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Updated August 5, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT
Panetta Warns Against Minuscule Defense Cuts
West in Corner as Libya Deadlock Drags On
  NATO Airstrike Reportedly Kills Gadhafi's Son
  US Hands Over Libyan Embassy to Rebel Movement
  Locals: NATO Kills Libyan Family in Strike Near Zlitan
  Major Libyan Rebel Group Seeks Shake-Up in Ranks
Another 100 Killed in Hama, Activists Say
  US Moves Closer to Call for Regime Change in Syria
  Amid Massacre, Assad Announces 'Reform'
Afghan Police Kill Four During Anti-NATO Protest
  NATO Soldier Killed in Afghan 'Rogue' Shooting
Britain's Secret Policy on Torture Revealed
  Human Rights Groups Boycott Rendition and Torture Inquiry
Iraq's Troop Decision Encouraging, US Says
  Disposable Army: Private Security in Iraq
  Iraqi Security Forces Harassing Media: Watchdog
Israel OKs 930 East Jerusalem Settlement Homes
US Aid Cuts for Pakistan Becomes New Flash Point in Ties
Bahrain Regime Uses Facebook to Target Dissidents
Wars of Choice Are a Cause of National Debt Problem  by Gene Jones
Taiwan and Other Security Clients Are Not Valuable Allies  by Ted Galen Carpenter
No One Is Safe Under the Espionage Act of 1917  by Wendy McElroy
A Secret War in 120 Countries  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
The Forgotten Failures of the Peace Corps  by James Bovard
Confronting an Unrepentant North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Kuwait Frees Men Who Tried to Kill George Bush Sr.
Shouting in the Dark
Officials: NATO Considers More Kosovo Reserves
Prosecutor Fears Breivik Is Holding Back on Accomplices
Arms Race Building for Maritime Drones
Russia Welcomes UN Stand Against Foreign Involvement in Syria
Syrian City of Hama Blacked Out
Syrian Troops, Tanks Push Into Hama
Resident: Random Killings in Besieged Syrian City
People Being 'Slaughtered Like Sheep' in Besieged Syrian City of Hama, Resident Says
US, Europe Consider Boycott of Syrian Oil
Assad's Multi-Party Decree Dismissed
Activists Call for Protests Outside Syrian Embassies
Mubarak Spectacle Captivates the Middle East
Egyptians See Signs of a Reckoning in Mubarak Trial
At Mubarak Trial, Stark Image of Humbled Power
Palestinians Plan Application for UN Membership
Palestinian Authority Orders Forces to Prevent Violence After September UN Vote
Israel to Free Hamas Chief in Big Prisoner Release
Israeli Troops Shot at Journalists Covering West Bank Protest
Knesset Mulls 'Jewish State' Bill
Israel Raids Gaza, No Victims: Palestinians
Iran Envoy Sees Release for 2 US Men
Iranian Terrorist Group Has Close US Allies
Two Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Attack on Mosul Checkpoint
Thursday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Middle East
Yemen Displacement Rises, Some Living in Caves
Police Raided Office Used by Doctors Without Borders Because It Didn't Have a License
Turkey Names New Armed Forces Chiefs
Jordan Youths to Up Pro-Reform Demos
US Military
Crackdown on Mexico Cartel Leaves 31 Dead
Mexico: Juarez Police Force Quits After Attacks
Taliban Bomb Kills Afghan Intelligence Officer
2 NATO Troops Killed in Attacks
3 Marines, Military Dog Killed in Afghan Blaze
US Mulls Massacring Cats in Kabul Embassy
Afghans Who Risked Lives for US Are Left in Dark on Visas
Remote Controlled Truck Sent to Soldier in Afghanistan Saves 6 Soldiers' Lives
Kharotabad Killings and the Cover Up
Three Pakistan Naval Officers to Be Court Martialed Over Base Attack
North Korea Makes Debut as Disarmament Chair, Draws Flak
North Korea Denounces South Over Espionage Arrests
China Accuses Japan of Exaggerating It as a Military Threat
China: Far West Attacks Expose Violence's Homegrown Roots
Five Suspected Rebels Killed in Indian Kashmir
Four Muslims Shot Dead in Restive Thai South
France to Withdraw Libya Carrier by Mid-August
Gadhafi Seeks Islamist Allies, Rebels Nab Fuel Tanker
Libya Calls Missile Report a 'Misunderstanding'
Italy Rescues Hundreds of Migrants Coming From Libya Amid Reports That Dozens Died on the Way
Sudan Threatened Chopper Heading for Dying Troops: UN
UN: 3 Sudan Peacekeepers Die During Delay
The War at Home
NJ Governor Slams Fearmongering Over Sharia Law
Biological Weapons Expert Dies
US Military
Pentagon's Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay
Fears for US Army Bullet-Proof Vests Over Poor Tests
Iraq War Crime Cases Linger for Two Camp Pendleton Marines

Justin Raimondo
Why Is America Committing Suicide?

Philip Giraldi
Rick Perry Abuses His Office for Israel

Ivan Eland
Let's Hope for Continued Fiscal Gridlock

Kelley B. Vlahos
Truth Emerges About IED Carnage

Nebojsa Malic
Law and Disorder

Charles V. Peña
Gates' NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

Ran HaCohen
Things You Can Say, Things You Cannot

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