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Updated May 19, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Congressional Leaders Reach PATRIOT Act Deal
Obama's Mideast: Tension Between Words, Action
  Netanyahu Rejects Obama's Call for Withdrawal to 1967 Lines
  Palestinians Call 'Urgent' Meeting After Obama Speech
  Obama to Pledge Billions in New Mideast Aid
GOP Senators Press Obama on War Powers Act
  Are the West and al-Qaeda on the Same Side in Libya?
  Report: Gadhafi's Wife and Daughter Flee Libya
35 Afghan Road Workers Die in Taliban Ambush
  Afghan Police Kill 12 at Protest Over NATO Raid
  Karzai: NATO Killed Four Civilians in Afghan Night Raid
30 Killed, 90 Injured as Blasts Strike Kirkuk
  State Dept Eyes Massive Iraq Contractor Escalation
  Protesters Seethe in Iraqi Kurdistan After Crackdown
Gates, Mullen Declare Pakistan 'Humiliated'
  Gates: 'No Evidence' But Keeps Accusing Pak Govt of Hiding bin Laden
  Ron Paul Warns US May Try to Occupy Pakistan
Muslims Targeted in US Terrorism Cases: Report
Yemen's Saleh Bails on Transition Deal Yet Again
Somalia Shelling Kills 14 Civilians at Market
Ethiopia Rebels Say Govt Troops Kill 100 Civilians
In Libya, Britain Has Slid Into Every Interventionist Fallacy  by Simon Jenkins
Renewing the PATRIOT Act: Who Will Protect Us From Our Govt?  by John W. Whitehead
Autocrats Gain Ground in Mideast  by Alexander Smoltczyk & Volkhard Windfuhr
Imperial Secrecy  by Stephen M. Walt
Cakewalk to (Baghdad) Tehran  by Eli Clifton & Ali Gharib
Death of the War Powers Act?  by Bruce Ackerman & Oona Hathaway

