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Updated July 11, 2011 - 11:22 PM EDT

Protesters in Syria Attack US Embassy

Pakistan Courts China as US Cuts Military Aid
  US Again Sees Pakistan Border as Key to Afghan War
  Tensions Rise Along Afghan-Pakistan Border
  Three NATO Soldiers, Three Afghan Police Killed in Attacks
Libya: A Campaign Built on Sand
  France Tells Libya Rebels to Seek Peace With Gadhafi
  Gadhafi Forces Counterattack Southwest of Tripoli
Panetta Threatens Iran for Violence Spike in Iraq
  Iraqis Fail to Agree on Continued US Troop Presence
  Iraqi Cleric Sadr Will Not Revive Anti-US Militia
Lebanon Seeks UN Help in Israeli Border Dispute
  Israel FM Says Turkey 'Shut Door' on Rapprochement
  European Pro-Palestinian Activists Held in Israeli Jails
US Envoy Warns Sudan's Peace Could Unravel
US Urges Yemen's President Saleh to Go
Underwhelming Fiscal Discipline at the Pentagon  by Steve Chapman
Gauging the Mood of Congress on Military Spending  by Christopher Preble
America's Barbaric Treatment of My Son, John Walker Lindh  by Frank Lindh
What's Wrong With Killer Drones?  by Doug Noble
Israel's Instilled Memory  by Uri Avnery
Torture Whitewash Continues  by Andy Worthington

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Al-Qaeda in Iran Off House Arrest
Street by Street, Egypt Activists Face Old Guard
Senate Panel Proposes That Leakers of Classified Information Lose Pensions
Muslim Activist in Minnesota Struggles as Counter Against Lure of Terrorism
Fort Hood Suspect's Defense Has Few Options
Syrian Opposition Leaders Shun National Dialogue
Syrian Forces Raid Central City of Homs, One Killed
Syria Summons US and French Envoys Over Hama Visit
US Accuses Syria of Stirring Protest Outside Embassy
Hama's Rise Is Regime's Recurring Nightmare
Interpol Forwards Warrants for Hariri Murder Suspects
Lebanon Says It Will Protect Its Borders
Israel Deports 36 Activists, 82 Still Held
Israel Frees Al Jazeera Journalist Detained for Covering 'Flytilla'
Firebomb Hurled at Palestinian News Agency in Gaza
Israeli Terror Victims Suing Bank of China
Iceland 'Ready to Support Palestinian Independence'
Canada Opposes Palestinian Bid for Recognition of Statehood
12 Brits Held By Israel Ahead of Bethlehem Visit
Report: Yemen's Saleh to Return on July 17
Eight Dead in Yemen as US Envoy Presses Saleh to Go
Saleh Receives Top US Official to Discuss Yemeni Crisis in Riyadh
30 Protesters Injured in Clashes With Gov't Supporters in Yemen
Blackouts Hit Yemen After Armed Tribesmen Attack Power Supplies
Bahrain: After Rounding Up Activists, Doctors, Authorities Now Target Soccer Stars
In Iran, Sanctions Aim at Shipping Lifeline
Turkish FM to Visit Iran
Panetta in Iraq as Another US Soldier Killed
Iraqi Farmers Block Iran Border Post
Mass Grave With 222 Bodies Found in Iraq
Iraq, Shell Hope to Sign $12 Billion Gas Deal Tuesday
Immigrants Ministry Undersecretary Escapes Assassination Attempt in Baghdad
Tug-of-War Over Iraqi Jewish Trove in US Hands
Mosul Faces Uncertain Future
New US Consulate in North Iraq to Boost Investment
Bomb Attack on Minor Oil Pipeline in Mosul
Iraqi Civilian Killed, Another Injured in Fallujah Blast
Iraq Appeals to Bahrain for Footballer's Release
Sunday: US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed, 5 Iraqis Wounded
Northern Ireland
Six Police Injured in Northern Ireland Rioting
Hijacked Vehicles Used on Police in County Antrim Riots
Bosnia Set to Bury Massacre Victims
US Military
On Suicide Condolence Letters From the President, Army Capt. DJ Skelton Is a Dissenting Voice
NORAD Intercepts Two Planes Near Camp David
2 National Guard Pilots Killed in Tennessee Helicopter Crash
South Sudan
We Are Ready to Take Khartoum, Say Militias Allied to South Sudan
South Sudan Begins Tough Task of Nation-Building
Israel Recognizes South Sudan, Offers Economic Aid
Sudan's Smooth Separation Masks a Messy Divorce
South Sudan Prays, Fields Soccer Team After Split
Gadhafi's Son Says Libya in Talks With France
RAF Destroys Libyan Weapons Stash
Libyan Rebels Warn Algeria: 'Stop Backing Gadhafi'
Gadhafi's Regime Puts on Tough Face in Western Mountains Despite Libyan Rebel Advances
Ill-Equipped Teenagers Members of the Libyan Anti-Gadhafi Rebels
Australia Pledges Aid for Libya, Backs Rebels
Libyan Rebels to Attack Town Near Tripoli
Canada's Second Libya-Bound Warship Leaves Victoria
In Rebel-Held Libya, Men Find New Identities as Warriors
Libyan Opposition Says to Form Interim Govt After Gadhafi's Fall
Doctors Return From West to Help Libyan Rebels at Front
Libyan Delegation Reportedly Visited Israel, Met Livni
Protests Spread in Egypt as Discontent With Military Rule Grows
Egypt Protesters to Stay Despite PM Promises
30 Said Killed in Clashes in Nigeria
Blast Near Church Outside Nigerian Capital Kills at Least 2
Offering Slow, Small Changes, Morocco's King Stays in Power
Somalis Escaping the Drought Flee to the Capital
Tunisians Protest Against Israel Ties
No Extradition for Chad Leader
Taliban Summer Attacks Down From Last Year: Petraeus
Seven Deminers Beheaded in Afghanistan
Danish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Blast
US Punishes Pakistan Army in Major Shift
Pakistan Absent From Panetta, Clinton Itineraries
Three Killed in Quetta Sectarian Violence
Pakistan Urges US to Share Intelligence on Zawahri
Turkmenistan Says 15 People Dead After Mysterious Explosion
North Korea, China Hail 'Epoch-Making Event'
Senior Chinese, US Military Officers Start Talks in Beijing
Vietnam Detains Journalists, Anti-China Protesters
British Minister in Fresh Call for Sri Lanka Probe
Police, Islamist Protesters Clash in Bangladesh, Dozens Hurt
India Urges South Asia to Fight 'Scourge of Terrorism'
Ten Decapitated Bodies Left in Truck in Mexico: Report
Colombia Rebels Kill 2 Police, Set Off Horse Bomb

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All's 'Fare' in War

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Militarism Is Not Patriotism

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

Kelley B. Vlahos
Neocons Return to War Debate With a Vengeance

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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You Cannot Be Serious

Ran HaCohen
West Bank Neighbors: Chronicles of Death

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