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Updated May 21, 2011 - 10:59 PM EDT
Netanyahu Rebukes Obama's Call for New Talks
  Obama to Aides: Netanyahu Won't Do What It Takes to Achieve Peace
  Netanyahu Focus on 1967 Borders Missing the Point
  Palestinian Sees Prospects of Deal Receding
  US Denies Allegations of 'Furious' Clinton-Netanyahu Exchange
Obama Misses Legal Deadline for Forces in Libya
  Obama Asks Congress to OK Libya Intervention
  NATO: Strikes Crippled Libyan Troops, Sent Gadhafi Into Hiding
WikiLeaks: The Pakistan Papers
  Cables Reveal Role of US Troops in Pakistan
  Ambassador Hopeful About US Troop Deployment in Pakistan
  Pakistan Orders a Fifth of US Special Forces Trainers to Leave
  India Red-Faced as Fugitives Are Found Not in Pakistan but at Home
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in Pakistan
German Soldiers Fired on Afghan Protesters
  Suicide Bomber Strikes Inside Kabul Military Hospital, Killing 6
Nothing We Can't Do, Obama Tells CIA
  US Will Go After al-Qaeda Leadership Anywhere: Clinton
Syrian Troops Fire During Protests; 44 Killed
Saleh Calls for Early Elections as Yemen Protests Continue
Egypt Journalists Must Clear Mubarak Reports With Military
How Dare They Bomb Pakistan, That's Our Job  by Scott A. Hill
Israel Turned the Nakba Into a 63-Year Process  by Amira Hass
Obama Should Follow His Own Advice on the 'Moral Force' of Non-Violence   by Medea Benjamin & Charles Davis
It's Time for American Troops to Leave Iraq  by Doug Bandow
The Fake Outrage of the Israel-Firsters  by MJ Rosenberg
Ending Afghan War Aids Pakistan  by Malou Innocent

