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Updated July 31, 2011 - 11:08 PM EDT
140 Killed as Syria Tanks Storm City of Hama
Rival Rebel Factions Clash in Libya, 4 Dead
  Libyan Rebel Soldiers Killed Their Own General
  Rebels: Death of General Younis Makes Us Stronger
  Libya Says Three Journalists Killed in NATO Raid
  Libyan TV Still on Air Despite NATO Bombing
US Review: Iraq Deadlier Now Than a Year Ago
  US Raid Kills Iraqi Tribal Sheikh, Family
  US Plans to Provide Iraq With Wiretapping System
Yemen Accidentally Kills 40 Pro-Govt Tribesmen
  Al-Qaeda Head in Yemen Calls for Killing of Saudi Rulers
  More Than 40 Dead in South Yemen Fighting
Afghan Blast Kills 12 Policemen, One Child
  Afghan Civilians Pay Lethal Price for New Airstrike Policy
  As Afghanistan Deteriorates, Withdrawal Said to Still Be on Track
  As Afghan Drawdown Nears, US Commanders Reluctant to Leave
Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel
Libya and Syria Offering US No Easy Answers
Pakistan Puts Travel Curbs on US Diplomats
Some Neglected Questions on the Attempted Fort Hood Attack  by Anthony Gregory
Five Remedial Lessons From the Norwegian Tragedy  by Paul R. Pillar
What About a 'Peace Treaty' With North Korea?  by Bruce Walker
The Allure of Afghanistan  by Pepe Escobar
The Best Offense Is a Cheaper Defense  by David Callahan
Grappling With the Banality of Evil  by Wendy McElroy

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Pakistani Troops Aid Bahrain's Crackdown
Norway Gunman's Tale Diverges Sharply From Reality
US Plans Middle East Religious Rights Envoy
Mexico Blames Drug War for 23% Rise in Homicides
A Weak Economy Is Good for Military Recruiting
Here's How US Spies Will Find You Through Your Pics
Lawsuit Against Pakistan Intel Agency Could Be 'Disastrous,' Says Lawyer
Bloodshed Continues in Karachi, Activists Among 16 Killed
Pakistani Gunmen Kill 11 Shi'ites in Second Quetta Attack
Quetta Incident Provokes Protests
Quetta-Bound Train Derails in Bomb Attack
Pakistan Opposes Treaty to Ban Production of Fissile Material
CIA's Pakistan Chief Leaves Country
China to Give Squadron of Advanced Fighter Aircraft to Pakistan
Attack on Paktia Province Kills Seven
Afghans Arrest Taliban Leader, Army Turncoat
Two Indian Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Border Clash
Indian Guards Will No Longer Shoot Bangladeshis Crossing Border
South Korea/Japan
South Korea Lodges Protest With Japan in Islands Row
Rebels Attack Last Gadhafi Western Mountain Stronghold
Gadhafi Forces Assault Rebel Stronghold of Misrata With Tanks, Artillery
US Urges Libyan Rebels to Show Unity
Interview: Assassinated Libyan Rebel Commander
Call for Megrahi to Have 'Open Door' to Scotland
France to Keep Up Pressure on Libya
Ending Civil War Hasn't Worked Out Like Sudan Had Hoped
Sudan, South to Finalize Talks 'By End-Sept'
UN Renews Darfur Peacekeeping Mission
Nigeria Plans Talks With Islamist Group Boko Haram
Somali Refugees Brave Fighting in Mogadishu in Hope of UN Food Aid
Kenya Is on the Brink of Its Own Disaster
As East Africa Faces Famine, Autocratic Eritrea Suffers in Silence as Refugees Flee
Cuba Approves Flights From 9 More American Cities
Reports: Juarez Cartel Armed Wing Leader Nabbed
In Other News
Shhh! Spooks Want Drones as Silent as Owls
Assange Speaks to Music Festival Goers
Anonymous Releases Documents It Says Came From Mantech
Five Killed as Syrian Troops Storm Two Towns
One Dead, 500 Arrested in Damascus Roundup
Syrian Troops Intensify Raids Ahead of Ramadan
Armed Groups Attack Police in East Syria: Report
Gaza Border Violence: Another Threat to Palestinian Statehood?
Can Water End the Arab-Israeli Conflict?
Gunmen Attack Part of Egypt-Israel Gas Pipeline
Israelis Will 'Give Up' on Egyptian Gas, Expert Says
Mubarak to Be Tried at Cairo Police Academy
Six Dead, 21 Injured in Egyptian Sinai Clash
Military Stokes Xenophobia in Egypt
Iraqi Leaders Reach Deal on Cabinet Reduction
Iraq's Maliki Says Will Buy 36 F-16 Fighters From US
Iraq PM Pushes US Training Mission, F-16 Deal
Sunni Family in the Sectarian Divide
Blair to Face Withering Fire in Iraq Report
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Lawyer for 2 Americans Jailed in Iran on Espionage Charges Says They May Be Released Sunday
Iranian Tribal Leader, Four Others Shot Dead
Turkey's Gul Says No Crisis as Top Generals Quit
Turkey Seeks Solution to Army Resignation Crisis
In the Old Days, Turkey's Generals Staged Coups to Show Disapproval; This Time, They Resigned
Hezbollah Will Relinquish Weapons Once Israel Does: Musawi
Report: Samir Kuntar Injured in Beirut
Middle East
Yemeni Tribes Form Coalition Against Saleh
Lawyer for 2 Americans Jailed in Iran on Espionage Charges Says They May Be Released Sunday
In Georgia, Spy Case Tests Nation's Mood
Americans Still Dying
Afghan IED Kills Lebanon (PA) Guardsman
Maywood (NE) Guardsman Dies of Non-Combat Injury in Afghanistan
Slain Houston (TX) Soldier Was His Family's 'Foundation'
Family Remembers Big Island Marine Killed in Afghanistan (HI)

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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