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Updated June 30, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Rejects Pakistani Demand to Leave Air Base
US Wars Cost $4 Trillion, Directly Kill 258,000
World Slams Armament, Rebels Demand More

Obama: War-Powers Questions 'Defend' Gadhafi


ICC Warrant 'Pours Oil on Fire' in Libya, African Union Says


Libya Mission Becomes a Burden for Obama

20 Civilians Killed in Afghan Mine Bus Blast

21 Dead After Taliban Attack on Kabul Hotel


Hotel Attack Won't Stop Security Handover, Afghan Officials Say

Yemen Kills 4 Civilians in Failed Retaking of City

Strategic Site Is Captured by Militants in Yemen

Israel Can't Stop Nonviolent Protests in West Bank
  Senate Resolution Threatens Palestinian Aid for Seeking Statehood
11 Killed as Syrian Tanks Attack Border Villages
Confusion on All Sides as Stealth Bill to Approve Libyan War Defeated  by John V. Walsh
What's a Neoconservative? Libya War Makes the Definition Clear  by Jack Hunter
The Unanswered Question in Afghanistan Is, Why?  by Jim Hightower
Use of Predators Sets Dangerous Precedent  by Ryan McCarl
A New Palestinian Strategy Unfolds  by Rami G. Khouri
How to Prolong a Conflict, ICC-Style  by Rob Lyons

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Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla

North Korea Assumes Presidency of UN Arms Control Conference

Comic Book Version of bin Laden Raid to Be Released

Brennan: Counterterrorism Strategy Focused on al-Qaeda's Threat to Homeland


Attack on Kabul Hotel Raises Security Concerns

French Hostages in Afghanistan Released After 547 Days

Obama: Kabul Hotel Attack Shows Afghanistan Still Dangerous

Taliban Say Kabul Hotel Attack Aimed at NATO-Afghan Security Talks

Hamid Karzai's Brother Makes Push for Provincial Governor

Obama Sees Precision Strikes as Key to Defeating al-Qaeda

Afghan Delays in Addressing Banking Problems Imperil Foreign Aid


Bin Laden Son Seeks to Free Family in Pakistan

Rights Violations Worsen in Pakistan's Baluchistan


Long-Suppressed Shi'ites Shape New Iraq

Sadrists Evolve in New Iraq

Iraq Can Barely Handle Oil Security in South

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Boosts Power to Disputed City

Amnesty: Attacks Target Activists in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraq Jails Widow of al-Qaeda Chief Abu Omar al-Baghdadi

Tale of Two Ports Strains Iraq-Kuwait Ties

Wednesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded

Gaza Flotilla Begins to Form as First Ship Heads Toward Maritime Meeting Point
US Senate Passes Resolution Threatening to Suspend Aid to Palestinians for Seeking Statehood

Israel Law Center Sues US Firm for Flotilla Communications

Britain to Deport Israeli Islamic Leader Sheikh Raed Salah


China Lambastes Japan After Taiwan Boat Confrontation

China Says Its Naval Drills No Cause for Alarm

China Says Military Talks With India Successful

China Artist Ai Weiwei 'To Challenge Tax Bill and Fine'

At Least 39 Arrested, Tibet Pictures Depict Tense Situation


Myanmar Warns Suu Kyi Her Tour Could Trigger Riots

Guam Buildup Could Cost $23.9 Billion Over Next Decade, GAO Says

Okinawans Protest US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement


North Korea Threatens 'Sacred War' on South

North Korea Shuts Down Universities for 10 Months

Reports of North Korea Food Shortages Overblown, Say US, South Korea

AP Plans Bureau in Pyongyang

In Other News

Bahrain King Orders Fact-Finding Probe Into Protests

Venezuela Scraps Summit Due to Chavez Health


Report: France Providing Weapons to Libya Rebels

Dutch Warn of Heated NATO Debate as Libya Drags On

Libya Expels Reuters Journalist, Accuses News Agency of Deliberate Anti-Government Bias

AU Summit Opens Without Gadhafi, but in His Shadow

Chad Migrants 'Stranded' in Libyan Border Badlands


Syria Pulls Armed Forces From Some Cities

Syria: Brutal Crackdown Ravages Northern Cities, Brings Several Casualties
Syria Death Toll Surpasses 1,500 Since Mid-March as Army Maintains Assault

Rep. Kucinich's Syria Visit Raises Eyebrows


Iran Says US Exploits Syria Uprising to Save Israel

Iran Facing New US Sanctions; Accused of Aiding Syria's Crackdown

UK Accuses Iran of Testing Nuclear-Capable Missiles

Iranian Shelling Resumes on Iraq Border Regions; Iran Soldiers and PKK Killed

Ahmadinejad Warns Critics Against Arresting Any Cabinet Members


Clashes Ease in Cairo, but Underline Nation's Fragile Condition

Tahrir Square: Egypt Orders Probe Into Cairo Clashes

Egypt Police Clash With Youths; Over 1,000 Hurt

For the Poor, Life Seems Even Tougher After Egypt's Revolution

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Official: Riyadh Will Seek Nukes if Iran Does

Five Saudi Women Are Seized for Driving

'War on Terror'

Top Counter-Terror Officials Envisioning Al-Qaeda's Demise

New York Synagogue Bomb Plotters Jailed

Questions Arise Over FBI Terror Profile on Saif Al-Adel

The War at Home

Veterans Die Facing Mountains of Red Tape

Ex-Spy May Have to Pay CIA Over Book

Female Special Operations Soldiers Now in Combat

Dutch Pol Acquitted Over Anti-Islam Speech: Rebirth of Free Speech in Netherlands?

6 Detained in Moldova Over Bomb-Grade Uranium

Irish PM Urges Israel Not to Harm Aid Workers


Ethiopia Arrests 9 on Terrorism Charges

North, South Sudan Agree on Buffer Zone Along Borders


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Like Nixon, Obama Will Waste Lives to Get Reelected

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Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

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Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

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Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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