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Lawyers Ask NYC Judge to Find Iran Liable for 9/11
Federal Judges Tosses Parts of Blackwater Whistleblower Suit, Other Key Claims Head to Trial
Ron Paul Responds to Obama's Mideast Speech
Is Jon Huntsman the GOP's Latest Antiwar Candidate?
US Admits Japanese-American Internment 'Mistake'
WikiLeaks Pakistan Papers
Gen. Kayani Asked for 'Continuous Predator Coverage'
Admiral Mullen Requests a Third 'Restricted Operating Zone' for US Aircraft Over Fata
India Had Insufficient Evidence Against Pakistan: Cable
Government Official Urged Follow-Up Drone Strikes
NATO Officials Bewildered by Ill-Prepared Zardari
US Criticised President's Showdown With Sharifs
Pakistan's Taliban Kill 2 in Bomb Targeting US Diplomats
Pakistan Probe Into Killings of Five Unarmed Foreigners
Punjab Cancels Six US Aid Agreements
Poverty Does Not Breed Extremism in Pakistan, Study Finds
Pakistan, India Discuss Sir Creek Border Dispute; Could Lead to More Progress
Official Says 1,700 Taliban Give Up Their Arms Over Past Year
No Court Martial for Australians Over Afghan Deaths
Journalists in Afghanistan Under Siege
Afghanistan, West Hope Farming Will Crush Taliban, Poppy Lure
Afghan Shooting: UK Soldiers Were 'Unlawfully Killed'
Confusion Over North Korean Leader's China Visit
US Envoy Presses Myanmar on North Korea Ties
US Team to Visit Pyongyang on Food Aid: Official
Japan Warns South Koreans Over Tour of Disputed Island
Taiwan Spy Case: General Lo Hsien-Che 'Had China Links'
Artist Ai Weiwei's Company 'Evaded Taxes,' Says China
UN on Back Foot in Row With Timor PM
Fiji Army Fugitive Claims Civilians Are Tortured
Tamil Tiger Faction Head Questioned in Norway
Russia Steps Up Criticism of NATO Libya Campaign
Distress Call for Thousands More African Migrants Fleeing Libya, Stranded at Chad Border
EU Warns Against Bluefin Tuna Fishing in Libya Waters
Photographer Anton Hammerl 'Killed by Libyan Troops'
South Africa: Libya Fed 'Misinformation' on Journalist
Egypt's Crackdown Now Wears Camouflage
In New Egypt, Police Talk to Human Rights Groups
Sudan Army Says South Attacked It in Hotspot of Abyei; South Accuses North of Bombing Run
US Urges South Sudan to 'Account' for Attack on North
Algeria to Hold Reform Talks, Boycotted by Opposition
Prosecutor to Probe War Crimes in Ivory Coast
Uganda Denounces, Attacks Journalists Over Coverage of Opposition-Led Protests
Kept in Chains: Few Facilities for the 1 in 3 Somalis Who Suffer Mental Illness
Rwanda's Grassroots Genocide Courts to Close
DR Congo Ex-Fighters Seek Asylum in Netherlands
Russia: US Missile Shield May Cause New Arms Race
US Missile Shield Aimed at Russia, Russian Analysis Shows
Russia Presses US for Guarantee on Missile Shield
Russian Billionaire Lebedev to Back Putin Group
Spain PM Cagey on Breaking Up Banned Protests
France Joins Poland and Germany on Wider Unity
Georgia Says Russian Slaughter of Circassians Was Genocide
2 Former Presidential Candidates in Belarus Given Suspended Sentences
Mexican Police Catch Top Gulf Drug Cartel Member, Cite Drop in Ciudad Juarez Killings
European Parliament Panel Urges Mexico to Try Military Abuse Cases in Civilian Courts
Mexican Drug War Capital Renames Itself 'Heroic'
Mexico Poet an Emblem of Nation's Drug War Carnage
Obama's Mideast Speech
World Backs Obama Palestinian Plan as Israel Digs in Heels
Palestinians Say Netanyahu Not Ready for Peace
Obama and Netanyahu Meeting Goes Into Overtime
UN, EU, Russia Back Obama's Mideast 'Vision'
Factbox: Borders in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinian Protesters Injured by Israeli Fire in Gaza
New Fleet of Gaza Blockade-Busters to Sail in June: Charity
Livni: PM Is Jeopardizing Israel'
Israeli 'Spy' Sought Info on Russia-Arab Arms Trade: FSB
25 Activists Detained at the Israeli Embassy Released With Suspended Sentences
Syria: Obama Speech Offered Nothing New
CIA Chief in Ankara to Discuss Possible Regime Change in Syria: Turkish Paper
UN to Assist Syrians Fleeing Into Lebanon as Crackdown Intensifies
US Appeals Court Panel Rejects Syria's Request to Throw Out $400m Judgment in Beheadings
Torture Fears Over Bahrain Crackdown
Bahrain Insists Open to Dialogue With Opposition
Bahrain Editors Deny Charges Amid Reports of Continuing Bloodbath
Iran Body Rules Ahmadinejad Can't Be Oil Caretaker
Pressure on Iranian President as Aide Is Held
US Revises Visa Policy in Gesture to Iranians
Spike in Violence Peaks With Bloody Blasts in Northern Iraqi City Beset by Ethnic Tensions
Iraqis Fleeing Violence in Syria, Yemen and Libya See Safety in Their Homeland
Iraq Inquiry: Campbell Hits Back Over Dossier Evidence
Human Rights Committee in Nineveh Works on Settling Detainees' Situation
Baghdad Tests Citywide Security Siren
Iraqi Police Officer's Legs Amputated in Blast
At Hussein Shrine, Nostalgia for a Strong Leader
Iraq Sticks With Lofty Oil Plan – for Now
2 Cops Killed, 8 Wounded in Mosul
Friday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Demonstrators Demand Kuwait Change Policies
Kuwait Approved Over Syria on UN Rights Council
Middle East
Gulf Arab Ministers to Meet on Yemen

US Senator Calls for Free Trade Pacts in Middle East

World Press Photo Exhibit Closes Over Mideast Row
Netherlands Grants Asylum to Ex-Judge Charged in Turkey
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Should Watch Its Back: Obama
Radical Imam Anwar al-Awlaki's Lunch at the Pentagon After September 11
Al-Qaeda Eyed Oil Tankers as Bombing Targets
Osama bin Laden Planned Easter Bomb Campaign, Files Seized in US Raid Show
Pentagon Asks Nation to 'Move On' From bin Laden
Top CIA Osama bin Laden Hunter Helped Bilk $200m From Pentagon
Watchdog Sues to See Justice Department Memo on Phone Records
Muslim Convert Charged With Threats to 'South Park' Creators
The War at Home
Wannabe Seals Pay for a Taste of Special Ops
Study Finds Data Lacking on Sailors' Exposure to Agent Orange
Fighting for the Right to Tell Lies
Farrakhan Aide Released in Guyana, Demands Apology
Shadow of Disgraced President Fujimori Looms Large in Peru Election as Daughter Runs
Ex-Honduran President Returns to Honduras on May 28
Weekend Reviews
Notes From the Underground
The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades Our Liberties
After Empire
To End All Wars: How the First World War Divided Britain

Justin Raimondo
The Wrath of Shiva

Nebojsa Malic
Empire Folds

Philip Giraldi
Some Questions for Bibi

Ivan Eland
Across-the-Board Spending Cut Proposals Go Mainstream

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Gen. Sanchez: From Abu Ghraib to US Senate

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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