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Updated July 9, 2011 - 11:28 PM EDT
House Boosts Military Budget in Time of Austerity
  House Overwhelmingly OKs Record $649 Billion Military Spending
House Amendments Defunding Libya War Fail
  Libya Rebel Faction Aims to Centralize Control Over Fighters
  Gadhafi Threatens Europe as Rebels Renew Push
120 Die This Week as Karachi Violence Continues
  50 Killed in Kurram Offensive
  Pakistan Slams 'Irresponsible' US Claims About Journalist's Killing
Afghans Cite Civilian Toll of US Night Raids
  Canadians Feeling 'Relief' as Combat Mission Ends in Afghanistan
Syria, US Trade Allegations Over Ambassadors
  More Syria Deaths as Half a Million Flood Hama
  Hundreds of Thousands Protest Across Syria
  Syrians Pour Into the Streets, Bolstered by Support From US, France
Thousands of Yemenis in Rival Rallies
  Yemen: 11 Killed as Saleh Supporters Fire on Protesters
  South Yemen: Is It About to Declare Independence?
  In Yemen, Tribal Militias Flex Muscles
South Sudan Becomes an Independent Nation
Sea of Voices at Egypt's Tahrir Square Protest
Mass Detentions as Israel Declares 'Flytilla' Over
ISPs to Block Subscribers Accused of Copyright Infringement
The Eight Outrageous Costs of the War on Terror  by Douglas A. McIntyre and Charles B. Stockdale
Gaza and a Liturgy for Justice  by Ray McGovern
Don't Support the Troops – Bring Them Home  by Sheldon Richman
America: Indebted to War  by Jack Hunter
Start of the Season  by Kathy Kelly
Ronald Reagan Was No Hawk – and Certainly No Neocon  by Mehdi Hasan

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House Vote on 2012 Defense Bill
House Vote on Measure to Tie Libya Offensive to Declaration of War
Texas Woman Loses Iraq Rape Case Against KBR
Visa Again Blocks WikiLeaks' Credit Card Donations
Assange's Memoirs in Doubt
Thousands Protest in Restive City of Hama
US Rejects Syrian Accusations About Hama Violence
Syrian Diplomats Said to Spy on US Protesters
New Images Said to Show Syria's Regime Enforcers Firing at Demonstrators From Close Range
Witness Saw Teen Severely Beaten in Syrian Jail for Failing to Praise President
Syria's 'Secret Doctors' Risk Their Own Lives
Opposition Spokesman Dismisses Bahrain's National Dialogue
Bahrain's Top Cleric Slams Reconciliation Talks

Bahrain's Opposition and Pro-Government Supporters Hold Rival Rallies

Bahrain's Soccer Stars Tortured in Custody
Israel's No Fly Zone
65 Pro-Palestinian 'Fly-In' Activists Transferred to Detention Facilities
Israel Quizzes Pro-Palestinian Activists
'Activists Asked About Israeli Prisons'
New US Ambassador to Israel Sworn In
Britain Condemned for 6 Iraqi Killings in 2003
Deal to Sell Iraqi Land to Kuwaiti Oil Company
Shell, Iraq to Sign Initial $12 Billion Gas Deal
Friday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
UK, US, and Canada Step Up Travel Curbs on Iran Government
Iran Seeks to Protect Indian Market Share From Saudi Inroads
Middle East
Lebanese PM Extends His Hand to March 14 Coalition
Turkey PM: Israel Must Still Apologize for Last Year's Gaza Flotilla Raid
Russian Defense Ministry Scandal Worsens
Top Kremlin Aide: Putin Sent by God
Threat Level 'Severe' in Northern Ireland
Belarus Protesters Find Inspiration
Nagorno-Karabakh Wants a Seat at the Table
'War on Terror'
Somali Terror Suspect Captured in US 'Linked to Anwar Al-Awlaki'
Prosecutors Ask to Cut Sentence of Muslim Activist
Woman Says TSA Hair Search Amounts to Racial Profiling
US Military
Unemployed? Don't Count on the Military
House Votes to Halt Gay Unions on Military Bases
'Hands-Free' Landing on Eisenhower Is Step Toward Unmanned Naval Flight
Cairo's Tahrir Square Fills With Protesters
Egyptians Rally to Demand Faster Reforms
Despite Revolution, US Set to Approve Tank Sales to Egypt
UN Moves to Ease Libya Sanctions
UN: Ban and Libyan Official Discuss Transition
Libyan Rebels Push Forward but Supply Line Shortages Begin to Bite
Gadhafi Army Attacks Supply Route as Rebels Make Advance
No Quick Fix to East Libya's Woes as War With Gadhafi Drags On
How the Libyan Rebels Came to Be Called 'Rebels,' Against Their Will
Defectors Line Up in Libya's Western Mountains Rebel Stronghold
HRW: Libyan Government Lays More Mines in Western Mountains
How Gadhafi Is Throwing Women and Teens Against the Rebels
Video: Heavy Fire for Rebels on the Road to Tripoli

UN Approves 7,000 Peacekeepers for South Sudan

A Look at the History, People of South Sudan
20 Years After He Arrived, Senegal to Extradite Ex-Chadian Dictator to Face Trial at Home
Mugabe's Generals Lay Out Their Plans for Next Year's Election
Karachi Paralysed by Violence: Latest Updates
Karachi: 'Shoot on Sight' Orders as Violence Soars
18 Mortar Shells Fired at North Waziristan From Afghan Side
Tribal Skirmish Threatens Broader Coalition Campaign in Afghanistan
Cmdr: Aussie Troops Keen but Tired in Afghanistan
Soldiers Shot by Insurgent 'Sharpshooter': Inquest
Clashes Feared in Malaysia as Protesters Defy Police
Malaysia to Lock Down Largest City to Block Protest Rally
Malaysia Electoral Reform Rally: Kuala Lumpur 'To Be Locked Down'
US, Japan, Australia Plan South China Sea Drill
Mullen Visits China as Navy Drill Nearby Wraps Up
Indian Army Officers Sell Weapons
Seoul Calls for Talks With North Korea Over Seized Assets
Police Find Bodies of 10 Men, 1 Woman Scattered at Water Well on Mexico City's Outskirts
Top UN Rights Official Says US Breached International Law by Executing Mexican Humberto Leal
Colombia's President Apologizes to Families of Victims of 2000 Massacre by Paramilitaries

Justin Raimondo
America, Won't You Please Come Home?

Philip Giraldi
All's 'Fare' in War

Ivan Eland
Militarism Is Not Patriotism

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

Kelley B. Vlahos
Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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