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Updated May 6, 2011 - 11:25 PM EDT
Al-Qaeda Confirms Osama bin Laden Dead
  Pentagon Backtracks on Claims That bin Laden Put Up a Fight
Pakistan Warns US Against Further Raids
  First US Drone Strike in Pakistan Since bin Laden Raid Kills 17
  Pakistan Wants to Reduce US Troops to 'Minimum Essential'
  Bin Laden, Zawahiri Had Split, Pakistani Says
  Obama's Pakistan Policy Sets Low Bar for Aid Requirements
  US-Pakistan Relations in Trouble
30 Killed on Another Syrian 'Day of Defiance'
  Obama Pressed to Take Stronger Action Against Assad
Libya's Long Slog Shows No Signs of Progress
  Rome Meeting on Libya Boosts Efforts to Exit Crisis
  In Libya, an Eerie Quiet on the Eastern Front
US Drone Kills 2 Suspected Militants in Yemen
Thursday in Iraq: 40 Killed, 100 Wounded
Congressional Calls to End Afghan War Unlikely to Advance
Osama bin Laden's American Legacy  by Tom Engelhardt
What Has bin Laden's Killing Wrought?  by Ray McGovern
The Cost of Getting bin Laden: Lost Lives, Lost Dollars, and Lost Liberty  by Andrea Millen Rich
Vanishing American Footprint  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Phony Antiwar Movement  by Glen Ford
Show Us the Shooter  by Pepe Escobar

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Who Is Bradley Manning?
Al-Qaeda Suspect Confesses as German Trial Opens
Israel Defense Minister: Iran Won't Bomb US
Archbishop of Canterbury Voices Unease Over bin Laden Killing
Panetta: 25-Minute Blackout During bin Laden Raid
Firefox Refuses Homeland Security Demand to Drop Seized-Domain Workaround
Libya at War
Libya Rebels Red-Faced After Diplomatic Gaffe
Hundreds of Millions Pledged for Libya Rebels
Gadhafi Stages Event to Show Libyan Tribal Unity
800 Evacuated From Misrata to Benghazi
In Rebel-Held Libya, Police Have New Priority: Fighting Crime
In Battle-Scarred Libyan City of Misrata, Volunteers Search for Unburied Dead — Friend or Foe
Libya and the World
Rome Libya Talks End With Unity Show, but Limited Progress
Canada Denies Recognizing Rebels as Libya Government
Spain Says It Hasn't Officially Recognized Libyan Rebels
US Wants to Give Frozen Libyan Assets to Rebels
Hague Wants 'Tempo' of Libya Military Operation Increased
UK Expels Two Libyan Diplomats
US Sanctions Libya State Broadcaster
686,000 Libya Refugees Flee to Egypt, Tunisia
Gadhafi's Ukrainian Nurse Seeks Asylum in Norway
Ben Ali Loyalists Threaten Coup if Tunisian Islamists Take Power
Tunisia's Ben Ali to Face Charges Over Deaths
Ivory Coast
Ivorian Court Confirms Ouattara as President
Millions in Laurent Gbagbo Assets Frozen in Switzerland
Mubarak's Security Boss Jailed for 12 Years
After Mubarak, the Military Fist
Armed Gang Shoots Soldier Dead in North Sinai
Security Boosted in Nigerian State for Mop-Up Vote
Police: Officer, Child Shot to Death by Sect in Northeast Nigeria; 3 Boys Die in Explosion
Sudan Divides Darfur in Five Smaller States
Morocco Arrests 3 in Deadly Marrakech Bombing
War Crimes in Africa on Trial in Germany
Mugabe Negotiations 'Frustrating' but Key: Tsvangirai
'Syrian Troops Massing Outside Baniyas; 300 Arrested'
Syrian Forces Step Up Raids in Damascus Suburbs
Syrian Army, Intelligence Arrest Hundreds in Damascus
Rights Group Warns of 'Deraa Massacre'
US Lawmakers Urge More Sanctions on Syria
Banias Fear Amid Deraa Pullout Reports
Al Jazeera Demands Release of Journalist
Syria Turmoil Part of US-Israeli Vendetta: Iran Envoy
UN Chief Says He Raised Rights Violations With Assad
US Won't Deal With Palestinian Govt Unless Hamas Reforms
Hamas Leader in Gaza Urges Militant Groups to Keep Cease-Fire With Israel
Anger as Playwright Is Denied Award Over His Views on Israel
Hamas Leader Calls for Two-State Solution, but Refuses to Renounce Violence
Netanyahu: Israel Could Support Palestinian State Before September Under Right Conditions
Israeli PM Urges Clarity From Hamas
E. Jerusalem Housing Demolitions Decreased in Past Two Years
Merkel Warns Against Unilateral Recognition of Palestinian State
