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Updated July 1, 2011 - 11:24 PM EDT
Full Speed Ahead for Panetta-Led Pentagon
  US Expands Its Drone War Into Somalia
  CIA Exhales: 99 Out of 101 Torture Cases Dropped
US Rejects Pakistani Demand to Leave Air Base
  At Least 40 Killed in Pakistan's Mohmand Tribal Area
US Still Flying Strike Missions Against Libya
  World Slams Armament, Libya Rebels Demand More Weapons
  NATO Says Not Involved in Arms Aid to Libyan Rebels
Mullen Frets al-Qaeda Presence in Yemen
  New Doubts Raised on Saleh's Return, Fighting in South
  Yemeni VP Admits Security Situation Is Deteriorating
  35 Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Militants, Officials Say
Worst US Death Toll in Iraq in Two Years
  Sadrists Campaign to Bar US Troops From Civilian Buildings in Iraq
  Shi'ite Militias Step Up Iraq Attacks on US Troops
24 Killed as Huge Protests Grip Syria
US Recognizes Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
Greek Troops Capture US Aid Ship Bound for Gaza
4 Hezbollah Indicted in Killing of Hariri, Ex-PM of Lebanon
The Militarized Surrealism of Barack Obama  by Tom Engelhardt
Obama Loses His 'Constitutional Law Professor Hat'  by Charles Davis
Hysteria, 'Hasbara' and the Flotilla  by Larry Derfner
Transparent and Trustworthy Israel  by Scott A. Hill
What's Really at Stake in Libya  by Pepe Escobar
The NYT's Favor and Fear  by Robert Parry

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Bahrain Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
Putin: Russia Will 'Defend Interests' and Expand Into Arctic
Bolivia Quits UN Narcotics Convention Because It Penalizes Coca Chewing

Jihadist Web Forum Knocked Off Internet

20 Civilians Killed in Afghan Mine Bus Blast: Police
NATO Air Strike Kills Fighter Linked to Afghan Hotel Attack
Former Kabul Ambassador Urges Peace Talks With Taliban
NATO Blames Haqqani Network for Attack on Afghan Hotel
Kabul Bank Chiefs Arrested in Fraud Probe
Rep. McGovern: No Military Fix for Afghanistan
Two Canadian Soldiers Charged Over Training Death
Famous Actress Scared Into Exile by Afghan Conservatives
US: Drone Strikes Show Pakistan Still Cooperating With US
US-Led Coalition: Pakistan Group Behind Kabul Hotel Attack
Two Dead in Peshawar Blast, 13 Injured
Philippine President to Visit China Amid Sea Rift
Amnesty International: China Crackdown on Lawyers Expands
Bangladesh Ends Caretaker Government Arrangement
Indonesia President Names Relative Accused of East Timor Abuses as Army Chief
Belarusian 'Silent Rally' Protesters Rounded Up
The Draft Ends in Germany, But...
Russia 'Outraged' by Romania Leader's Saying That He Would Have Attacked Soviets in 1941
The War at Home
US Senate Confirms Petraeus as CIA Chief
Obama Surprises Departing Gates With Medal of Freedom
Audit: Boeing Overcharged Army for Parts to the Tune of $12.6 Million
Army Bans Use of 'Toe Shoes,' Citing Image Concerns
Nigerian Man Sneaks on US Flight With Invalid Pass
Lockheed Martin Doubles Job Cuts After Pentagon Pares Back Spending
Peres: Iran Overstating Its Military Capabilities
Israeli Minister: Don't Take Eyes Off Iran
Israel Delegation Condemns Germany Decision to Host Iran MPs
Family of Hikers Held in Iran Seek UN Backing
Rocket Attack Kills 3 American Soldiers in Iraq
Iraq's Prime Minister Calls for Trimming of His Cabinet to 20-25 Ministries
Iraqi Spokesman Claims 58 Fled After Being Held Against Their Will at Iranian Exiles' Camp
Restored Oil Industry Fuels Iraqi Revival
UN Welcomes Iraqi Takeover of Multibillion Dollar Oil Revenue Fund Set Up in 2003
No Relief for Iraqi Doctors
Iraq Compensation Bid Is Blocked
Thursday: 3 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Says 2nd Surgery in Cuba Removed Cancerous Tumor
Venezuela Opens Investigation Into Anti-Government TV Channel for Coverage of Prison Violence
Russia Decries French Arms Drop to Libya Rebels
Libya: AU Condemns French Arms Drop to Rebels
UK Admits to Directly Supplying Rebels in Libya
Spain: Al-Qaeda Possibly Buying Libyan Weapons
Rebels in Libya's West Appear to Gain Momentum
Gadhafi's Daughter Says Govt in Direct and Indirect Talks With Libyan Rebels
French Arms Move Shows Libya Pressures on West
Senate Freshman Stalls Libya Action Over Deficit
Gadhafi's Departure Dominates African Union Summit
Western Funds Are Said to Have Managed Libyan Money Poorly
Libyan Rebels Respect German Military Inaction
Lion of the Desert Roars for Libya's Rebels
Tripoli Refugees Stream Into Libya's Mountains
Rival Sudan Forces to Quit Border Ahead of Independence
Sudan Army Continues Attacks in Kordofan State, Preventing Aid to Tens of Thousands, UN Says
Sudan Grants UN Limited Access to Tense Border Area
Another Area Girds for Revolt as Sudan Approaches a Split
South Sudan President Steers Nation to Independence
UN: China Should Arrest al-Bashir
Morocco Urges Voters to Back Curbs on King's Powers
Ethiopia Arrests 9, Including 2 Journalists, on Terrorism Charges, Government Official Says
Hariri Murder: UN Tribunal Issues Arrest Warrants
Lebanese Cabinet Approves Policy Statement, Vague on Tribunal
US Urges Lebanon to Act on Hariri Indictment
Lebanese Politicians React to Indictment Announcement
UN Urges Arrests in Lebanon Indictment, Supports Tribunal
Disparate Factions From Streets Fuel New Opposition in Syria
Protests in Aleppo as Troops Comb Border
Syria Opposition's 'Reporting Revolution'
UN Warns on Syria-Israel Border Incidents
UN Renews Mandate of Troops on Golan Heights
'We Recognize Israel, They Should Recognize Palestine'
Netanyahu: Israel Has Every Right to Stop Gaza Aid
Gaza Aid Flotilla: Irish Crew Accuse Israel of Sabotage
Middle East
Saleh Gives Order for Dialogue With Yemen Opposition
Seeking to Avoid Uprising, Kuwait Escalates Budget
In Other News
Brazil, Japan Say 100 Support UN Reforms That Would Expand the Security Council
Cyberattacks Strike Networks in Brazil, Revealing Vulnerability Across Latin America
Seeking to Avoid Uprising, Kuwait Escalates Budget
In Europe, Clinton Urges Democracies to Stand United With Activists in Arab World and Belarus

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Winners and Losers

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Like Nixon, Obama Will Waste Lives to Get Reelected

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Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

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Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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