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Updated June 7, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT

Battles Rage in Yemen 'al-Qaeda' Town, 25 Dead

  Saleh Vows to Return to Yemen Soon
  Yemen Opposition Backs Power Transfer to Vice President

NATO Pounds Tripoli With 60 Airstrikes; 29 Dead

  Report: Libya Rebels Detaining 'Pro-Gadhafi' Civilians

NATO Chief Urges Planning for Post-Gadhafi Libya


UK DefSec Fox Hails 'Successful' Libya War

6 More Years: US Could 'Train' Afghans Until 2017


Afghanistan Pullout: Could 30,000 Troops Head Home?

US Drones Pound Pakistan, Killing at Least 21
Syria: 120 Troops Killed Around Protest City
5 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Rocket Attack
Clinton Rejects French Call for Mideast Peace Talks
  Analysis: 'Blame Syria' Response to Golan Shootings Misses the Point
Researcher: Without War, Iran to Have Nukes in 2 Mos
Holding the President Accountable on Libya  by Rep. Ron Paul
Is an Attack on Iran in the Works?  by Victor Kotsev
Was Bob Gates a Great Secretary of Defense?  by Benjamin H. Friedman & Justin Logan
Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Afghanistan: Digging In  by Sheldon Richman
When Fear Trumps Liberty  by Scott Martelle

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Pakistan: The Killings of a Terrorist and a Journalist

Kansas Protests Offer Support to Bradley Manning

One in Four US Hackers 'Is an FBI Informer'


Gates: US Not Ready Yet for Smaller Afghan War

Two Policemen Killed and Five Abducted in Afghan Attack

Support for Afghan War Rises to 43%, Poll Shows


US, Pakistan Authorities Dispute Militant's Death

Pakistani Taliban Vow Revenge Attacks on US Targets


Suicide Car Bomber Kills 13 in Saddam's Hometown

US Troops Brace for Withdrawal Along Iraqi Road

Monday: 5 US Soldiers, 26 Iraqis Killed; 47 Iraqis Wounded

The War at Home

Legendary CIA Airline Now in Danger of Crashing

New Truck Blasts Missiles From the Sky - Then Targets the Shooter


India Approves $4bn Boeing Military Deal

Radical Indonesia Cleric Rejects Terrorism Charges

China: 'Nearly 100' Held in Inner Mongolia


Troops to Stay in Abyei for Now: Sudan Minister

Zimbabwe 'Phantom Voters' Exposed


Russian Human Rights Worker Beaten Outside Home

Russia and NATO Kick Off Anti-Terror Air Force Exercise


Keep Your Arab Spring Migrants, UK Tells France

UK May Cut More from Military Budget

Nationalism Fading From Serbia's Political Stage


Left-Winger Humala Wins Peru Election, Markets Plunge

Mexican Army Raids Metal Shop, Finds 2 Armored Cargo Trucks of Kind Used by Drug Gangs
Gaza Flotilla
Turkey Foreign Minister Urges Organizers to Reconsider Gaza Flotilla

UN: Possible Flotilla Should Avoid 'Unnecessary Confrontation'

Middle East

Nasrallah: US Wants to Hijack Arab Revolutions

Morocco: Peaceful Anti-Government Protests Allowed to Proceed, More Planned

Yemen Dissidents Urge Swift Action in Saleh Absence

Violence Continues as Yemenis Spar Over Transition

US Calls for Democratic Transition in Yemen

Yemenis Look to Post-Saleh Era, but Future Unclear

Wounded Saleh Vows to Return to Yemen. Can Saudis Stop Him?

British Marines Prepare to Land in Yemen to Rescue Citizens


Libyan Rebels Retake Town in West

Libya Rebels Want US Recognition for Access to Cash

Libya Government Fails to Fully Prove Claims of NATO Casualties

In Attempts to Show NATO Damage, Libyan Officials Sometimes Claim the Absurd

Rights Group Says Libyan Rebels Detain Gadhafi Supporters

Switzerland to Prosecute Libya for 'Taking Hostages,' Blackmail in Row Over Gadhafi Son Arrest

Egyptians Feel Positive About Their Future, Gallup Poll Finds

On Anniversary of Khaled Said's Death, Complaints of Police Brutality, Corruption in Egypt

Bahrain Police 'Target Shia Processions'

Bahrain Medical Staff 'Tortured for Confessions'

Bahrain Media Charges That US Backs Regime's Overthrow

Iraq's Chalabi Takes on Bahrain, Loses First Round


Egypt, Hamas Argue Over Gaza Border Crossing

Poll: 77% of Israelis Oppose Peace on Pre-'67 Lines

Israelis, Palestinians Holding Separate Covert Talks With Washington
Israel's Plan to Forcibly Remove 30,000 Bedouin Slammed as Cruel

Israel: Cyborgs Could Be Key in Between Conventional Wars


Lebanon Palestinians Protest Golan Deaths

J Street: PM Refuses to Meet Delegation

Israel-Syria Clash

Israel: Protests Show Fight Over State's Existence

Israeli Border Breach on Golan Heights to Continue

Netanyahu Accuses Syria of Abetting Border Clash

Syrian Opposition: Anti-Israel Protesters Paid $1,000

Israel and Syria Dispute Toll in Pro-Palestinian Protests


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