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Updated June 9, 2011 - 8:56 PM EDT
Pentagon Sees Libya War Costs Soar
  NATO to Hit Libya Rebels if They Attack Civilians
  Gadhafi Forces Advance on Libya's Misrata: Rebels
  Libya Rebels Blame Lack of NATO Help for Stalemate
  Mullen: No Idea How Long War Will Last Before Gadhafi Leaves
US Drones Kill 45 Pakistanis in Three Days
  Pakistan Expels US Military Trainers From Tribal Areas
US Escalating Secret Yemen Airstrikes
  Military Defectors Attack Yemeni Protesters, Witnesses Say
White House Disputes Senate Afghanistan Report
  Debate Rages Over US Withdrawal from Afghanistan
  Gates Wants 'Joint Bases' for Long-Term Presence in Afghanistan
  US Warns Withdrawal Will Leave Afghanistan in 'Economic Crisis'
  Obama Sorry for Afghan Deaths
US Can't Justify Its Drug War Spending, Reports Say
US Affirms Relationship With Bahrain, Crackdown Continues
Threat of Attack on Iran Recedes, but Tensions Remain High
The 'Cheney Brigades': A Second Chance for War Advocates to Fight  by Doug Bandow
If Libya Is a Success, What Would Be a Failure?  by Scott A. Hill
The Impossible Distance: A Choice to Kill  by Chris Floyd
Down With the Dictator  by Lew Rockwell
Bigger than Blackwater: Arming the UAE  by Hannah Gurman
Enhanced Embellishment Techniques  by Peter Certo

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Egypt Takes Sweet Time Opening Promised Rafah Crossing
Ministers Approve 'Simpler,' More Affordable NATO
Bin Laden's Deputy Says Muslims Worldwide Will Destroy America
Tunisia Postpones Election, Possibly Aiding New Parties
NATO: No Troops on Ground in Post-Conflict Libya
Libya Rebels Urged to Stop Arbitrary Arrests
Air Campaign: US Asks More NATO Allies to Join Libya War
Anticipation in Tripoli as Net Tightens on Gadhafi
Medic: Shelling Kills 10 Rebels in Western Libya
Western, Arab Talks to Focus on Libya End-Game
Libya Rebels Seek to Break Out of Misrata
Silence in Tripoli After Day-Long NATO Bombardment
Gadhafi Investigated Over Use of Rape as Weapon
Gadhafi First to Face ICC 'Disappearance' Charge
Deadly Clashes Across Sudan Oil State: UN
Darfur's Violence Displaces 70,000 People in Six Months
Bashir Committing New Crimes in Darfur: Prosecutor
Ivory Coast
EU Court Annuls Asset Freeze on Laurent Gbagbo's Wife
US Lawmakers Call for Reduced Role in Afghanistan
Taliban Admit Killing Bamiyan Council Head Jawad Zahak
Ambassador Nominee Says Afghanistan Not Hopeless
Afghans Want Taliban Dropped From UN Sanctions List
Vital for Pakistan to Do More Against Terrorists: US
Unlikely bin Laden in Abbottabad for 5 Years: Ex-ISI Head
Pakistan Plays Down Iranian Warning on Nuclear Assets
Military Chief 'Confirms First China Aircraft Carrier'
Man Gets Death in China Case Sparking Mongol Unrest
UN Panel Presses China on Tibetan Monks
Indian Guru Threatens to Form Yoga Militia
Injustice May Spark Fresh Kyrgyzstan Violence
The War at Home
Gates Departure Could Bring a Makeover for Obama on National Security
Case Against Ex-NSA Manager Accused of Mishandling Classified Files Narrows
Big 5 Defense Contractors Not Hurt by Their Multiple Cases of Misconduct
Yemen's Opposition Growing More Fragmented
Yemen's Opposition Tries to Keep President Saleh Out
US Fears Growth of al-Qaeda in Yemen as Country Fractures
Political Talks Open as Saleh Recovers in Riyadh
Thousands of Troops March on Syrian Town
Britain and France Circulate New Anti-Syria Resolution at the UN
Syrian Ambassador to France Denies Resigning
Syrian Leader's Brother Seen as Enforcer of Crackdown
Hundreds in Syria Flee to Turkey, Fearing Army Assault
Syrian 'Security Force Sniper' Victims in Turkish Hospitals
Erdogan: Turkey Will Not 'Close Its Doors' to Syrian Refugees
Syrian Refugee: Choppers Fired at Us
Palestinian Protests Divide Village on Israel-Syria Border
UN Says West Bank Economy Not Flourishing
PA Bans Journalists From Reporting Human Rights Abuses
Sderot Rocket Victims Sue Gaza Aid Groups
Egypt Reopens Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza After Dispute
US Oversight of Iraq Police Training Firm Faulted
Report: US Considering Two Options for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
Iraq Denies Torturing Detained Protesters
Iraq Frees 4 Jailed Protest Organizers
Iraq Govt Struggles to Cool Anger Over Daily Woes
Cop, 3 Civilians Injured in Baghdad Blast
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 7 Iraqis Killed; 16 Iraqis Wounded
Middle East
Bahrain Bans Opposition Seminar on Crackdown
In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace, for Now
Iran: Israel and US Are Trying to Provoke a Regional War
Top Brazil Court Denies Italy's Extradition Request, Votes to Free Former Italian Militant
'War on Terror'
Bin Laden Deputy Eulogizes al-Qaeda Chief
Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Appears on Video but Doesn't Assert Leadership
Secret Cyber-Warriors: Our War on Whitehall

Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul vs. the GOP Establishment

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Target: Iran

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Accelerate Withdrawals From Afghanistan and Iraq

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CNAS Conference Becomes 'Thumbsucker'

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Conjuring the Black Hat

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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You Cannot Be Serious

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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