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China Never Intends to Challenge US: Top General
New bin Laden Message Posted on Arab Protests
Afghan Detained at Gitmo Dies in Apparent Suicide
Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Spawn New Disease
Papers Shed Light on Activist Probe
Border Clash Hurts Kerry Effort to Restore Pakistan-US Ties
Pakistan Taliban Vow to Fight On
US Senators Urge Hillary, Gates Review Pakistan Aid
Fox News Poll: Voters Say Stop US Aid to Pakistan
7 People Shot Dead in Quetta
US Will Not Repeat Abbottabad-Like Act, Says Gilani
CIA Flew Stealth Drones Into Pakistan to Monitor bin Laden House
China Vows Lasting Support for Troubled Pakistan
Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Attack on Afghan Police
End of Mission: Canada Leaves Much Unchanged in Kandahar
Day That Claims 28 Lives Shows Range of Afghan Violence
Army Charges Sixth Lewis-Mcchord Soldier With War Crimes in Afghanistan
Rogue Afghan Police Killer 'Could Have Been Shot Dead'
Female Reporter Covers the News in Afghanistan
India Maoists Kill Seven Police, Call for General Strike
India Admits Error in 'Most-Wanted' List
Danish 'Terrorist' Fights Indian Extradition
US Jury Selected in Mumbai Terror Case
Bomb on Myanmar Train Kills 2, Injures 9
Suicide Bomber Attacks Kazakh Secret Police HQ
Judges Rap Prosecutor at Khmer Rouge Trial
Sri Lanka Urged to Scrap Emergency Powers Two Years After War
Tunisia Demands Libya Stop Cross-Border Shelling
Libya Rebels Eye OPEC Meet as Oil Minister 'Defects'
UN Seeks Deal to Allow Food, Medicine Into Libya
Libya: Four Foreign Journalists Released
Benghazi Life Reflects Harsh Libya War Reality
Egypt's Brotherhood Party Chooses Christian VP
Egypt's Army Says Has No Plans to Pardon Mubarak
Mubarak Fate Minefield for Egypt Military
Egyptian Generals Speak About Revolution, Elections
Egypt's Emergent Political Landscape Hostile to Israel, but Would Keep Treaty
Amnesty: Egypt's New Rulers Still Abusing Human Rights, Must Reform Security Agencies
Rights Group Says Military Behind Most Cases of Torture in Egypt
Tunisia Lifts Overnight Capital Curfews
DR Congo Rape Study 'Questionable'
South Sudan Border Row 'Causing Shortages'
No Torture Center at Moroccan Intelligence HQ: Official
Uganda's Yoweri Museveni Lashes Out at 'Media Enemies'
Gunmen Kill 8 in Mexican Gulf Coast State
Venezuelan Columnist, Political Activist Found Shot to Death
Uruguay's Congress Insisting on Politically Difficult Vote to Remove Dictatorship's Amnesty
Full Results Give Ecuador's Correa Referendum Win
'War on Terror'
Terror 'Franchises' of bin Laden Pose Major Global Threat Despite His Death
Authorities Hunt for Terrorists Named in Files Found at bin Laden Compound
Homeland Security Extends Protected Status for Haitians
Attempted Espionage Court Martial Begins in Va.
Obama to Visit CIA Headquarters to Thank Intelligence Community for Helping to Find bin Laden
Al-Qaeda 'Military Leader' in Iraq Arrested: Ministry
Mahdi Army Plans Show of Strength in Baghdad
Iraq Kurd Ruling Party Calls for Magazine Closure
Diyala Forces Ready to Receive Security Dossier After US Withdrawal
Kidnappers Allegedly Called Murdered Iraqi Christian's Employer
Iraqi Atomic Energy Authority Formed
Marines' Donkey Mascot Comes to US After Iraq Rescue
The Hot-Money Cowboys of Iraq
Wednesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Russia Will Not Back UN Resolution on Syria
Opposition Says 27 Killed in Syrian Village of Tal Kalakh
Assad Admits Syrian Regime's 'Mistakes' as Sanctions Are Imposed
Syria Security Forces, Protesters Clash
Al Jazeera Journalist Detained in Syria Released, Arrives in Doha
Syria Christians Fear for Religious Freedom
FIFA Rules Syria Unsafe for Olympic Qualifier
Peace Prospects Bleak for Netanyahu US Visit
Disagreement Looms as US, Israeli Leaders Meet on Stalled Peace Talks With Palestinians
Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel
Abbas Meets US Envoys Before Obama Speech
Palestinians Who Confessed to Killing Family Are Resigned to Fate, Lawyer Says
More Palestinian Reform Needed, Says World Bank
Shot Palestinian Youth Proud of Golan Protest
Bahrain Sends 8 Activists to Prison
Bahrain Begins Trials for Dissident Newspaper Editors
Bahrain Court Adjourns Shi'ite Death Sentence Appeal
Hard-Liners Call for Arrest of Ahmadinejad Aide
Iran Rejects US Sanctions as 'Psychological Warfare'
Diplomats: IAEA Fears Iran Hackers
Iran: Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant 'Successfully Launched'
Iran, Kuwait Move to Ease Diplomatic Rift
Middle East
Shi'ite and Sunni MPs in Kuwait Parliament Fistfight
Pro-Kurdish Demonstrations Continue Across Turkey
Navy: Helo Fires on Pirate Skiff in Gulf of Oman, Killing 4
Medvedev Warns of Cold War Over Missile Defense
US Says Missile Shield in Europe Not Directed at Russia
Russia's Medvedev Promises Election Decision 'Soon'
Israeli Military Attache to Moscow Expelled as Spy
Cameron Hails UK-Irish 'Relationship of Opportunity'
New Nuclear Option Sought for Britain
Trident Replacement to Go Ahead, Fox Confirms
Spanish Youth Rally in Madrid Echoes Egypt Protests
Strauss-Kahn's Arrest Stirs Up French Anti-Americanism
Portugal Outraged at German Criticism - 'Pure Colonialism'
Ukraine Weather Forecaster's Political Remarks Spark Storm
The War at Home
Antiwar Group Code Pink Counts Ron Paul in Their Camp
Defense Cuts Hit 1,000 Workers in the Washington, DC, Region
Aircraft Catches Fire at Point Mugu's Naval Air Station

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Gen. Sanchez: From Abu Ghraib to US Senate

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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