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Updated June 16, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Citing War Strain, Pentagon Warns Against Cuts
  Neocons Losing Hold Over Republican Foreign Policy
  GOP Foreign Policy Divisions
  Lindsey Graham Gives Thumbs-Down to 'Dovish' 2012 Field
Mullen Vows Long-Term US Afghan Presence
  Senators Press for Sizable Afghanistan Withdrawal in July
  On Afghan Drawdown, the Debate Gets Louder
  Karzai to Step Down as Afghan Leader in 2014: Gates
Obama: War Powers Act Doesn't Apply to Libya
  Lawmakers Sue President Obama Over Libya
  NATO Chief: UN Must Be Ready to 'Step In' After Gadhafi
  Libya's Rebels Fight Village by Village as Strains Show in Alliance
  Questions About the Libyan Sex Atrocity Reporting
US-Pakistan Relations 'On a Collision Course'
  250 Afghan Militants Attack Pakistani Village; 6 Dead
  Pakistan Informant Arrest Reports Fuel US Concerns
Militia Set Up Within Iraqi Interior Ministry: Maliki
  US Helicopters Attack 'Suspects' in Basra
  Auditor Disputes Report About $6.6 Billion in Iraq Money Being Stolen
CIA's Drones Join Shadow War Over Yemen
  US Official Insist CIA Drone Strike Escalation in Yemen Far From Over
  Protesters Disagree on Tactics as Saleh Remains in Saudi Arabia
Mines Kill 7 Iranian Troops on Iraq Border
Czech Republic Pulls Out of US Missile Shield
Netanyahu: No Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Exit Afghanistan and Dismantle the Empire  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Foreign Intervention Is Not Welcome in Syria  by Chris Doyle
Presidency Grows Even More Imperial  by A. Barton Hinkle
Yet Another Illegal War – Now in Yemen  by Glenn Greenwald
Time to Get Out of Afghanistan  by Doug Bandow
Israel's Jewish Exodus  by Lawrence Davidson

