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Updated July 8, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
House Approves $649 Bln Defense Bill for 2012
  House Vote on 2012 Defense Bill
House Amendments Defunding Libya War Fail
  House Nixes Proposal to Tie Libya Funding to Declaration of War
  US House Votes to Bar Military Aid to Libyan Rebels
  NATO Rift on Libya: Italy Cuts Back Role
  NATO Denies Aiding Libyan Rebel Offensive
  Libyan Rebels to Meet NATO and EU Chiefs Next Week
  New NATO Strategy in Libya: Attack the Oil
Afghan Children, Civilians Killed in NATO Strike
  Afghan Protest at Civilian Deaths in NATO Air Strike
Another 45 Slain as Karachi Violence Soars
  Pakistan May Have Sanctioned Reporter's Death: US
Mullen: Continued Iraq Presence Centers on Iran
  2 US Soldiers Killed by Baghdad Roadside Bomb
  Maliki Vows Bloodshed if Sunnis Try to Secede
Yemen's Saleh 'Defiant and Will Remain Defiant'
  Air Goes Out of Protests in a Leaderless Yemen
  Officials: Militants Kill 10 Yemeni Soldiers
Lebanese Parliament Approves Hezbollah-Backed Cabinet
US Ambassador in Hama to Show Support for Syria Protests
The Lies That Sold Obama's Escalation in Afghanistan  by Gareth Porter
In Dealing With Flotilla, Israel Is Anything but Smart  by Amira Hass
Tim Pawlenty: The Latest Dangerous Neoconservative  by Doug Bandow
Bradley Manning, American Hero  by Chase Madar and Tom Engelhardt
Our Robotic Assassins  by Eugene Robinson
US Needs to Completely Withdraw From Iraq  by Adil Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker

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For Members of the Military, Suicide Can Be a Greater Danger Than the Enemy
Reporter Seeks to Avoid Testifying
Visa Again Blocks WikiLeaks' Credit Card Donations
S. Sudan's Independence Clouded by Unresolved Issues
House Cuts Funding on Military Bands for First Time
Shoot at Sight Orders Issued in Karachi
US Admits 'Difficulties' in Pakistan Relations
Deadly Attack on Buses in Pakistan's Karachi
Taliban Commander Back on the Air in Pakistan
Private Hospital in North Waziristan Demolished
US Now Believes al-Qaeda Leader Kashmiri Is Dead
Pakistan Denies North Korea Bribe for Nuclear Technology
Purported Letter From North Korean Official to A.Q. Khan
NATO Admits Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
US Firm Pays $7.5 Million Over Kabul Brothel Row
US House Speaker Pledges Support for Dalai Lama

China Warns US Officials Not to Meet Dalai Lama

Starving North Korea Faces Suspicious Donors
Rights Groups Push US to Apply Pressure on Myanmar
Malaysian Opposition Digs In
Chinese Firms Developing Armed Drones; Eyes Pakistan for Sales
Libya Rebels Gaining in the West
Libyan Rebels Advance Towards Key Town South of Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Aim for Tripoli
Rebels Eye Major Refiners for Help After Gadhafi's Departure
Captured Gadhafi Soldiers, Including Foreign Fighters, Tell of Low Morale
As Egypt Change Drags On, Some Praise Mubarak
25 Face Trial Over Egypt's 'Battle of the Camel'
Egyptians Race to Archive Tahrir Square Revolution
Unhappy Workers Threaten to Shut Down Egypt's Suez Canal
UN Accused of Standing by While Sudanese Forces Killed Civilians
South Sudan Secedes Amid Tensions
President Omar Al-Bashir Gives South Sudan His Blessing
US Says 'Vital' to Keep UN in Sudan's South Kordofan
Somalia: We Have a Lot to Learn From Rwanda
Shipping Company: Somali Pirates Fire Rocket-Propelled Grenade at Oil Tanker, Causing Fire
6 Suspected Militants Killed in Mauritania
Uganda on Terror Alert, 1 Year After Last Attack
Ivory Coast Ex-Rebel Commander Bakayoko Named Army Head
Honduras Truth Commission Rules Zelaya Removal Was Coup
OAS Report: Honduras Implicated in 20 Deaths, Including 8 Assassinations, After 2009 Coup
Cuba to Hear Jailed American Gross' Appeal July 22
Tanks Withdrawing From Restless Syrian City
Syria Activists and Security Forces Brace for Protests
Human-Rights Groups Urge Action on Syria
Killings in Syria 'Must Stop', Says Ban
Former Israeli Minister Evades Arrest Warrant Over Lebanon War
Palestinians Report Dramatic Rise in Settler Attacks
Israel's Message: Hate Thy Pro-Palestinian Activist
PM Says Israel Not Overreacting to 'Air Flotilla'
US: Unsealed Indictment Reveals Terror Plot Against Israel
Israel Bars 300 Activists From Flying to Israel
Israeli Airport Gears Up Against Activists
Four Israeli Warplanes Violate Lebanese Airspace
Israel 'Angry' at UN Report on Lebanon Deaths
US, Iraq Negotiating Possible Post-2011 US Force: Mullen
US Returns Artifacts, Hussein-Era Objects to Iraq
Iraqi Civilian Killed in Tribal Feud South of Amara
Court Ruling 'Paves Way for UK Iraqi Abuse Hearings'
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 4 Iraqis Killed; 11 Wounded
IAEA Chief Says to Meet Iran FM, Wants Cooperation
Iran-Iraq Trade to Hit $20 Billion
Middle East
Bahrain's Crisis: Shoot First, Then Talk
Yemen VP Presents New Transition Plan: Saleh Stays
UN Report on Gaza Flotilla Delayed to Enable Israel-Turkey Talks
Saudi Tank Deal to Face Vote Friday in German Parliament
New Levi's Ad Campaign Echoes Arab Spring
Hundreds Arrested in Belarus at Anti-Lukashenko Rallies
Georgian Photojournalists Arrested for Spying
Russia Bars Two Putin Critics From Leaving Country
Juan Carlos: Basque Arrested Over Spain 'Murder Plot'
Germany Files Murder Charges Against Albanian in Shooting of US Airmen
Real IRA Chief Michael Mckevitt Loses Omagh Bomb Appeal
The War at Home
Wait … So We Are Trying Terrorists in NYC?
Families of Military Suicide Victims Call for Widened Condolence Policy
US Tests New Approach to Terrorism Cases on Somali Suspect
New Indictment Charges 2 in Seattle Terror Plot
William J. Lynn III, a Top Pentagon Official, Stepping Down
1 Dead, 5 Hurt in Pendleton Helo Crash

Justin Raimondo
America, Won't You Please Come Home?

Philip Giraldi
All's 'Fare' in War

Ivan Eland
Militarism Is Not Patriotism

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

Kelley B. Vlahos
Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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