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Updated May 27, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT
House Narrowly Rejects Afghan Exit Measure
  House Votes Suggest Growing War Weariness
  Eight US Troops Killed in Kandahar Blast
  House Passes $690 Billion Pentagon Bill
Congress Extends PATRIOT Act Provisions
  Two Senators Say PATRIOT Act Is Being Misinterpreted
  Under Threat From Feds, Texas Lawmakers Pull Anti-TSA Bill
House Votes to Ban US Ground Troops in Libya
  As Goal Shifts in Libya, Time Constrains NATO
  G8 Summit: Sarkozy Offers Libya's Gadhafi 'Options'
Suicide Truck Bomb Kills at Least 32 in Pakistan
  Taliban Say They Won't Target Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
  Pakistan Shuts Down US 'Intelligence Fusion' Cells
  Clinton Says US Has 'Set of Expectations' for Pakistan After bin Laden
Iraq: Massive Anti-US Rally Demands Pullout
  Moqtada al-Sadr Warns Mehdi Army Ready to Fight US
  Gunmen Kill Head of Iraqi De-Baathification Panel
  More Than 7,000 New US Troops Slotted for Iraq This Summer
40 More Killed in Growing Yemeni Civil War
Former Serbian Commander Mladic Arrested
New Iran Sanctions Could Push Petrol Prices Even Higher
While Obama's Talking Borders...  by Josef Storm
Israel and the Palestinians Through the Looking Glass  by Ira Chernus & Tom Engelhardt
Time for the United States to Confront Its Coups  by Jacob Hornberger
The American Deep State  by John Glaser
The Search for War  by Norman Solomon
The End of Hope and Change  by Conor Friedersdorf

