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Updated July 4, 2011 - 10:55 PM EDT
Libya Rebels Reject Peace Plan, Vow Offensive
  Rebel Chief: Gadhafi Could Stay Under 'International Supervision'
  Senate Hawks Push Obama to Make Case for Libya War
  Catholic Bishop of Tripoli Calling for End to NATO Bombing
  Arrest Warrants, Weapon Delivery Unlikely to Solve Libya Crisis
  Libyan Rebels Hire Washington's No. 1 Lobby Firm
Israel to Allow Greece to Deliver Gaza Aid
  Aid Ships Still Hope to Sail to Gaza
  US Captain of Gaza Ship Held in 'Shocking Conditions'
US Fears Pakistan Will Cut Afghan Supply Lines
  Afghan Army Fires Mortar Shells Into Pakistan
  Border Strife in Afghanistan Shows Wider Tensions
US Blames Iranian 'Materials' for Iraq Violence
Thai Opposition Sweeps to Victory
Syrian Troops, Tanks Return to Hama
Don't Expect Top Room Service, or Information, in a War Zone  by Patrick Cockburn
The Disappointing Legacy of Robert Gates  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Some Killers Are More Equal Than Others  by Rami G. Khouri
The Narco-Terror War  by Charles Davis
A July Fourth Shame on the Founders  by Ray McGovern
The End of Liberal Interventionism  by Jaswant Singh

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China Wants to Buy Facebook
Thousands Protest in Morocco Despite Reform Vote
Nigeria Official: 10 Killed in Restive North
Suspected Iraq 'Torture Doctor' Working in British Hospitals
Canadian DM on Final Afghan Visit, Announces Major Arctic Operation
Grenade Wounds 17 Afghan Schoolchildren
Insurgents 'Bought' Suicide Bomber From Pakistan: Afghan Spy Agency
In Kabul, Taliban Videos Hold Allure
Afghanistan Detains Eight People Over Kabulbank Scandal
Fugitive Afghan Central Bank Chief: Ready for Execution if Guilty
Three Afghan Police Hurt by Bomb Near Parliament
Republican Senators Criticize Afghan Pullout Plan
Pakistani Military Still Cultivates Militant Groups, a Former Fighter Says
Seven Killed in Karachi Violence
Militants in Northwestern Pakistan Kill 3 Police
McCain: 'ISI Links With Haqqani Network, Taliban Should Be Acknowledged'
Eleven Abducted Villagers Freed by Suspected Maoist Rebels in India
India: Disengaging With Pakistan After Mumbai an Error
Yingluck Shinawatra Set to Be Thailand's First Female Premier
Shinawatra Family Fortunes Rise as Thaksin's Sister Wins Vote
South Korea to Submit Claim on East China Sea Shelf to UN
North Korea Is Offered Aid to Ease Food Crisis
First Overseas Japanese Military Base Since WWII to Open in Djibouti
Saboteurs Bomb Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel, Jordan
Trial Opens in Deadly Egypt Sectarian Clashes
Egypt: Iran Ties Not to Come at Gulf Expense
Sudan 'Bombing' Kills 3 in South Oil State: Minister
Sudanese Struggle to Survive Endless Bombings Aimed to Quell Rebels
Ex-Rebels Warn of Widespread Sudan Conflict Over Kordofan
Northern Sudan: UN Should Leave Volatile Border Area
Zimbabwe Catholic Group: Stop Township Violence
Australia Military May Scrap All Gender Barriers
Iran to Prosecute 26 American Officials, MP Says
Iran Deploys Missiles in Persian Gulf
US Proposal to Relocate 3,000 Iranian Dissidents Rebuffed
Iraq Kurd Leader Warns Iran Over Shelling
Sen. Joe Lieberman Predicts 'Day of Reckoning' for Iran
Iran 'To Seal Off Eastern Borders by 2015'
Illegal Border Trade With Iraq Revives Life of Iranian Kurds
Iran Annuls Death Sentence for Christian Pastor
Bahrain Police Disperse Protest After Dialogue Launch
Bahrain Journalists' Trial Adjourned Until October
2 Tribesmen Killed in Clashes in South Yemen
Yemen Says Youth Militias Formed to Fight al-Qaeda
Death Toll From Iraq Violence Grows
The British Woman and the Agonizing Search for Millions of Missing Iraqis
Iraq Plans Thermal Wall to Battle Smuggling, Parliamentarian Says
Iraq Oil Minister Says No Need for National Oil Company
Sunday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Israel, Palestinians Hope to Avoid Fall Violence
Barak Satisfied With Flotilla Delays
Fly-Ins to Take Place of Flotillas?
Hundreds Rally in Jerusalem After Arrest of Shas Spiritual Leader's Son
Israel Targets Top Rabbis for Anti-Arab Incitement
Middle East
Jordan Navigates Warily in Turmoil of Arab Spring
One Soldier Killed, Two People Wounded in PKK Attack in East Turkey
Belarus Police Arrest Protesters
Lukashenko Vows to Quell 'Revolution Plot'
Italy Expels Algerian Jailed for Planning Attacks
Thousands March in Show of Support for Chavez
Colombia's Santos: Top FARC Leader Narrowly Escapes Raid by Military

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Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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