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Updated July 29, 2011 - 11:13 PM EDT
Libya Rebel Commander Killed by Comrades
  McCain Tells Libyan Rebels: End Abuses or Risk US Support
French Troops Kill 3 Civilians in Afghanistan
  Ex-PM Says Taliban Offer Talks For Pullout Date
  Roadside Bombs Kill 23 Civilians in Southern Afghanistan
  Insurgents Attack Afghan Town, Killing 22
  Talks on Long-Term Afghan-US 'Partnership' Stalled
AWOL Soldier Admits to Fort Hood Attack Plan
  Admiral Olson: Al-Qaeda 'Nearing Its End'
Pakistan Forces Accused of Torture and Killings
  Harrowing Exhibition Reveals Damage Done by Drones in Pakistan
Maliki: US Troops Stay in Iraq Up to Parliament
  Bombings Against Tikrit Bank Kill 15
US Accuses Iran of 'Secret Deal' With al-Qaeda
Officials: Mubarak Trial Will Be Held Next Week
Cost of Treating Vets Will Rise Long Past Wars
Yemeni Military: 40 Killed in Fighting Between Army, Tribes
Ballpark Liturgy: America's New Civic Religion  by Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Censorship of War Casualties in the US  by Ted Rall
Guantánamo and the Death of Habeas Corpus  by Andy Worthington
War Is a Racket  by Amy Goodman
Ideas and the Culpability for Violence  by Lew Rockwell
Why Is the US So Afraid of Me?  by Raquel Gutiérrez

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Leaked Audit: Boeing Overcharged 177,000% on Copter Spare Parts
'Over-Generalled': Is the Air Force Too Top-Heavy?
General Cleared of Charges That He Sought to Use Psy Ops on US Senators
Sen. Coburn's Cuts: Another Whack at Defense
Russia Responds Sharply to US Visa Blacklist
Iran and Iraq: a History of Tension and Conflict
Serbian Attackers Shoot at NATO Soldiers
Kosovo Says Serbs Must Bow to Pristina's Rule
Official: NATO Peacekeepers Can Open Fire in Self-Defense in Kosovo After Serb Mob Attack
Kosovo Calm, but Ethnic Hostility, Tensions Resurface
Serb Police, NATO Boost Forces After Kosovo Violence
No Norway Trial Before Next Year
Norway's Leader Promises Security Review After Killings
Norway Security Chief Calls July 22 Attacker a Lone Actor and Incarnation of 'Total Evil'
Libyan Rebels Claim Western Towns in Fresh Advance
Truce and Transitional Pact Key to Ending Libyan Crisis: UN Official
Belgium Family Sues NATO Over Civilian Deaths in Libya
Fighting in Mogadishu After 'Aid Threat'
World's Biggest Refugee Camp Extended as Somalis Flood In
Fourth Dadaab Camp Yet to Open Despite Kenya Government Pledge
Tunisia's Ex-President, Daughter, Nephew Convicted
UN Report: Eritrea Behind AU Summit Attack Plot
Displaced Ivorians 'Too Afraid to Return'
Israel Announces Full Diplomatic Ties With South Sudan
Venezuela's Chavez Vows to Stay in Power Until 2031
Mexico Suspends Aid to Violent Ciudad Juarez on US Border Amid Confrontations
Ollanta Humala Is Sworn in as New Peru President
Haiti Official Says Police Searching for Man Seen With Rifle Near President Martelly
Analysis: Return of Guatemalan Military Looms as Left Falters
US Ties a Russian to Bombings in Georgia
Finnish 18-Year-Old Arrested on Bomb Suspicion
'War on Terror'
TSA Readying New Behavior Detection Plan for Airport Checkpoints
Clerk at Gun Shop Near Fort Hood Alerted Police
27 Deemed to Be Threats Held Aviation Licenses
US Government Says Stuxnet Could Morph Into New Threat
Ex-Counterterrorism Aide Warns Against Complacency on al-Qaeda
Jordan Jails Mentor of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader Zarqawi
Sadr MP: Secret Accord Exists Between Kurdistan Coalition and US to Keep Troops in Kirkuk
Kuwait Gets $1.06 Bn in Iraqi Reparation: UN
Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded
Syrian Forces Kill 5 People in Two Towns: Residents
Syrians Planning for Stepped Up Protests During Ramadan
Syrian Revolt Still Spontaneous and Leaderless
Palestinian Police Raid Home of President's Rival
Norway's Ambassador: Palestinian Appeal to UN Legitimate in Lieu of Treaty With Israel
Middle East
Yemeni Tribesman Attack Army Camp Near Capital
Egypt's Islamists and Liberals Bury the Hatchet Ahead of Protests
'Hezbollah Denies It Is Aiding Assad Crush Dissent'
Bahrain King 'Supports' Political Reforms
Jordan Unveils Plan to Increase Tourism Hit by Arab Uprisings
US Tried Halting Pakistan Nuclear Drive in 1970s: Documents
Musharraf's APML in Tatters
Afghan Police Suffer Worst Casualties of War
US Moving Cargo to Afghanistan Through Romania
Rogue Afghan Attack Was 'Unlawful Killing'
US, North Korea Hold Business-Like Talks
South Korea Landslides Lead to Land Mine Fears
US Bases Hit Hard as Flooding, Landslides Wreak Havoc in South Korea
China Warns US Over Spy Flights
7 Filipino Troops Die, 21 Wounded in Rebel Clash
Rights Advocates Criticize Light Sentences in Sectarian Killings in Indonesia
Indian Army Officer Killed in Kashmir Shooting
The War at Home
US Destroys Missile Over Pacific in Test
Senate Extends Term of FBI Director
Army Corps Agrees to Pay Whistle-Blower in Iraq Case
UN Treaty Stuck in Senate Could Unlock Arctic's Riches, Panel Told

Justin Raimondo
Anders Behring Breivik, Mystery Man

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Gates' NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing

Philip Giraldi
Terrorism Experts on Parade

Ivan Eland
The West Has a Double Standard in Terrorism Cases

Kelley B. Vlahos
Obama Puts Bombs Before Bread

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

Nebojsa Malic
An End to Surrender

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

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