Israel to Buy 6th German Submarine
Car Bombing Kills 20 Iraqi Police Officers
Bin Laden May Have Little Impact on Iraq Battlefield
MP Warns of 'Underground' US Bases in Iraq After Withdrawal
Parliament Speaker: Only Iraqi Govt Can Decide Withdrawal or Not of US Forces
Thursday: 40 Iraqis Killed, 100 Wounded
With bin Laden Dead, Iran Is Israel's Greatest Fear, Israeli PM Says
US Hikers' Lawyer Hopes for Iran Verdict in Week
Iran Says GCC Accusations Over Bahrain 'Baseless'
Iran Shuts Down 'US-Backed' Satellite TV Offices
Bahrain Protester Jailed for 7 Years
UN Urges Bahrain to Free Detained Activists
Middle East
GCC Asked to Persuade Saleh to Sign Exit Plan
Kurds Blamed for Attack on Turkish PM Erdogan's Election Bus
Three Separate Protests Staged in Downtown Beirut
The Killing of bin Laden
Account Tells of One-Sided Battle in bin Laden Raid
Bin Laden 'Firefight': Only One Man Was Armed
Spy Chief, Not Pentagon, Led Raid on bin Laden
Their Fates Were Sealed
Afghanistan 'Had Abbottabad Lead Four Years Ago'
CIA Spied on bin Laden From Safe House
Pakistani Officer's Photos Show Blood, but Not bin Laden
Trail to bin Laden Began With CIA Detainee, Officials Say
Bin Laden's Death Fuels Conspiracy Theories
World Reaction
In Europe, Disquiet Over bin Laden and US
Red Cross Holds Back Judgment on bin Laden Death
German Majority Disapproves of Osama Killing, Poll Shows
For US Muslims, bin Laden's Death May Not End Stigma
UN Commission Asks US for Facts on Osama Killing
Watchdog Group Is Prepared to Sue for Photos of bin Laden
Bin Laden Raid Nets 'Significant' Information Cache
Ilyas Kashmiri Ahead in Race to Lead Qaeda
US: Al-Qaeda Plotted Against Rail Sector in 2010
Bin Laden Raid May Have Exposed Stealth Helicopter
Raid Raises Question: Who's Soldier, Who's Spy?
Bali Bomber Was Captured Down the Road of bin Laden Compound
Pakistan and bin Laden
Pakistan Pays US Lobbyists to Deny It Helped bin Laden
Pentagon Breaks Silence on Pakistani Role
Sen. Levin Believes High-Level Pakistani Officials Knew Osama bin Laden's Location
Pakistan Army Chief Orders Probe Into Intel Failure
Pakistanis Say US Shot bin Laden in 'Cold Blood'
US Will Stand by Pakistan, Clinton Says
Pakistan Plays Double Game When It Comes to Militants, Analysts Say
Key US Lawmakers Back Aid to Pakistan
Terrorist Killed, Two Injured in Mohmand Agency
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Killed in Custody Before Execution: SC Told
US Needs Pakistan Assistance to Pursue Extremists: Kerry
China Urges World to Back Pakistan
Afghan Protesters Criticize Overtures to Taliban
Mullah Omar Should Be 'Worried': US General
Ex-Taliban Fighter in 'Jihad Recruitment Bid'
Nine Insurgents Killed in Afghan, NATO Attacks
Vietnam Quashes Rare Hmong Uprising Lasting Days
India Says Pakistan Violated LOC Ceasefire in Kashmir
New Nepal Minister Accused in Civil War Killing
North Korea Hands Over Remains of RAF Pilot
Spain Publishes Map With Over 2,000 Franco-Era Mass Graves
Spanish Civil War Victims' Bodies Finally Removed From Mass Grave
Bosnian Serbs Given Ultimatum
Italy's Alarm Ends Dream of Borderless Europe After Influx of North Africans
Latvian Lawmaker Claims Hotel Popular Among Where Foreign Dignitaries Stay Is Bugged
WikiLeaks: US, Venezuela Even Fought Over McDonald's
Reporter Gunned Down in Northern Peru
Haiti's Cholera Misery: 5,000 Dead – and UN Peacekeepers to Blame
Hundreds March to Mexico City to Protest Violence
Honduran Ex-President Says Persecution Won't Stop
Cuba Ex-Minister Roca-Iglesias Jailed for Corruption
News Group Sees Argentine Media Control as Greater Danger to Free Speech Than Media Monopolies
'War on Terror'
7/7 Inquiry: MI5 Braced for Backlash Over Verdict
House Deal on Covert Programs Reached
FBI: Bomb Suspect Was Paranoid, Hated Muslims
US Military
US Padded Cost, Personnel for Relocating Marines to Guam: WikiLeaks
Pentagon Used Faulty Data to Defend Move of 6,400 Defense Workers, Report Says

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