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Updated July 28, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT

Libyan Rebel Chief Killed After Arrest by Rebels


West's Interest In Libya Peace Deal Fades

Attack on Afghan Government Compound Kills 22


High-Profile Assassinations on Rise in Afghanistan

Blasts Kill at Least 15 in Iraq's Tikrit

  US Warplanes Attack Vehicle in Southern Iraq
  Iraqi Army Calls US Forces 'Brothers,' but Politicians Want Them Out
Clinton Urges Veto on Foreign Relations Bill

Administration Rebuffs Senators on Surveillance Query

AWOL US Soldier Arrested Over Fort Hood 'Plot'
Yemen's Saleh Resilient as US Aid Continues
Israel Subsidies Untouched by US Budget Crisis
Bahrain Probe Begins as Thousands Rally
Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Backs Syria Protests
North Korea Urges US to Accept Peace Deal
Palestinian Sovereignty and American Sophistry by Daniel Levy
The Self-Inflicted Costs of a 'War of Choice'  by Hiroaki Sato
Honoring Those Who Stood Against Torture  Los Angeles Times
The Government Is Watching You  by Sheldon Richman
Washington's Foreign-Policy Hypochondria  by Ted Galen Carpenter
An End to the Politics of Revenge?  by Rasool Nafisi

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Senators Try to Tackle Long-Term Costs of War

Anti-Freeze in Pilots' Blood Baffles Air Force

Italy Votes to Cut Troops in Lebanon, Libya

Little Support for 'Pay Troops First' Bill

Ron Paul Raises Most Campaign Cash From Military Workers


Three Afghan Civilians Killed by French Soldier: Officials


Iraq FM Says Country Needs US Help Past 2011

Iraqi-Kurd Force to Take Over in Kirkuk After US Withdrawal

US Loses an Ally as Iraqi General Dakhil Awaits Trial

Iraq Says Iran Shelling of Kurdish Rebels Damages Ties

Iraq Calls on Kuwait to Suspend Work on Megaport

Denunciations for Iraq Arresting Press Photographer

Arrests Prompt Delays for Iraqis Dreaming of US

Wednesday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 6 Wounded


Palestinians Say October Poll 'Only in West Bank'

Israeli Diplomatic Package Arrives in Beirut by Mistake

Israelis Storm Freedom Theater in West Bank and Make Arrests


China Protests Against US Spy Flights Near Its Coast: Report

China Boosts Naval Power With Carrier Program: Sources


Britain Arrests Suspected LulzSec Spokesman: Police

Hacker Groups Call for PayPal Boycott


UN: Villagers Flee Deadly Air Strikes in South Darfur

Malawi's Protesters to Come Out of Hiding After Bloody Crackdown

Bolivian President Says US Policies Prevent Ties, Worries Persist About 'Plot'

Venezuela Criticizes 'Extremist' US Stances


New Pressure on Gadhafi on Foreign, Rebel Fronts

Diplomatic Hopes for Libyan Peace Appear to Fade

Lockerbie Bomber Seen on TV Rally


Songwriter of Syria Uprising Meets Gruesome Death

Rights Group Accuses Syrian Authorities of Threatening Activist

Early 'Arab Spring' Results Divide Western Opinions on Syria and Lebanon

Torture Still Rampant in Post-Revolution Egypt, Activists Say

Egypt Military Chief Says Foreign Groups Interfering


Somalia's Shabab Recruiting in US, Warns US Congressman

Aid Flight Starts Somalia Relief Operation

The War at Home
Thousands of Soldiers in Army Awaiting Word on Possible Discharge, Chiarelli Says
Defense Department Won't Decide Which Contractors Get Paid if US Defaults
War on Drugs

Police Find 18 Bodies Buried in Clandestine Grave in Northern Mexico

Mexican Cartels Move Into Human Trafficking

In Other News

Suicide Bomber Blows Self Up in Algeria

Germany Conducts Raids on Far-Right Extremists

Eulogies for bin Laden, Shrouded in Mystery in Pakistan

Tajikistan to Free Jailed Rebels in Mass Amnesty

Justin Raimondo
The Return of the Neocons' Prodigal Son

Philip Giraldi
Terrorism Experts on Parade

Ivan Eland
The West Has a Double Standard in Terrorism Cases

Kelley B. Vlahos
Obama Puts Bombs Before Bread

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

Nebojsa Malic
An End to Surrender

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

Charles V. Peņa
You Cannot Be Serious

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