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Updated July 12, 2011 - 11:18 PM EDT

Afghan Officials: 16 Civilians Killed in NATO Strike

  NATO Attack Kills Four Civilians in Kunar, Afghanistan

Brother of Afghan President Slain in Kandahar

US Drone Attacks Kill 48 Pakistanis in 24 Hours

In Pakistan, Many Say Aid 'Snub' Dims US Sway


Pakistan Defiant as US Halts $800 Mln Military Aid


Pakistan Military Aid Hold Deals New Shocks

US Now Backing Russian Mediation on Libya

  France Confirms 'Indirect' Talks With Libya Govt
  Libya Rebels Torch, Loot 'Liberated' Town
US: Assad 'Not Indispensable' After Embassy Attack
Obama Aide Meets Yemen Gen. Over 'Power Transfer'

1 Dead, 150 Hurt After Yemeni President's Backers Attack Protesters

State Dept Official: No Evidence Iran Arms Iraq Militias

Panetta Makes 9/11 Gaffe in Iraq


US Forces 'Still Attacking Iraq Shi'ite Insurgents'

In Contentious Vote, Israel Bans Calls for Boycott

'Flytilla' Debacle Another PR Nightmare For Israel

Will Obama Honor Brave Forgotten Heroes?  by Nat Hentoff
By Torpedoing the Gaza Flotilla, Israel Sank Its Own Ship  by Medea Benjamin
Why Isn't the Left More Irate About America's Treatment of Ahmed Warsame?  by Joseph Margulies
Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan Now  by Jim Hightower
Washington's Physics Problem in Iraq  by Chris Toensing
The South China Sea's Georgia Scenario  by Lyle Goldstein

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Drone Assassinations 'Police Work,' Not an Act of War

McConnell: Casey Anthony Case Proves Courts Can't Be Trusted to Convict Terrorists

Panetta Stokes Tensions With Iran Over Attacks

In Visit to Afghanistan and Iraq, Panetta Fixes His Gaze on the Exit Sign

Iranian Forces Cross Iraqi Border Following Kurd Militants

Iran Denies US Claims It Armed Iraq Rebels

US Set to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq

1 of Iraq's 3 Vice Presidents Resigns

In Iraq, Mosul Faces Uncertain Future

Ceremony as First New Church Since 2003 Opens Doors in Iraq

US Opens Kurdistan Consulate as Marriott Announces Hotel

Monday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded


US General: Afghan Fight Continues Outside Cities

US Moves Toward Afghan Guerrilla War

Hundreds of Afghans Protest Against Pakistan Shelling

Afghanistan's Second-Biggest Bank Denies Facing Collapse

Kidnapped Afghan Deminers Are Released

France Reports Another Soldier's Death in Afghanistan


Blacklisted Group Says Pakistan Needs Peace, Prosperity

6 Killed, 15 Wounded in Suicide Attack at Pakistan Political Rally

Red Cross: Violence on the Rise in Pakistan After Osama's Death

US Aid Cutoff Followed by Drone Strike in Pakistan


'Anonymous' Releases 90,000 Military Emails and Passwords

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to Fight Extradition to Sweden at London's High Court
Cyprus Blast

Confiscated Iran Arms Blow Up in Cyprus, 12 Dead

Cyprus: Navy Chief Killed by Base Munitions Blast


Uganda's First War Crimes Trial of Rebel Commander Opens

Uganda Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Terror Attack


Dadaab, the World's Biggest Refugee Camp

South Sudan: Darfur Rebels Welcome Independence, Hope Khartoum Understands the Lesson

Libya's Rebels Fear a Setback as Ramadan Approaches

Rebels Face Stiff Resistance on Road to Tripoli

Libyan Youths From Gadhafi Towns Join Rebels

Tunisia Copes With Libyan Refugees


Clinton: Syria's Assad Has 'Lost Legitimacy'

Syrian Forces Raid Central City of Homs Amid National Dialogue

Officials Say Gunmen Blew Up Terminal of Egyptian Gas Pipeline to Israel, Jordan

Facing Public Anger, Egypt PM to Reshuffle Cabinet


Lebanon and Israel at Loggerheads Over Maritime Border

Rachel Corrie's Parents Say Israel Withholding Evidence in Wrongful-Death Suit
American Jew Refused Entry to Israel on Suspicion of Converting to Islam
The War at Home

Post-9/11, Sikhs Say They Are Mistaken Targets

Reports of Family Violence, Abuse Within Military Rise

US Army Defends Boeing on Overcharges

'War on Terror'
Drift: How This Ship Became a Floating Gitmo

CIA Moves to Protect Key Analyst in bin Laden Raid

UK Terror Threat Level Reduced to 'Substantial'


Shots From US Range Hit Buildings in Germany

Secret's Out: Blueprints of German Spy HQ Disappear

Exports Booming for German Weapons Manufacturers


Canada Doing Brisk Business in Arms to Oppressive Govts

Canada Boycotts UN Arms Talks Over North Korea Role

In Other News

China Says US Spends Too Much Money on Military

Mexican Police Nab San Diego-Born Tijuana Cartel Lieutenant Also Wanted by US
Northern Ireland's Divisive 'Twelfth' Holiday Starts With Catholic Riots, Protestant Bonfires

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Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

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