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Updated June 29, 2011 - 11:23 PM EDT

Obama: War-Powers Questions 'Defend' Gadhafi

  Senate Committee Votes to Authorize US Role in Libya
  Libyan Base Falls to a Rebel Ambush in the West
  Prosecutor Sees Gadhafi Endgame, China Cautious
21 Dead After Taliban Attack on Kabul Hotel
  'Omar Is Flexible': Former Members Trying to Coax Taliban to Table
  Leaving Afghanistan Soon? Not Exactly
Senate Hearing Centers on Slamming Pakistan
  Saleem Shahzad Murder Inquiry Starts
Activists: Over 1,000 Syrians Detained Over Past Week
Saleh 'Ruling' From Hospital Bed in Saudi Arabia
  Yemen Regime Escalates Attacks, Eyes Strikes on Tribesmen
A Message for Israel and Evangelicals: Genesis Isn't a Policy Guide  by Walter Rodgers
Mission Accomplished? What Mission, Exactly?  by Tim Black
Beware the Depends Bomber?  by Gene Healy
Let the Flotilla Go  Haaretz
War Fever Subsides in Washington  by Andrew J. Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Idolizing Absolute Power: The Pro-Assassination Crowd  by James Bovard

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UAE Wanted Armed Predator Drones

Uganda and Burundi to Get US Drones to Fight Islamists

At End, bin Laden Wasn't Running al-Qaeda, Officials Say

A Zionist Fights for Palestinian Rights

US, Afghan Forces Target Mountains

Afghan Officials Lash Out at Former Central Bank Head Who Fled to US

Blackwater Guard Jailed Over Afghan Shooting

Petraeus's Unfinished Legacy in Afghanistan


Pakistan Detained, Then Released, Many After bin Laden Raid

Ministers in South Pakistan Quit

Pakistan's Nuclear Bomb: 'We May Be Naive, but We Are Not Idiots'

How Pakistan's Imran Khan Taps Anti-Americanism to Fuel Political Rise
India Releases 14 Pakistani Prisoners

US Forces 'Disappointed' by Iraq Freeing Bomb Suspects

Basra Provincial Council Kicks Out US Soldier 'Escorts'

Admiral: US Commando Team Should Stay in Iraq

Iraq's Kurds Fear Border Disputes

Iraqi Pilgrims Swarm Baghdad to Mark Imam's Death

Tuesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded

Did the Israeli Prime Minister's Office Distribute a Fake Anti-Flotilla Video?

Israel Ramps Up PR Campaign Against Gaza Aid Flotilla

Israeli Advocacy Group Delays Departure of Gaza-Bound Flotilla

A Bountiful Harvest, Rooted in a Former Settlement's Soil


Iran's War Games Go Underground

Iran Fires Missiles in Second Day of War Games

Iran 'Showed Russia Downed US Drones'

Iran Says to Counter 'Inhuman' Airline Sanctions

Iran Blasts US, Allies on Their WMD Arsenals


UN Concerned at Fate of 7,000 Missing Sudanese

Sudan Signs Pact With Opposition Forces

Sudan Seeks $1 Billion in Darfur Water-For-Peace Bid

In Other News

Russian Military Test-Fires New Missile

Taiwan's President Says Efforts to Procure Advanced F-16s From US 'Not Going Smoothly'

Chavez Health Saga Keeps Venezuela Guessing

UN Renews Congo Peacekeepers in Light of Rape Epidemic


Germany Willing to Supply Weapons for Libyan War

Libya: Hospitals in Rebel-Held Benghazi 'Face Crisis'

War Crimes Prosecutor Courts Gadhafi Aides

Arrest Warrant for Gadhafi May Complicate Libya Situation

Libya Mission Brings John McCain and John Kerry Together Again


Yemen May Use Force to Retake Oil Pipeline

Report: Somali 'Shabaab' Mercenaries Pour Into Yemen as Unrest Continues

Protesters, Police Clash in Cairo

Bloggers Report on New Clashes in Cairo

Egyptian Poll Results Favor Peace With Israel

Middle East

Saudis to Pull Some Troops Out of Bahrain

In Fleeing Security Forces, Syrians Get an Unexpected Taste of Freedom

Villagers Pelt UN Troops With Stones in Southern Lebanon


Think Tank Fears War Over South China Sea

China Denies Ship Active in Japan Waters

Philippine-US Joint Naval Drill Amid Tension With China


N. Korea 'Engaged' in UN Arms Control Talks

North Korea Slashes Food Rations: Aid Worker

'War on Terror'

Challenge to UK Rules on Overseas Torture

Latest Guantánamo Prison Camp Suicide Was 'Indefinite Detainee'

The War at Home
Judge May Order Reporter to Testify Against Ex-CIA Officer Accused of Leaks
Adm. McRaven: Obama Administration Has No Plan for Captured Terrorists
Arlington Cemetery's Mishandling of Remains Prompts FBI Criminal Probe

Pawlenty Emerges as Hawk in GOP Field

Lessons From the Gates War Room

House Allows Members to Skype

'Don't Ask' Leak Can't Be Traced by Department of Defense Inspector General

Justin Raimondo
It’s 'Kinetic,' So Don’t Get Frenetic

Ivan Eland
Like Nixon, Obama Will Waste Lives to Get Reelected

Kelley B. Vlahos
Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

Nebojsa Malic
Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Philip Giraldi
Something Rotten This Way Comes

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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