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Gates Says NATO Alliance in Danger of Breaking
NATO Chief Urges Europeans to Boost Defense Spending
Bipartisan Bill Would End Government's Warrantless GPS Tracking
The War at Home
Hacking Group Says It Brought Down CIA Site
Huntsman Goes From 'Wobbly' to Antiwar
Senate Panel Blocks Funding for Major Military Projects in Pacific
Top Charge Gone From NYC Terror Plot Case
TSA Ruin Honeymoon for Ohio Newlyweds
Army Writes New Manual on Preventing Civilian Deaths
Congress Holds Second Hearings on 'Violent Islam'
Petraeus Set to Present Afghanistan Plans, Prep for CIA
Bradley Manning Supporters Rally at WikiLeaks Federal Grand Jury
WikiLeaks Grand Jury Witness David House Refuses to Testify, Invokes Fifth Amendment
Lynndie England Testifying Before WikiLeaks Grand Jury Today
WikiLeaks Spokesman Treads Carefully
Assange Lunch to Raise Funds for WikiLeaks
Eleven Dead in Twin Afghan Suicide Blasts
Focus of Afghan War Is Shifting Eastward
Neocons Slam Romney on Afghanistan
Being an Afghan Film Actress Is No Role for the Faint-Hearted
Karzai: Afghan Forces Will Take Charge of Security by 2014
Judge: Prison for Contractor in Afghan Shooting
Pentagon in Search of 'Secret' Farmers for Afghanistan
Pakistanis Accused of CIA Collusion Over bin Laden Raid
Linchpin in Hunt for bin Laden Back With al-Qaeda
Pakistan-US Security Relationship at Lowest Point Since 2001, Officials Say
Why Has Pakistan Targeted Informants Who Helped Track bin Laden?
Pakistan Says Officer Who Helped CIA Track bin Laden Wasn't Detained
Defense Chiefs Grilled on Pakistan Duplicity
Ethnic Violence Claims 15 Lives in Southern Pakistan City
General Kayani Is Said to Cling to Job in Pakistan
Terror Leader Lives Freely Near Pakistani Capital
Pakistani Journalists Demand Justice for Murdered Colleague
India Withdraws Helicopters From Congo War
Boeing to Build 10 C-17 Airlifters for India
Sri Lanka
New Documentary Shows Sri Lanka 'War Crimes'
UK Presses Sri Lanka Over Channel 4's 'War Crimes' Film
UK Sri Lanka Tamils Fear Forced Deportation
Beijing Battling Protest Fires on All Fronts
Residents Describe 'Scary' China Riots
China Pledges to Improve Lives in Inner Mongolia
Kissinger, Huntsman: US, China Need Cyber Detente
More Leaked Documents Highlight Khmer Rouge Tribunal Under Fire in Cambodia
Khmer Rouge Tribunal: UN Rebuffs Cambodia Criticism
Myanmar Troops and Kachin Militia Clash
Kachin Fighters 'Destroy Bridges'
Philippine Officials Verifying Mania Terror Plot
US Issues Terror-Related Travel Warning for Philippines
Nine North Koreans Defect to South by Boat
BBC Journalist Detained in Tajikistan
Army Chief Urges Thais Not to Repeat Past Choices
China and Allies Back Russia Against US Missile Shield
Dagestan Imam Is Latest Moderate Muslim Murder Victim
Khodorkovsky 'Sent to North Russian Prison Camp'
Bosnian Serb Leader Says to Forget About EU if Republic Can't Keep Autonomy
Mexico Drug War: US Sting 'Let Cartels Buy Guns'
US Agents Slam Gun Sting Effort on Mexico Border
Mexican Prosecutor Says Freeing of Ex-Mayor Could Allow Impunity in Illegal Weapons
Governor's Bodyguards Found Dismembered in Mexico
Mexican Journalists Urge US to Grant Them Asylum
Mexican Police Capture Suspected Teenage Assassins
NBA and State Dept. Team Up on Trip to Venezuela
Australian Forces Receive 'Very Many' Abuse Claims
Six Kurdish Rebels Surrender to Turkish Security Forces in Southeast
Turkey Releases 14 Suspects Detained in Sweep Against Alleged Computer Hacking Group
Libya Mission to Cost $1.1 Bln by Sept 30: White House
NATO Sliding Towards Libyan Ground War: Russian Envoy
Niger Govt Believes Arms Haul Comes From Libya
Google and a Notebook: The Weapons Helping to Beat Gadhafi in Libya
Libya Lawsuit Isn't First Congressional Case on War Powers
Libyan Rebels Take New Villages in Western Mountains
27 Libyan Soldiers Flee Fighting to Tunisia
Libya's Rebel Government Seeks $3.5 Billion in Aid as Oil Production Stops
Britain Urges Africa to Tell Libya's Gadhafi to Quit
Sudan Border State Airstrikes May Have Killed 64: UN
North, South Sudan Clash Before Split: South Army
Fighting Takes Ominous Turn in Central Sudan
Khartoum Ignores Obama's Plea for Peace as Troops Drive South
60,000 Flee South Kordofan Fighting, UN Says
Sudan Leader Al-Bashir to Skip Malaysia Forum Amid Calls to Arrest Him on War Crime Charges
UN Rights Chief Concerned About New Ivory Coast Army
Fazul Abdullah Mohammed's South Africa Passport 'Fake'
Police Destroy Bomb Near Local Oil Workers' Quarters in Northern Nigeria, No Casualties
Somali Pirate Reports Fire Aboard Hijacked Ship
Syria Troops Move in to Volatile Sunni Eastern Province
Syrian Forces Let Palestinians Cross Ceasefire Line: UN
Syrians Flee Northern Town as Tanks Deploy in East
Turkey's Erdogan Presses Assad's Envoy Over Unrest
With Flag Rally, Syria Papers Over Rifts
UN Chief Renews Mandate for Golan Peacekeeping Force
German Archaeologists Cancel Syria Project Because of Unrest
UN Human Rights Office Cites Brutal Syrian Repression
US Lists Ally Bahrain With Human Rights Violators Iran, Syria
Bahrain Ex-Editor Tells Court Misled on Internet
US Envoy: Bahrain Detainees Need Rights Protection
Bahrain Grand Prix Removed From Formula One's 2011 Calendar
Bahrain to Sue the UK Independent for 'Libel'
Even in Custody, Bahrain Activists Use Twitter to Protest
US Pushes for 'National Dialogue' to Solve Bahrain Unrest
Bahrain Court Allows Journalists to Call Witnesses
Militants Make Incursion in Southern Yemen City Hawta
Three Killed in Attack on South Yemen Govt Complex
Yemen Opposition Shrugs Off Gulf Mediation Offer
China, Russia Press Ahmadinejad at Rare Meeting
Iran's President Calls for Post-Soviet Security Alliance to Unite in Alliance Against West
Iran Launches Homemade Satellite Into Orbit
UN Report Debunks Israel's Naksa Propaganda
European Parliament: East Jerusalem Should Be Palestinian Capital
Opposition: Netanyahu Isolated Israel
Israeli Troops Shoot Two Palestinians in West Bank
Israel Holds Drill for Next Gaza-Bound Flotilla
French Flotilla Ship Won't Sail
Jordan's King Warns Mideast Peace Prospects Are Dim
China Seeks Further Military Tie With Israel
Settler Says Shot Palestinian to Death in Self-Defense
US Envoys Try to Renew Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Convert Faces Constant Threats From Settlers
Spain Wants Mideast Talks to Resume This Year
Lebanon Should Respect Laws, Borders: Israel
Israel Says Ready to Negotiate With Lebanese Government
Co-Founder of Syria's Ba'ath Party Kidnapped in Lebanon: Daughter
US Troops Should Stay in Iraq: Iraq Governor
In Baghdad, Control Remains Elusive
Iraqi PM Overhauling His Bureaucracy
Five Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Shootings
The Secret History of Iraq's Invisible War
Iraqi Kurds Urge Govt to Back Syrian Protesters
Wednesday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded
Middle East
Twitter and Facebook Are Backbone of Saudi Dissent
After Mubarak Activism, Egyptian Women Battle for Equality

Justin Raimondo
If This Be 'Isolationism'. . .

Philip Giraldi
La Nation Building du Jour

Ivan Eland
Triumphalism Hides Many Important Foreign-Policy Failures

Kelley B. Vlahos
Diplomat: I Helped Lose Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Conjuring the Black Hat

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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