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Updated May 14, 2011 - 10:55 PM EDT
Libya: NATO Air Strike Kills 11 Imams
  NATO Shells Red Crescent Centers in Misrata
  Obama to Continue Libya War – But Will He Ever Ask Congress?
  A Defiant Gadhafi Says He Survived Attack
  Experts Warn of Balkanization of Libya
For 2nd Time in 3 Days, NATO Kills Afghan Child
  Afghan Policeman Kills Two NATO Soldiers
Pakistan Forces 'Ready to Shoot Down US Drones'
  Bombings at Pakistan Paramilitary Base Kill 89
  ISI Chief Slams US, Offers Resignation
  Pakistani Police Doubt Bombing Was for bin Laden
  US Interviews 'Hostile' bin Laden Widows, With Pakistan Officials
  US-Pakistani Relations May Suffer After Brutal Suicide Attack
  'Game Back On' for US Drone Hits After OBL Death, Says Analyst
US Extension Key to Iraq Shi'ite Power Struggle
  US Forces' Presence a New Dispute in Kirkuk
  MP: US Wants to Remain in Iraq Another 25 Years
  Iraq Evidence 'Vindicates BBC's Dossier Claims'
Death Toll Mounts as Syria Extends Crackdown
Saleh Won't Leave Office, Vows to Stay 'By All Means'
White House: Revenge Attacks for bin Laden 'Entirely Possible'
Flow of Foreign Aid Into Mideast Is Causing Violence and Extremism  by Shikha Dalmia
Don't Get Too Excited About That Afghanistan Drawdown  by David Swanson
No End to the 'War on Terror,' No End to Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
The Defense Authorization Bill Is Awful  by Benjamin H. Friedman
What's So Important About a Declaration of War?  by Tom Mullen
Bin Laden Mission Evokes More Questions Than Answers  by David Sirota

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WikiLeaks: US Grand Jury Hearing Opens
Texas House Bans 'Offensive' Security Pat-Downs
Inside the FBI's 'Threat Matrix,' From Nuclear Urinals to Osama's USBs
Adam Gadahn: America's Next Assassination Target
Bill Clinton: Create Internet Agency to Stop 'Rumors and Disinformation'
Drone Attack Kills Three in North Waziristan
Bush Handed Blueprint to Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
Pakistan Resolution Regarding National Security, Sovereignty Passed
No Repeat of bin Laden Raid: Pakistan Parliament
Pakistan's Musharraf Vows to Return for 2013 Poll
Pakistani General Cancels US Visit
Pakistan's Spy Chief: US Continually Lets Us Down
The Killing of bin Laden
ISI Chief: Al-Qaeda Network Destroyed Before Osama's Death
'ISI Was Close to Catching bin Laden'
Bin Laden Used USB Sticks to Send Messages
Bin Laden's Other House
Defense Secretary Gates Was Worried About Silly Osama bin Laden Photoshoppers
SEALs Angry at Attention, Want It Stopped
Pakistan Ablaze With Osama bin Laden Conspiracy Theories
Europe Says Americans Slow in Sharing Intelligence From Osama bin Laden Cache in Pakistan
Bin Laden Hideout Contained 'Fairly Extensive' Porn Collection
The Gun That Killed Osama bin Laden Revealed
Bush Was 'Eating Souffle' When Obama Called With News of bin Laden's Killing
Taliban Not Exactly Heeding NATO's Call to Give Up
UK to Control Its Afghanistan Drones From England
Voters in India Oust Communists in Two States, Reject Graft-Tainted Party in a Third
Clinton: China on a 'Fool's Errand' to Stop History
China Rejects Clinton's Human Rights Comments, Says Comparisons to Mideast Wrong
Bosnian Serbs Abandon Contentious Referendum, EU Says
UK Military Covenant to Be Made Law
Migrant Group Says More Than 100 Asians, Africans Attacked During Racist Rampage in Athens
US Archive Told to Hand Over Confidential Northern Ireland Troubles Tapes
McDonald's Linked to Crackdown in Belarus Opposition Activists
Battle for Arctic Oil Intensifies as US Sends Clinton to Polar Summit
Mexican Soldiers Capture Alleged Successor to Reputed Top Sinaloa Capo 'Nacho' Coronel
Mexico Businesses on US Money-Laundering List Thrive Despite Efforts by Both Countries
Rights Activists Dismayed by US Congress' Vote Against Revealing Argentine Dictatorship Files
The War at Home
Cities Nationwide Heighten Vigilance on Terror
Allegations Upend Lives of 2 Muslims in Army
Weekend Reviews
Hail to the Tyrant
America's Greatest Enemy: Pious, Brave, Generous, and Intelligent?
Libyan Rebels Leave White House Without Official Recognition They Sought
Key US Senator Warns Obama on Libya Role
Captured Soldiers Describe Demoralized Libyan Army
Opposition to Gadhafi Grows in Libya's Capital
Libyan TV Carries Audio of Gadhafi Taunting NATO
Italy Sends 4 Frigates to Tunisia to Help in Efforts to Fight Illegal Immigration to Europe
Libyan Immigrants Flock to Italy
Libya Ends College Funding for 2,000 US Students
Mubarak's Wife Ordered Detained, Suffers Heart Attack
Islamist Leader Pursues Egypt's Presidency
Egyptians Decry Crime Wave
Tahrir Carnival Returns Amid Calls for National Unity
Report: 7 Algerian Soldiers Killed by Militants
In a Gruesome Display, Angry and War-Numb Somalis Drag Dead Soldiers' Bodies Through Streets
Ivory Coast President Says He'll Investigate All Crimes, Even by Forces Loyal to Him
Cameroon Opposition Vows to Disrupt Presidential Vote Later This Year; Claims Govt Repression
Bahrain Targets Shi'ite Religious Sites
Activists Decry US Silence on Bahrain's Crackdown
Yemen's Crisis Mounts Amid Protests, Killings
Yemeni Opposition Says GCC Plan Is 'Dead'
Yemen, Trying to Oust Saleh, Has Military and Economy Problems
Oil Minister: Yemen 'On the Brink' of Economic Collapse
Protests Across Yemen, President's Supporters Gather in Sanaa
Syria Acknowledges 'Legitimate Demands' as Protests Continue
Amid Unrest, Syria Calls for 'National Dialogue'
Report: Fingers Pointed at Syria in Hariri Probe
Australian FM Urges UN Action to Stop Syrian Regime
Britain Summons Syrian Envoy to Deliver Warning Over Violent Crackdown on Protests
Riots in Jerusalem, West Bank Ahead of Nakba Day
David Hale to Replace George Mitchell as Middle East Envoy
Rabbi Says President Obama's Half Brother Will Press for the Release of Convicted Israeli Spy
Demonstration in Baghdad Against Kuwait
Iraq Upgrades Its Oil Export Pipelines
Friday: 3 Iraqis Wounded
Middle East
Iranian Cleric Warns President Amid Power Struggle
Turkey's Erdogan Slams Facebook
Al-Jazeera TV Network Draws Criticism, Praise for Coverage of Arab Revolutions

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America the Immature and Superficial

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You Cannot Be Serious

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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