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Updated July 22, 2011 - 10:54 PM EDT
87 Dead as Bombing, Shooting Hit Norway
  Report: Man Held After Norway Attacks Is Right-Wing Extremist
Cuts to Pentagon Don't Make a Dent
  Budget Storm Could Sink US Plan to Rule Sea and Sky
  House Seeks to Slash Foreign Aid Budget
  Next Army Chief Isn't So Cool With a Smaller Force
  Wars Not Only Reason for Rise in Defense Spending
Iraq: US Troop Deal Expiring With No Extension
  Army General: US Should Aid Iraqi Defense
  Legal Safeguards for US Troops Key to an Iraq Deal
  Iraq Shi'ite Militia Splinters Into Hit Squads, Gangs
US Mulls Options if Pak Closes Supply Routes
  US Promises Not to Repeat Osama-Like Raid: Pakistan PM
  CIA Vaccine Fraud Used in bin Laden Hunt Hurt Anti-Polio Efforts
  Documents Outline Funneling of Pakistani Funds to US Candidates
Egypt's Military Postpones 1st Post-Mubarak Vote
  'One Mubarak Goes, 18 Come In'
IDF in Buying Spree in Anticipation of September
Top Qaeda Leader, 10 Soldiers Killed in Yemen
NATO Chief: Cuts Will Leave China as World's Policeman
New Study Proves Falsity of John Brennan's Drone Claims
Obama Fumbles His Opportunity With the Arab World  by Ted Galen Carpenter
How Not to Make Friends in the Greater Middle East  by Tom Engelhardt
Which Side of American Torture Are You On?  by Nat Hentoff
End America's Role as a Military Empire  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Time to Leave Iraq  by Lawrence Davidson
Freedom of Expression Subverted in Israel, US  by William A. Cook