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House Vote on Accelerated Afghanistan Withdrawal
House Vote on Fast Afghan Exit Plan
26 Republicans Join Dems on Afghan Withdrawal Vote
House Vote on PATRIOT Act Extension
Senate Vote on PATRIOT Act Extension
Walter Jones: The Antiwar Republican From N. Carolina
Japanese-Americans Not Surprised by Internment Lies
'War on Terror'
Senator Rand Paul Slams GOP for Blocking Efforts to Amend PATRIOT Act
US Seeks to Withhold Secret Data From Judge
Task Force Blasts DoD for Mishandling Intel Operations
Military Set to Lead on US Domestic Cyber-Security
Twitter Chief Hints He May Have to Divulge Users' Names
Biden Says bin Laden Raid Show President's Toughness
Obama Won't Personally Sign PATRIOT Act Extension
Swedish MPs Knew of Undercover US Agents
Pentagon Rules 8-Year Sentence Stands for Canadian Convicted at Guantanamo, Rejects Clemency
Final Suspect Convicted in Plot to Blow Up JFK Airport
US to Store Passenger Data for 15 Years
Protesters Storm Texas Capitol Shouting 'Treason' After TSA Bill Scuttled
NATO 2014 Afghan Pullout Premature: Russian Envoy
US Has Held Meetings With Aide to Taliban Leader, Officials Say
UK Ambassador Casts Doubt on Tactics in Afghanistan
NATO Coalition Touts Recent Capture of al-Qaeda Fighter in Afghanistan
NATO Says 1 Service Member Killed in Helicopter Crash in Eastern Afghanistan
Pakistan Army's Next Generation 'Anti-American, Devout Muslims'
US Fighting Uphill Battle to Convert Pakistan Military
Signs That bin Laden Weighed Seeking Pakistani Protection
Report: CIA to Examine bin Laden Compound
Baloch Separatist Movement Not Fuelled by India: US
FBI Thought Mumbai Massacre Plotter Worked for Them, Court Told
Indian State Switches to Less Costly Security for Mumbai Gunman
Witness Challenged in US Trial on Mumbai Attack
China Blasts: Fuzhou Government Buildings Hit, 2 Dead
Libya's Prime Minister Calls for Cease-Fire
Russia Called to Mediate in Libya
Gadhafi Flees to Hospitals to Dodge Bombs, Reports Say
Libya Apache Deployment Approved by David Cameron
Gadhafi Reportedly Stashes Billions in Western Institutions
Everything Seems Possible in 'Second Day of Rage'
Political Islamic Groups Take Another Step Forward Towards Political Rights
Too Many Unknowns Force Egypt to Postpone Re-Establishment of Parliament
Obama Seeks Aid for Egypt and Tunisia at Meeting
There Will Be No War Over Abyei: South Sudan
Satellite Spots Large Build-Up of Northern Sudanese Forces
UN: 1,000 Killed in Western Ivory Coast Massacres
South Africa: Somali-Owned Shops Attacked and Looted
US Military
The Army Gives You Superpowers!
Group Protests Fort Hood Deployments
Canines Help Veterans Cope With PTSD
Favorite for Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. James Cartwright Scrubbed
Pentagon Plans to Consolidate Military Health Records
Hamas Jubilant at Opening of Rafah Border, Israel Alarmed
Official: Netanyahu Can't Obstruct Palestinian Reconciliation
Activists Refuse to Send Gaza Aid Via Israel
Erekat: Israel Destroying 2-State Solution
IDF Appoints First-Ever Female Major General
Blair: Obama Anxious About Israel's Fate
Palestinians Eye $1 Bln Fund to Rebuild Gaza: Abbas Adviser
Syria Opposition Calls on Army to Join Uprising Against Assad
In New Tack, Syrians Protest at Night to Elude Forces
Russia Wary of UN Resolution on Syria, After Being 'Burned' by Agreeing to Libya Campaign
In Protest-Gripped Syria, Respect for the Law Goes Out the (Illegally-Built) Window
Yemeni Tribe Leader Vows to 'Fight Saleh to the Death'
For US, No Good Options to Nudge Yemeni Leader Out
Clashes in Yemen Spread to Tribes Beyond Capital
Thousands Flee Yemen Capital Amid Civil War Fears
Qatar Suspends Yemen Embassy Ops, Pulls Staff
US Announces Sanctions Against Israeli Company for Iran Ties
Iran Ready to Resume Talks With P5+1
Spanish Police Stop Illegal Sale of Israeli Military Helicopters to Iran
15 Out of Iraq's 18 Provinces Attend Al-Sadr Trend's Huge Demonstration on Thursday
800 Virginia National Guard Members to Deploy to Iraq for More Than a Year
Iraqi Yezidi Farmer Kidnapped in Northern Mosul
Thursday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Middle East
Saudi Troops Sent to Crush Bahrain Protests 'Had British Training'
UK Calls for G8 Financial Aid for 'Arab Spring'
Bomb Injures Eight in Busy Istanbul Shopping Area
IMF Sees $160 Billion in Middle East Financing Needs
US Offers $5 Million Reward for Russian Islamist
US Names 'Caucasus Emirate' Group to Terror List
Missile Issue a Sticking Point for Obama, Medvedev
Russia Evacuates Thousands After Military Depot Fire
Serbia and Ratko Mladic
Defense Lawyer: Mladic Says He Does Not Recognize UN War Crimes Tribunal
Report: Mladic Weak and Sick, Interrogation Interrupted
EU Urges No Delay in Ratko Mladic Transfer to the Hague
Mladic Arrest Opens Door to Serbia's Long-Sought European Union Membership
Serbia Insists on Summit Boycott
Mladic's Arrest Draws Divided Reaction in Bosnia
Witness: An Evening With Ratko Mladic
Profile: Ratko Mladic
Two Killed, 39 Injured in Georgia Protests
MI5 'Behind Real IRA Arms Bid', Vilnius Court Told
2 Ex-Presidential Candidates Jailed in Belarus
29 Dead, 700 Flee as Gang Battles Hit West Mexico
US, Mexico Press Effort to Freeze Kingpins' Cash

Justin Raimondo
AIPAC's Extremism

Philip Giraldi
The Book of Netanyahu

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U.S. Reticence on Thuggish Repression in Kurdistan

Kelley B. Vlahos
DoD Dodges Deadly Dust Data

Nebojsa Malic
Empire Folds

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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