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Updated June 23, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Minor Withdrawal in Afghanistan, War Continues
  In Afghanistan, Drawdown Doesn't Ring True

Under Obama, US Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold


Generals Accuse Obama of Cutting Troops to Win Votes

Boehner: House May Refuse to OK Libya War

  Italy Demands Immediate End to Libyan War
  Steny Hoyer: Defunding Libya War Would 'Undermine' NATO

Arab League Chief Questions Libya Tactics

To Placate US, Pakistan Promises CIA Visas
  India, Pakistan to Hold Thursday Peace Talks

Pakistani Brigadier Held for Links With CIA-Backed Militants

Iraq Bombings Kill 34, Including US Contractor
State Dept Official in Yemen for Talks With Govt

China Warns US to Stay Out of Maritime Spat

Israel Escalates Demolitions of Palestinian Homes

Clinton: $300M More to Expand Central American Drug War

Obama Shops for Libya Advice That Lets Him Ignore the Law  by Jacob Sullum
Saints Go Marching In  by David Rieff
If Our Troops Are 'Warriors' and 'Warfighters,' How Can They Not Fight Wars?  by William Astore
Do We Stay or Do We Go Now?  by Malou Innocent
Why the US Is Stuck With NATO's Bill  by Ted C. Fishman
Harold Koh Is the Gollum of Foggy Bottom  by Gene Healy

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Libya Boosts Euro Fighter Jets at Paris Air Show

Former CIA Agent Glenn Carle Reveals Bush Admin Effort to Smear Juan Cole

Air Force: Unmanned Aircraft Hit 1 Million Combat Hours

US Conducting 'Mass Surveillance' Against Arab World: Report

Obama's Drawdown in Afghanistan Will Shift Tactics in War

Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma: High Costs, War-Weary Public

Afghanistan: Where Do the Republican Presidential Candidates Stand?

Obama's Troop Announcement Could Have Big Repercussions

Petraeus to Hand Off Afghan Command Sooner Than Expected

Afghan Troop Withdrawal: David Cameron Set to Order More British Troops Home

Afghan Govt Says Its Army Ready for US Drawdown

NATO: Taliban Behind 'Most' Afghan Civilian Casualties

Canada Says Documents Clear Its Troops of Allegation They Knew of Torture of Afghan Detainees

Eight Afghan Police Killed in Checkpoint Attack

Fighting Ghosts in Deadly Afghan Theater


Iraq Demands US Hand Back Billions of Missing Oil Revenue

US Forces Hand Over Security Post in Basra

Iranian Oil Delegation Attacked in Baghdad

President Talabani Receives US Ambassador

Sadr Rattles Saber at Iran

For Baghdad's Poor, City Garbage Brings in the Bread

Wednesday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 43 Wounded


Israeli Warplanes Carry Out Strike in Gaza

Israel Begins Dismantling Illegal Section of West Bank Barrier

Israeli Leaders Test Nuclear Bunker in Defense Drill

US Warns Citizens: Don't Go to Gaza by Sea

Saudis Give $70m for Palestinian Housing in Gaza

Egypt Allows Supplies Into Gaza

The War at Home

Obama Signs US Army Cyberwar Guidelines

Marine Reservist Linked to Military Building Shootings

Supreme Court to Reconsider Lawsuits Against the Military

Are Aircraft Carriers Slowly Becoming Obsolete?

'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Operative Lost $20m in Investments With US Firm, Feds Move to Seize Funds

2 Congressmen Call for Honolulu TSA Probe

US Dumping Plans on Container Scans: Homeland Security Chief


UN Says 73,000 Flee Sudan Border State Fighting

Sudan: Ethiopia to Deploy Over 3,000-Strong Force in Abyei

North Sudan Flexes Military Might Before Split

Sudan Threatens to Block Southern Oil Pipeline

Drug War/Latin America

US Ramps Up Central America Drug War

Mexico Captures 'La Familia' Drug Boss

Arrested Mexican Drug Lord's Story Shows How Cartels Have Mutated Under Government Crackdown

Senate Braces for Long Libya Debate

Senate's McConnell Won't Say Where He Stands on Libya War

Boehner Says Obama Lacks House Support for Libya

Libya Ceasefire Would Prolong Conflict: NATO General

Faced With Congressional Revolt on Libya, Clinton Asks, 'Whose Side Are You On?'

NATO Divided Over Libya as Britain's Bill Hits £250 Million


60 Al-Qaeda Prisoners Escape From Southern Yemen Jail

Yemen's VP Meets Opposition Over Truce Deal

Yemen General Says Opposition Will Be Ally Against Terrorism

Osama's Widow to Return to Yemen


Bahraini Shi'ites Defy Crackdown as Eight Given Life Sentences

Iran Summons Bahraini Envoy

ElBaradei Wants to Be Egypt's President, but Only if He Can Reform the Country
Young Members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Launch Separate Political Party, Could Be Expelled

Analysis: Egypt Army May Pull Strings From Barracks in Future

US Congressman Calls on Egypt to Release American-Israeli Accused of Spying for Israel
Middle East

Arab Uprisings: Europe's Other Crisis

2 Months of Consultations for Reforming Algeria's Constitution Complete

Two Policemen Killed in Mine Blast in Eastern Turkey

Need and Misery Overwhelm Makeshift Clinic in Syria Camp

Iran Shipping Company Rejects US Indictments

Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Compromise on Nuclear Demands

Iran Reports Arrest of US Spy Ring


Pakistan Courts China as Relations With US Grow Strained

South Korea Builds New Refugee Center for N. Koreans

Vigil for BBC Reporter Detained in Tajikistan


Manila: US Obliged to Defend Filipinos Against China in Spratlys

China Says No Cyber Warfare Between It, US

Artist Ai Weiwei Released by China, Says He's Fine

Chongqing, Home of China's 'Red' Revival

In Other News

News Photographer Injured in Belfast Rioting

KGB in Belarus Traces Social Media Activists to Prevent Rally as Police Detain Hundreds

WikiLeaks: Venezuelan Prelates Defied Pope to Bash Chávez


Justin Raimondo
The War Against ‘Isolationism’

Philip Giraldi
Something Rotten This Way Comes

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Republicans Bungle War-Powers Pushback

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Left, Right on a Date in DC

Nebojsa Malic
Conjuring the Black Hat

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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