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Updated July 18, 2011 - 11:09 PM EDT
US Drones in Pakistan Killing Many Civilians
  Arrest of Ex-CIA Lawyer Sought Over Drone Use

Karzai Aide, Afghan MP Killed in Kabul Attack

Libya Says It's Holding Talks With US

  Gadhafi Vows He Will Never Leave Libya
  Libyan Activists Push for More Open, Diverse Rebel Administration
  Libya Rebels 'Fighting Street-to-Street' in Brega
Israel Lawmakers to Target Human Rights Groups
  Jewish Settlers Are Terrorizing Palestinians, Says Israeli General
Rift Opens Between Egypt Military and Protesters
  Egypt's PM Pushes on With Major Reshuffle Amid Protests
Iraq VP: No Extension of US Troop Agreement
Bahrain Shi'ites Pull Out of Reconciliation Talks
Tanks Enter Town as Syria Protests Swell
UN Sends Drought Aid for Camps Under Somali Islamists
Emancipation Day for 'Good Faith' Torturers?  by Nat Hentoff
War With Iran? Neocons Aim to Repeat Chalabi-Style Swindle  by Ali Fatemi and Karim Pakravan
Israel Is Fulfilling Settlers' Expansionist Dream  by Zvi Bar'el
Neocons Fume Over US Boat to Gaza  by Ray McGovern
It Can Happen Here!  by Uri Avnery
Israel: 'Delegitimization' Is Just a Distraction  by M.J. Rosenberg

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CIA Veteran: Israel to Attack Iran in Fall
Arab Spring Pits Saudi Security Against US Support for Change
GOP Hopeful Herman Cain Says Communities Have Right to Ban Mosques
Crackdowns, Torture, and Intimidation in Bahrain
Father of Admitted Terrorist Faces NYC Trial
Military Gay Couples Won't Enjoy Benefits
Spokeswoman: Protest Ship to Reach Gaza Soon
Despite Hamas Opposition, PA to Go to UN in September
Lieberman Slams Netanyahu for Rejecting Probe of Leftist Groups
Israel 'Wounds Seven' in Gaza Raid: Palestinians
Lone West Bank Pair Charged With Stopping Settler-Palestinian Clashes
Syria Forces Besiege Town After Defections: Residents
Syrian Troops 'Arrest Dozens' in Town Near Lebanon Border
Mubarak's Lawyer Says Ex-President Suffered Stroke, in Coma
Hospital Denies Mubarak in Coma: Egypt State TV
Egypt's Iconic Antiquities Chief Fired in Purge of Mubarak Ministers
Yemen Army, Tribes in Offensive on Militants in South
Al-Qaeda Fugitive in Yemen Gets Away Again
Yemen Says It Begins Pumping Crude Oil Through Repaired Pipeline
2 Kurds, Iran Guard Killed on Iraq Border
Six People Killed in Northern Iraq
4 Soldiers Injured by Bomb Explosion in Mosul
Premier Maliki Suggests 29 Ministries
Iraqi Doctor Freed After $500,000 Ransom
Sunday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Middle East
Thousands March in Turkey Against Kurdish Rebels
Argentina Tells Iran: Hand Over Bombing Suspects
Colombia Bombs 'FARC Rebel Arms Factory' in Arauca
2 Mexican Tourists Die in Acapulco Gun Attack
We Will Not Forget Haiti, German Foreign Minister Says
President Karzai's Adviser Shot Dead
British Force in Afghanistan Was 'Unacceptably' Weak: Report
Afghan, NATO Forces Kill 13 Militants Who Occupied School
Two Killed in Afghan Wedding Shooting
Afghan Soldier Suspected of Killing Briton
Bamiyan Province Handed to Local Forces
'Fast Lane' System Expedites Gear to Troops in Afghanistan
Hundreds of Afghan Translators Coming to Canada
Israel-Made Weapons Seized in Karachi: Rehman
Baluch Rebels Kidnap Five Men in Southwest Pakistan
Police Prepare Sketch of Mumbai Blast Suspect; Man Questioned Dies in Custody
Vietnamese Hold Anti-China March Despite Crackdown
NATO Hits Military Depot in Eastern Tripoli
Niger Fears Takeover by Militants in Neighboring Libya
Among Libyan Rebels, Reluctant Warriors
Libya: Misrata Youth Goes From Playstation to Front Line
Arab States Committed to Help Libyan People: UAE
Nigerian Governor Urges Islamists to Accept Ceasefire, Dialogue
Borno Governor Admits Excesses in Anti-Islamist Campaign
Six Policemen Wounded in Bloody Clashes in Tunisia
In Sudan Border State, Nuba Fighters Ready for War
UN Welcomes Opening of New Camp for Somali Refugees in Kenya
EU Naval Officials Say Pirates Seize Small Oil Tanker Headed for Northern Somalia

Justin Raimondo
The Banksters and American Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
Apparently, We Are All Belarusians

Ivan Eland
Sudan's Lessons for Iraq

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: Leaving as Tragic as Staying

Nebojsa Malic
A Tale of Two Secessions

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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