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Updated August 3, 2011 - 10:56 PM EDT
Hawks Upset With Debt Deal
  Mullen, Again: Debt Threatens Warmaking
UN Security Council Condemns Syria Crackdown
Iraq Leadership Agrees to Talks on US Troops Staying
Gadhafi Son Rules Out Cease Fire, Clashes Continue
Israeli Security Minister Calls for New Invasion of Gaza
  Israeli Court Orders Settlement Dismantled
Drones Hit as US Accuses Pakistan of 'Harassment'
NATO Backing Kosovo in Anti-Serb Trade War?
Kenya-Armed Militia Attack Somali Famine Refugees
Enormous Cuts in Military Spending? Read the Fine Print  by Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis
History Repeats Itself in Libya  by Steve Richards
Islamophobia, Zionism, and the Norway Massacre  by Ali Abunimah
Lowering America's War Ceiling?  by Tom Engelhardt
Have Neocons Lost the GOP?  by Gene Healy
The Folly of More Burma Sanctions  by David Steinberg

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US Muslims More Tolerant, Opposed to Violence Than Other Faiths

Officer: Raid Was Always to Kill bin Laden

Pentagon Lands Extra $50 Billion Out of Debt Deal

Complaint Seeks Punishment for Classification of Docs


After a Botched Raid in Iraq, Competing Facts and Unified Blame

Iraq's Electricity Ministry Official Escapes Assassination

Iraq Sentences 3 to Death in 2010 Baghdad Church Attack

Iranian Bombing of Kurd Rebels Displaces 200 Families

Tuesday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded


Suicide Car Bomber Kills Four at Afghan Hotel

Whistleblower in Afghan Killings Reaches Plea Deal


Freelance Journalist Scores Coup With Account of bin Laden Raid

Troops Deployed After 34 Killed in Pakistani City

South Asia

Report on Sri Lanka's Civil War a 'Whitewash'

India's New Internet Rules Criticized


EU Trying to Get PA to Soften UN Resolution

US, Israel Propose New Peace Talks

Israeli MP Reprimanded for Threatening Rival

Hope Springs Eternal for Veteran Israeli Peacenik


Video: In Syria, 'Brother of a Whore' Gets Tossed Like Trash

Amid Syria Unrest, Ramadan Off to Dreary Start


Killing of General Vexes Rebels in Libya

Western Allies Move Cautiously on Unfreezing Libyan Assets

Middle East

Robert Fisk: Egypt Awaits First Trial of an Arab Spring Dictator

Bahraini Politician's Wife Tells of Fear


Top Russian Official to Visit Tehran for Nuclear Talks

Mossad Behind Tehran Assassinations, Says Source


Lawyer: France to Extradite Noriega to Panama

Guatemala Sentences Four in Landmark Civil War Trial

The War at Home

Mobile Biometrics to Hit US Streets

NSA Looking to Hire Hackers

Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Win PTSD Settlement

Air Force Suspends Ethics Course That Used Bible Passages to Train Missile Launch Officers
In Other News

US Releases More Classified Bay of Pigs Documents

Eritrea Seeks to Rejoin East African Body IGAD

Norway's Right-Wing on Defensive After Attacks


Justin Raimondo
'Science' and America's Police State

Ivan Eland
Let's Hope for Continued Fiscal Gridlock

Kelley B. Vlahos
Truth Emerges About IED Carnage

Nebojsa Malic
Law and Disorder

Charles V. Peña
Gates' NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing

Philip Giraldi
Terrorism Experts on Parade

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

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