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ADL Chief: Boycott Law Impinges Upon Israelis' Democratic Rights
Poll: Majority of US Jews Support Mideast Peace Plan Based on 1967 Borders
Justice Department Trips in Anthrax Case. Again
Anonymous Claims It Hacked NATO, Tells FBI 'We're Back'
13 Army Personnel Killed in Clashes With Armed Groups in Homs
Security Forces Sweep Through Neighborhoods in Restive Central City
Two Killed in Homs as Syrian Troops Tighten Screws
UN Chief Lashes Out at Syria Regime
8,000 Syrian Refugees Return Home From Turkish Camps: Paper
Lyrical Message for Syrian Leader: 'Come on Bashar, Leave'
France Protests Syrian Restrictions on US, French Ambassadors' Movements
Netanyahu Calls for Peace Talks in First Sit-Down Interview With Arab TV Station
Israel Sees Libya as New Source of Smuggled Weapons for Gaza
Lieberman Deplores Netanyahu for Leaning Toward Apology to Turkey
Israel's Vice PM: Ankara Making Turkey Reconciliation Impossible
Government Minister Says Israel Won't Apologize to Turkey for Deaths of Flotilla Activists
Abbas: UN Membership Bid Does Not Affect Our Will to Negotiate
Netanyahu: Egypt Likely to Keep Peace Treaty
Qassam Brigades Mourn Death of a Fighter in Tunnel Collapse
France Denies Reports of Freezing Missile Deal With Lebanon
UN Looking Into Helping Lebanon Draw Maritime Security Line
Did Iran Just Shoot Down a US Stealth Drone?
Iran Cautiously Welcomes Russian Proposal for Brining Tehran Back to Nuclear Talks
Ahmadinejad and Clerics Fight Over Head Scarves
Iranian Delegation Tours Lebanon-Israel Border
Drowned Iraqi's Family Compensated
Thursday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Middle East
US Denies Any Plan to Move Fifth Fleet From Bahrain
Fridays of Rage, Retribution, Ultimatums in Arab World
Official: Russian Military Beatings Up Sharply
Islamic Healers Treat Chechen's Psychological Wounds
Move by Rep. Diaz-Balart to Tighten Cuba Travel May Pass in Congress
Mixed Messages as Cuban High Court Hears Imprisoned American's Final Appeal
WikiLeaks Cables Show US Calling Shots in Haiti
Fast and Furious: BATF Sought to Downplay Guns Scandal, Emails Show
Ottawa Names 30 Wanted War Criminals in Canada
Prominent Ex-Police Official Freed in Venezuela
Ecuador Judge Orders Jail, $40 Million in Fines in President's Libel Suit Against Newspaper
US Military
Pentagon Nominees Talk About Future Threats and Funding Cuts
Congress Demands Cyber Details While DoD Aims for Ambiguity
Defense Dept. to Certify End of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' on Friday
Rape Shame of the US Military
Major Is Arraigned in Fort Hood Killings
A Decade Later, Pentagon Wants to Study Muslim World's Nuances
Pentagon Looks to Social Media as New Battlefield
Pentagon, Boeing Say $3.9b Never Was the Price Target for Tanker Aircraft
In Latest Speech, Gadhafi Dismisses Any Talk With Rebels
For Libya's Western Rebels, High Hopes but Real Struggles
Libyan Rebels Seek Weaponry From Allies
Diplomacy Struggles to Break Libya Standoff
Gadhafi's Forces Push Rebels Back From Tripoli
Gadhafi Turns to Tribes to Retake Rebel-Held Western Mountains
New Egypt Cabinet Sworn in Amid Continuing Protests
Egypt's Army Draws Fire Over Military Trials
Kenya Wants Aid Airdropped Inside Somalia to Halt Flow of Thousands of Famine Refugees
Analysts: Somali War Helped Turn Drought to Famine
10 Dead in Malawi Anti-Government Demonstrations
UK High Court Says Elderly Kenyans Can Sue British Government Over 1950s Torture
Ethiopian Peacekeepers to Deploy in Sudan's Abyei
Nigeria Army Stems Violence in Edgy Central Region
Senegal Bans Protests Ahead of Planned Saturday Demonstration, Angering Activists
Tunisian Court Delays Trial for Ousted President Over Alleged Corruption in Land Deals
Little Progress in Taliban Talks as Handover Begins
British Couple Seized in Afghanistan Suspected of Plotting UK Terror Attack
Inside DARPA's Secret Afghan Spy Machine
US Hacking of Taliban Site 'Deemed Unlikely'
Trying to Save Troops' Lives With Flying Hospital
Pakistan Accuses US of Slander Over Fai's Arrest
US Congress Sends Mixed Signals on Aid to Pakistan
Musharraf Says No Complicity on bin Laden
Senators Lash Out at Govt Over Karachi Violence
Gilani: Pakistan, Afghanistan Must End Border Incursions
NATO Oil Tanker Bombed in Landikotal
Pakistan: Two Officials Among Four Killed in Bomb Blast
Cross-Border Attack Kills Two in Bajaur
Bomb Kills Oilmen in Pakistani Province of Balochistan
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed in Pakistan
General Zia Expresses Concern Over Instability in Balochistan
154 Alleged Target Killers Arrested in Karachi: Malik
China & Her Neighbors
Spratly Islands Row: Philippine Trip Riles China
China, ASEAN Agree on Plans to Solve South China Sea Dispute
Filipinos on Disputed Spratly Isle Fish, Relax and Fight Boredom as China's Claims Looms Large
Secret Papers Reveal: There Is No Chinese E-Bomb. Yet.
Official: North Korean Official to Meet With South Korea
Reading Between North Korea's Lines
Gunmen Ambush Indonesia Soldiers in Papua Province, Kill Private, Army Says
Terrorists Recruit Fellow Prisoners in Indonesia to Fight for Islamist Cause
South Asia
War Over, Fear Still Stalks Polls in North Sri Lanka
An End to an Unending War in India
'War on Terror'
Suspected al-Qaeda Recruiter Arrested in Germany
Terror Site's Sydney Opera House Pic Prompts Alert

Justin Raimondo
Former 'Antiwar' Leader Shills for Obama

Nebojsa Malic
An End to Surrender

Philip Giraldi
Hillary Cracks the Whip

Ivan Eland
United States Fails to Stand for Peaceful Change

Kelley B. Vlahos
What Really Goes on in Afghanistan?

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

David R. Henderson
Is Leon Panetta a Saint—or a War Criminal?

Charles V. Peña
You Cannot Be Serious

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