapons to Civilians
Israel Rails Against Palestinian Reconciliation
  US Lawmakers Warn Against Palestinian Unity
  In Shift, Egypt Warms to Iran and Hamas, Israel's Foes
Panetta Vows 'Disciplined' Spending Amid Calls for Cuts
  Obama's Pentagon and CIA. Picks Show Shift in How US Fights
WikiLeaks Files Reveal Failures of US Intelligence
  WikiLeaks Files Unlikely to Help Those Jailed on Flawed Evidence
  Guantanamo: Files Reveal Many Inmates Were Minors
  Documents Offer Hints of Legal Strategy in WikiLeaks Case
US General: Slow Transition Out of Afghanistan
Bahrain Military Court Sentences Four Protesters to Death
Hueys Over Yemen  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
All the WikiLeaks Fit to Print  by Robert Scheer
These Guantánamo Files Undo the Al-Qaeda Myth Machine  by Jason Burke
War Tories  by Freddy Gray
A Viable Interlocutor  by Paul R. Pillar
Petraeus: Can He Tell It Straight?  by Ray McGovern

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A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man
GOP Lawmaker: Time to End Draft Registration
Judges Question Evidence on Guantanamo Detainees
Wikileaks Suspect to Be Housed With Other Inmates
Media to Tour Prison Where WikiLeaks Suspect Held
Move to CIA Puts Petraeus in Conflict With Pakistan
New Hand in Line to Join Obama Middle East Team
Former Miss USA Traumatized by TSA in Dallas
Muslim Brotherhood Calls for People to Take to the Streets to Protest
Syria Secretly Tried to Build Nuclear Reactor, UN Watchdog Says
Assad Facing Dissent Over Deraa Crackdown
Al Jazeera Suspends Arabic Service Operations in Syria
Turkey Urges Syria to Stop Crackdown
Australia Calls for Sanctions on Syria
Syrian Families Flee Into Lebanon
Britain Withdraws Syria's Royal Wedding Invitation
Yemenis Rally Outraged at Deaths of 12 Protesters
Yemen Opposition Warns Bloodshed May Derail Deal
Surprise Palestinian Unity Deal Challenges Israel
US to Reconsider PA Funding Following Unity Deal
Palestinian Factions Give Differing Views of Unity Pact
Abbas Seeks to Allay Fears on Accord With Hamas
Israel FM Says Palestinian Deal Crosses 'Red Line'
PLO Will Run Peace Talks: Abbas
Barak Reiterates: Israel Won't Talk to Palestinian Government That Includes Hamas
Palestinians Say Israeli Fire Wounds 4 in Gaza Strip
Egypt FM: Gaza Border Crossing to Be Permanently Opened
Won't Speak to Hamas, German Foreign Minister Says
12 Killed, 40 Wounded in Eastern Iraq's Suicide Bombing
Suicide Bomber Kills 8, Wounds 17 in Iraq Mosque
Iraq Car Bomb Kills Five as Police Chief Killed
US Military: American Soldier Dies in Iraq
Kurdish Official Calls to Maintain US Troops in Diyala
Hold the Phone! That Sure Sounds Like Saddam Hussein
Iraq Tries to Revive Ailing Date Industry
Iraqi Army Conducts War Games in Basra
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 39 Iraqis Killed; 51 Iraqis Wounded
Middle East
Iran: Reformist MPs Demand Ahmadinejad's Impeachment
Jordan Welcomes Palestinian Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation
Russia & Her Neighbors
Six Islamists Killed in North Caucasus
EU Denounces Russian Minister's Visit to Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Chechnya: No Blood on My Hands, Says Kadyrov
2 Russians Guilty of Killing Rights Lawyer and Journalist
Chechnya's Strongman Quizzed in Court by Top Foe
Northern Europe
BP Discovers Unexploded German Bomb Next to Vital North Sea Oil Pipeline
Mass Graves Toll in Northwestern Mexico at 104
Drones to Combat Drug Trafficking in Brazil Unable to Fly in Brazil for Lack of Fuel
The War at Home
DoJ Drops Probe of Whistleblower Who Exposed Bush-Era Domestic Spying
For Petraeus, First Impressions at CIA Will Be Critical
247 People on Terror Watch List Buy Guns in 2010
Marines Get Trained on Accepting Gay Recruits
Twin Cites Speaks Out Against US War in Libya
As Conflict Drags On, Food Supplies Run Low in Benghazi
Libyan Rebels Set Sights on Misrata Airport
Gadhafi Forces Shell Frontline City in West Libya
Thousands Fleeing Gadhafi Find Hospitality in Tunisia
Children in Eastern Libya Cope With Horrors of War
War Crimes Prosecutor Before UN on Libya Investigation
Viagra Allegations Raised Amid Libya Divisions at UN
Rick Santorum Talks Tough on Libya
No Recognition for South Sudan if It Claims Abyei: Bashir
Sudan: Darfur Mediators Hand Draft Peace Agreement
Egypt's Darkest Corner Was the Forerunner to Guantanamo
Egypt Shows Signs of New Assertiveness Abroad
US Report Puts Egypt With Worst Religion Violators
Central African Rebels Call Ceasefire
Few People Vote in Northern Nigeria States
Ugandan Opposition Leader Detained for Fourth Time
Zimbabwe PM Vows to Crackdown on Violence
NATO General: Mass Afghan Jailbreak Not Endangering Military Gains
Karzai Considers Military Draft in Afghanistan
What Obama's Security Team Shakeup Means for Afghanistan
Afghan Who Says He Joined Prison Escape Gives Details
Afghan Prison's Warden, Other Officials Arrested in Wake of Mass Escape
Strategic Shift in Afghanistan Seen Under New US Envoy
US Military Dismayed by Delays in 3 Key Development Projects in Afghanistan
Kandahar Jail Governor Detained After Mass Breakout
UN Cites Progress After Afghan Police Pay Audit
Afghan Women Train for Olympic Boxing
Pakistan Clash Kills 29
Unity Among North Waziristan Groups Crumbles
Deadly Bomb Hits Pakistan Navy Bus, Third This Week
Target Killing in Karachi Claims Six More Lives
Clashes Erupt as Separatist Leader Held in Kashmir
Carter Accuses South Korea, US of Withholding Food From North
North Korea to Run Out of Food in June: Aid Group
North Korea Boat Retreats After Warning Shots Fired: South
North Korea Makes Progress at Nuclear Site: Images
North Korea's Kim Ready for S. Korea Summit: Carter
Thai-Cambodia Clashes Resume Despite Truce
Domestic Politics Fuel Thai-Cambodian Dispute
US Envoy Says Rights Talks With China Yield Little
US Raps China for 'Serious Backsliding' on Rights
China Calls Tibet Exile Govt 'Illegal' After Vote
Australia to Boost Military Ties With China
Taiwan Official Sentenced for Spying for China
Okinawans Sue Japan Govt Over US Aircraft Noise

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

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